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1 Cool Kids (English Version) - Josemaría Yalán
Auteur : Josemaría Yalán
Genre : Comédie romantique
Nick is a guy who looks like Tayly, the girl with whom he is in love with another guy is. He tells the story of his love and all the suffering she went through until the day she finally saw it with different eyes.
To do so Nick will have to make many changes in their physical and mental aspect.
During the course of the story we will discover that Tayly is not a normal girl. She's special. Nick will slowly discovering this, thanks to the cool kids.
The question remains whether the changes that Nick does become the boy's dreams Tayly. And finally, if these changes do not change the way you see the world.

Conservatory prequel.
This is how begins the history of this fascinating world of Conservatory.


2 Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet - J. B. Arban
Auteur : J. B. Arban
Genre : Musique
"The trumpeter's bible" for over 150 years, this complete pedagogical method contains hundreds of exercises, beginning with basics and progressing to advanced compositions, including the author's famous arrangement of Carnival in Venice. J. B. Arban discusses every aspect of playing — including articulation, tonguing, slurs, tone, and range — sharing the knowledge he acquired from many years of experience as a teacher and performer. He offers an appreciation of all the instrument's inherent difficulties as well as instructive points that touch upon all possible musical questions.
The Paris Conservatory's Committee on Music Study noted, "This work is rich in instructive advice, is based upon the best of fundamental principles, and omits not a single instructive point which might be needed for the development and gradual technical perfection of a player." This editio

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3 Spiritul conservator. De la Barbu Catargiu la Nicolae Iorga - Ioan Stanomir
Auteur : Ioan Stanomir
Genre : Sciences humaines
„Am citit cu mare interes cartea lui Ioan Stanomir despre imaginarul conservator autohton si mi-a placut in cel mai inalt grad. Este limpede, concisa si originala ca perspectiva analitica. Sunt convins ca va fi citita de multi studenti, dar si de un public mult mai larg interesat de evolutia ideilor politice. Este un efort lucid, deci catusi de putin paseist-nostalgic, de a recupera o traditie uitata, ocultata, negata. O traditie a pluralismului, moderatiei si decentei.“ – Vladimir Tismaneanu

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4 Treatment by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Conservator or Receiver of Financial Assets, etc. (US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Regulation) (FDIC) (2018 Edition) - The Law Library
Auteur : The Law Library
Genre : Droit
The Law Library presents the complete text of the Treatment by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Conservator or Receiver of Financial Assets, etc. (US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Regulation) (FDIC) (2018 Edition).
Updated as of May 29, 2018

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) has adopted an amended regulation regarding the treatment by the FDIC, as receiver or conservator of an insured depository institution, of financial assets transferred by the institution in connection with a securitization or a participation (the “Rule”). The Rule continues the safe harbor for financial assets transferred in connection with securitizations and participations in which the financial assets were transferred in compliance with the existing regulation. The Rule also imposes further conditions for a safe harbor for securitizations or participatio

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5 The Conservator - Frederick R. Lurting
Auteur : Frederick R. Lurting
Genre : SF et fantasy
Cigarettes are a strange commodity in an insane asylum. Not everybody has them; hence, they come to serve as a strange currency. Some ask for cigarettes; others hand them out. They can be symbols of friendship and sources of conversation. Most of all, however, they are the only material object that is not confiscated from the patient when he or she enters the asylum. Thus they become an element of identity and assume a much larger reality than they actually have.

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7 Leadership of Public Bureaucracies: The Administrator as Conservator - Larry D. Terry
Auteur : Larry D. Terry
Genre : Europe
The revolution in public management has led many reformers to call for public managers to reinvent themselves as public entrepreneurs. Larry D. Terry opposes this view, and presents a normative theory of administrative leadership that integrates legal, sociological, and constitutional theory.

