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1 Carbonic Anhydrases (Enhanced Edition) - Claudiu Supuran & Alessio Nocentini Ph.D.
Auteur : Claudiu Supuran & Alessio Nocentini Ph.D.
Genre : Biology
Carbonic Anhydrases provides an interdisciplinary review of the burgeoning carbonic anhydrase (CA) research area, spanning from CAs classification (biochemical and structural features) to drug design and pharmacology of CA inhibitors and activators, finally touching on the biotechnological applications of these metalloenzymes. The book adopts a clear step-by-step approach and introduction to this intricate and highly interdisciplinary field. A diverse range of chapters from international experts speak to CA classification and distribution, the mechanisms of action and drug design of inhibitors and activators, the druggability of the various isoforms in the treatment of a multitude of diseases, and threats to human health.

Carbonic Anhydrases provides biology, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry students and researchers a thorough discussion and update on the ev

2 Carbonic Anhydrase as Drug Target - Daumantas Matulis
Auteur : Daumantas Matulis
Genre : Biology
This book offers deep insights into the thermodynamics and molecular structures of the twelve catalytically active isoforms of human carbonic anhydrase (CA) with a particular focus on inhibitor binding for drug design. X-ray crystallographic structures in combination with enzyme kinetic testing provide information on the interaction of CAs and their inhibitors, knowledge which is crucial for rational drug design.   CAs are zinc carrying enzymes that catalyse the reversible interconversion of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate and are involved in numerous cellular processes. They are therefore a common target for drugs. The suppression of CA activities through inhibitory compounds has found application for example in diuretics and in glaucoma therapy. In this book methods used to determine binding thermodynamics of inhibitory compounds (Isothermal titration calorimetry, Fluorescent therm

3 In The Lord-Man's Brain - Abbott Walking Carbonic
Auteur : Abbott Walking Carbonic
Genre : Short Stories
Perhaps we shouldn’t argue about it. It’s simple: we were created by God! Wait, but who made God? Bako wanted the answer and the catechist said, it was secret for Archangels. Her grandma said, she knew moiety of that secret.

4 Carbonic Anhydrase: Mechanism, Regulation, Links to Disease, and Industrial Applications - Susan C. Frost & Robert McKenna
Auteur : Susan C. Frost & Robert McKenna
Genre : Genetics
The study of carbonic anhydrase has spanned multiple generations of scientists.  Carbonic anhydrase was first discovered in 1932 by Meldrum and Roughton.  Inhibition by sulfanilamide was shown in 1940 by Mann and Keilin.  Even Hans Krebs contributed to early studies with a paper in 1948 showing the relationship of 25 different sulfonamides to CA inhibition. It was he who pointed out the importance of both the charged and uncharged character of these compounds for physiological experiments.

            The field of study that focuses on carbonic anhydrase (CA) has exploded in recent years with the identification of new families and isoforms.  The CAs are metalloenzymes which are comprised of 5 structurally different families: the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, and epsilon classes.  The alpha class i

5 Lindsley v. Natural Carbonic Gas Company. - Supreme Court of the United States
Auteur : Supreme Court of the United States
Genre : Law
The statute, against whose enforcement the suit is directed, contains several restrictive provisions more or less directly connected with the purpose suggested by its title, but we are concerned with only the one before set forth, because the Court of Appeals of the State has pronounced

6 Carbonic Anhydrases as Biocatalysts (Enhanced Edition) - Claudiu Supuran & Giuseppina De Simone
Auteur : Claudiu Supuran & Giuseppina De Simone
Genre : Engineering
Carbonic anhydrases (CAs, EC are ubiquitous metalloenzymes, present throughout most living organisms and encoded by five evolutionarily unrelated gene families. The Carbonic Anhydrases as Biocatalysts: From Theory to Medical and Industrial Applications presents information on the growing interest in the study of this enzyme family and their applications to both medicine and biotechnology.
Offers comprehensive coverage of the carbonic anhydrases enzyme family and their properties as biocatalystsIncludes current applications of carbonic anhydrases in biotechnology on the basis of their catalytic efficiency, including new technologies for CO2 capture processesIdentifies new targets for drug design studiesProvides a selectivity profile for the different carbonic anhydrases and their related biomedical applications
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