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8 The Conservator: Saving States from Political Bankruptcy (Picking up the Pieces: FAILED STATES) - Harvard International Review
Auteur : Harvard International Review
Genre : Entreprise et management
The last several decades have seen a growing awareness of the phenomenon of failed states and its implications for the international system. In part, failed states are a product of the great proliferation of the nation-state model after 1945, which was punctuated by the founding of the United Nations and the decline of European colonialism. Failed states reveal the weaknesses of the original Westphalian model, but also uncover its strengths. What may be most remarkable is that the nation-state model, born and nurtured in Europe over 300 years ago, has been so successfully adapted to many different societies around the world. As the embodiment of sovereignty, the nation-state model has served as a political framework for cultures as diverse as those of the United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa--and the list goes on. It also constitutes the basis for the United Na

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9 The Zealous Conservator - John Dargavel
Auteur : John Dargavel
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
In an age of consciousness about conservation, this is a worthy biography of a man with a passionate drive for forests. Charles Lane Poole (1885–1970), Western Australia’s first Conservator of Forests, is the flawed hero of this biography.

Fired by the ideals of forest conservation and its science, he followed their dictates in Western Australia and across the world. Poole was the first man to attempt the task of managing and preserving the State’s magnificent jarrah and karri forests at a time when they were being felled for railway sleepers.

This fascinating biography follows his life from his birth in England in 1885 to Ireland, France, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Western Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canberra, where he established Australia’s national forestry school, and Sydney, where he died in 1970.

4,99 €

10 Resistance - Tori Amos
Auteur : Tori Amos
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
A timely and passionate call to action for engaging with our current political moment, from the Grammy-nominated and multiplatinum singer-songwriter and New York Times bestselling author Tori Amos.

Since the release of her first, career-defining solo album Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos has been one of the music industry’s most enduring and ingenious artists. From her unnerving depiction of sexual assault in “Me and a Gun” to her post-September 11 album, Scarlet’s Walk, to her latest album, Native Invader, her work has never shied away from intermingling the personal with the political.

Amos began playing piano as a teenager for the politically powerful at hotel bars in Washington, DC, during the formative years of the post-Goldwater and then Koch-led Libertarian and Reaganite movements. The story continues to her time as a

11 Garfield Park Conservatory 360 Degrees - Kyle Hanson
Auteur : Kyle Hanson
Genre : Tourisme et voyages
The World's 2nd Largest Conservatory, Garfield Park Conservatory, is the Diamond of Chicago. Exotic and rare plants grow and soar beautifully towards the glimmering glass domes. I am honored to celebrate and showcase this rare gem that is often overlooked.

The photographs are revealed on clean, simple white paper to let the plant life rise off the page into new dimensions.

Each visit is a new experience. The plants evolve and change constantly. The Conservatory truly has a life of its own.


Palm House
Sugar House
Children's Garden
Desert House
Aroid House
Show House
Horticulture Hall
Fern Room

Please enjoy!

This was my third Book of Photography.

4,99 €

12 Conservatory and Greenhouse Gardening - Lia Leendertz
Auteur : Lia Leendertz
Genre : Jardinage
Whether it's a small citrus plant or a large vine, conservatory plants are more popular than ever. Collins Practical Gardener Conservatory & Greenhouse Gardening is bursting with practical advice and step-by-step instructions covering everything from choosing and planning a structure to filling it full of plants and keeping them thriving.

Covers all the technical know-how you'll need including planning permission, different types of structure available and how to keep your greenhouse clean.

The book is a complete guide to how to maintain different types of growing conditions using heaters, ventilation, water systems, light and shade, and tips on what plants grow best in which environment. it contains all the information you will need on feeding, watering, repotting, pruning and support – even advice on keeping your plants healthy while you're on holiday!

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13 The Conservatory of Santa Teresa - Romano Bilenchi & Klopp, Charles; Nelson, Melinda (transleted by)
Auteur : Romano Bilenchi & Klopp, Charles; Nelson, Melinda (transleted by)
Genre : Classiques
This volume is the first translation of Romano Bilenchi’s 1940 masterpiece to appear in English. This is surprising since The Conservatory of Santa Teresa is much more than an invaluable historical document of life in provincial Tuscany around the time of the First World War. It is truly one of the most important works of fiction published in Italy under Fascism. In telling of the pre-adolescent Sergio’s encounter with the larger world of sex, politics, and the violence and cruelty of adult life, Bilenchi succeeds in representing a universal paradigm, that of the clash of innocence with experience. But what makes Sergio’s trajectory unique is that he goes through it in the company of three extraordinary women who are at once femmes fatales and benevolent guides: his mother, his aunt, and his tutor, all almost unbearably beautiful, as least in Sergio’s eyes. These women, plus the

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14 The Conservatory: - Ted Dalbotten
Auteur : Ted Dalbotten
Genre : Musique
Like Ted Dalbottens previous books, Winterreise and Triptych a Mystery (Part I, The Painting) which among other material dealt with various aspects of both the performing and non performing arts, the present volume aside from its examination of the human condition concerns itself particularly with musical matters, though not only performing issues. Since music has been the predominant activity of the author now in his eighty fourth year it was almost inevitable he would eventually seek to explore this aspect of his life in some extended fictional form and in some depth. Aside from his work as both dance and vocal accompanist, for the last twenty four years he has been involved in a small group calling themselves Two Piano- Eight, which meet regularly and of which he is one of the founding members. Their activity is reading through arrangements of mainly orchestral and chamber works

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15 Conservatory - Michael West
Auteur : Michael West
Genre : Théâtre
'I wasn't throwing up. I was dying. I was very ill . . . And do you know what? In the middle of all that . . . malaise, I remember thinking "This is what it's like to be married." But I'd do it again'

An elderly couple sit in a dark room in their house, doing the crossword, taking their tablets and knitting, all the while raking over a traumatic past that has all but destroyed them.

Conservatory is a compelling play about loss and family which shows that happiness is not a necessary condition of togetherness. It premiered at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in March 2014.

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16 The Court of Arbitration for Sport: Provisional and Conservatory Measures - The International Sports Law Journal
Auteur : The International Sports Law Journal
Genre : Droit
Introductory Remarks Sport is now a global business worth more than 3% of world trade. In the enlarged European Union, now comprising 27 Member States, it accounts for more than 2% of their combined Gross National Product. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that sports disputes are on the increase. And, like other industries, the settlement of sports disputes by alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes is also on the ascendancy, including mediation (1). In other words, without resort to the Courts.

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17 [U] Gokmen v. Long Island Conservatory/Lisma - Appellate Term, Second Department New York Supreme Court
Auteur : Appellate Term, Second Department New York Supreme Court
Genre : Droit
Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § 431. This opinion is uncorrected and will not be published in the printed Official Reports.

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18 Musical Experience in Our Lives - Jody L. Kerchner Professor of Music Education, Oberlin Conservatory of Music & Carlos R. Abril Professor of Music, Frost School of Music, University of Miami
Auteur : Jody L. Kerchner Professor of Music Education, Oberlin Conservatory of Music & Carlos R. Abril Professor of Music, Frost School of Music, University of Miami
Genre : Musique
This book explores the various ways music affects people and how they create meaning from everyday musical experiences, from infancy through old age. These experiences help us construct meaning and understanding of ourselves, our cultures, and our world. The contributors examine the nature of musical experience and how it changes throughout our lifespan.

34,99 €

19 Paradise Under Glass - Ruth Kassinger
Auteur : Ruth Kassinger
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
Paradise Under Glass is a witty and absorbing memoir about one woman’s unlikely desire to build, stock, and tend a small conservatory in her suburban Maryland home. Ruth Kassinger’s wonderful story of the unique way she chose to cope with the profound changes in her life—a book that will delight readers of Eat, Pray, Love and I Feel Bad About My Neck—is interwoven with the fascinating history of conservatories from the Renaissance orangeries to the glass palaces of Kew.

8,99 €

20 There's Music In These Walls - Ezra Schabas
Auteur : Ezra Schabas
Genre : Musique
The Royal Conservatory of Music, founded in 1886, is rich in history and genius. Its long tradition of excellence in musical training and examining places it among the leading music schools of the world. Glenn Gould, Lois Marshall, Teresa Stratas, Jon Vickers, Mario Bernardi, and many other international artists have studied there. Amply illustrated, with over forty photographs dating back to the school’s first years, this book is an unvarnished account of its controversial leaders, its successes and failures, its encounters with the musical and academic world, and its passions. In this smoothly paced narrative, your favourite musicians, teachers, and examiners will come to life to revive your memories.

8,99 €

21 Talking God - Tony Hillerman
Auteur : Tony Hillerman
Genre : Procédures policières
“For the many enthusiastic fans of Tony Hillerman’s previous mystery novels . . . only one thing needs to be said: Talking God is the best one yet!” — USA Today

From New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman, Talking God is the ninth novel featuring beloved characters Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Office Jim Chee

Reunited by a grave robber and a corpse, Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is trying to determine the identity of a murder victim, while Officer Jim Chee is arresting Smithsonian conservator Henry Highhawk for ransacking the sacred bones of his ancestors.

But with each peeled-back layer, it becomes shockingly clear that these two cases are mysteriously connected—and that others are pursuing Highhawk, with lethal intentions. And the search for answers to a deadly puzzle is pulling Leaphorn and Chee into the perilous

5,99 €

22 Consent - Nancy Ohlin
Auteur : Nancy Ohlin
Genre : Passage à l’âge adulte
In this “layered and thoughtful contemporary novel,” (School Library Journal) an intense—and passionate—bond between a high school senior and her music teacher becomes a public scandal that threatens the reputation of both.

Bea has a secret.

Actually, she has more than one. There’s her dream for the future that she can’t tell anyone—not her father and not even her best friend, Plum.

And now there’s Dane Rossi. Dane is hot, he shares Bea’s love of piano, and he believes in her.

He’s also Bea’s teacher.

When their passion for music crosses into passion for each other, Bea finds herself falling completely for Dane. She’s never felt so wanted, so understood, so known to her core. But the risk of discovery carries unexpected surprises that could shake Bea entirely. Bea must piece together what is and isn’t

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23 Conserving Walt Whitman's Fame - Gary Schmidgall
Auteur : Gary Schmidgall
Genre : Critique littéraire
It is now difficult to imagine that, in the years before Whitman’s death in 1892, there was real doubt in the minds of Whitman and his literary circle whether Leaves of Grass would achieve lasting fame. Much of the critical commentary in the first decade after his burial in Camden was as negative as that in Boston’s Christian Register, which spoke of Whitman as someone who “succeeded in writing a mass of trash without form, rhythm, or vitality.”That the balance finally tipped toward admiration, culminating in Whitman’s acceptance into the literary canon, was due substantially to the unflagging labor of Horace Traubel, famous for his nine volumes of Whitman conversations but less well known for his provocative monthly journal of socialist politics and avant-garde culture, the Conservator.Conserving Walt Whitman’s Fame offers a generous selection from the enormous trove of Whit

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24 A Life in Acting - Lisa Mulcahy
Auteur : Lisa Mulcahy
Genre : Arts du spectacle
A Life in Acting is a practical guide for aspiring and established theater actors looking to make a consistent living doing meaningful, creative work on the stage. Author Lisa Mulcahy communicates her advice through a series of interviews and “war stories” that will have you taking notes and laughing until your sides hurt. The sage advice of veteran performers and an entertaining writing style make this a terrific tool to build career longevity. The veteran thespians who give advice are and sustain themselves as artists and professionals through the sage advice of veteran performers who have already done it and continue to do so. Each industry veteran who contributes to these pages is renowned for their talent, is vastly respected by their peers, and has worked consistently in the theater for decades. Actors will learn how some of the industry’s most successful and longest-s

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25 Playing to the Gods - Peter Rader
Auteur : Peter Rader
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The riveting story of the rivalry between the two most renowned actresses of the nineteenth century: legendary Sarah Bernhardt, whose eccentricity on and off the stage made her the original diva, and mystical Eleonora Duse, who broke all the rules to popularize the natural style of acting we celebrate today.

Audiences across Europe and the Americas clamored to see the divine Sarah Bernhardt swoon—and she gave them their money’s worth. The world’s first superstar, she traveled with a chimpanzee named Darwin and a pet alligator that drank champagne, shamelessly supplementing her income by endorsing everything from aperitifs to beef bouillon, and spreading rumors that she slept in a coffin to better understand the macabre heroines she played.

Eleonora Duse shied away from the spotlight. Born to a penniless family of itinerant troubadours, she disapp

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26 Women Musicians of Uzbekistan - Tanya Merchant
Auteur : Tanya Merchant
Genre : Musique
Fascinated by women’s distinct influence on Uzbekistan’s music, Tanya Merchant ventures into Tashkent’s post-Soviet music scene to place women musicians within the nation’s evolving artistic and political arenas.

Drawing on fieldwork and music study carried out between 2001 and 2014, Merchant challenges the Western idea of Central Asian women as sequestered and oppressed. Instead, she notes, Uzbekistan’s women stand at the forefront of four prominent genres: maqom, folk music, Western art music, and popular music. Merchant’s recounting of the women’s experiences, stories, and memories underscores the complex role that these musicians and vocalists play in educational institutions and concert halls, street kiosks and the culturally essential sphere of wedding music. Throughout the book, Merchant ties nationalism and femininity to performances and reveals how the m

11,99 €

27 Eat Dust: Mining and Greed in Goa - Hartman de Souza
Auteur : Hartman de Souza
Genre : Administration publique
Eat Dust was born out of personal anguish. Hartman de Souza saw a hill that he had struggled to climb in the 1990s literally disappear as mining operations ravaged it. As he followed the trail of the missing hill, De Souza was confronted with burnished orange deserts where once all was verdant. Enraged, he travelled the length and breadth of Goa, painstakingly documenting the operations of the state's powerful mining mafia. At once travelogue, investigative journalism and family memoir, Eat Dust maps the culture, topography and cultural diversity of Goa. When the mining starts again, as it seems poised to, De Souza's chronicles will stay behind like the taste of strong coffee, taken with less sugar to give it bite.

11,99 €

28 In Search of Meaning - Frank L. Battisti - Frank L. Battisti
Auteur : Frank L. Battisti
Genre : Musique
This biography begins in 1967 as Frank L. Battisti concludes a celebrated 14-year career as Director of Bands at Ithaca High School, followed by a move to Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory. Later, Battisti answers a call from Gunther Schuller to establish a wind ensemble program at New England Conservatory. His unparalleled accomplishments, known throughout the world, have provided artistic vision and leadership that propelled the wind band/ensemble into the 21st century.

17,99 €

29 Composers in the Classroom - James Michael Floyd
Auteur : James Michael Floyd
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
A bio-bibliographical dictionary, chronicling the careers and work of over 120 composers associated with conservatories, colleges, and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico, Composers in the Classroom is an indispensable tool to scholars of modern music seeking to research the current state of musical composition and compositional trends of the 21st century. Painstakingly obtained through direct correspondence with the composers themselves, James M. Floyd has assembled for each subject a short biography, which includes information on the composer's education, career, musical commissions, and awards and honors. Each entry also includes a list of the composer's works organized by instrument type or genre, as well as a discography of recordings and bibliography of writings.

89,99 €
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