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1 Buffalo! - Craig Boddington
Auteur : Craig Boddington
Genre : Sports & Outdoors
Craig Boddington is a hunter par excellence. During his career, he has shot numerous bulls over forty inches and a few approaching fifty inches. As a writer par excellence, Craig tells his readers where to hunt, how and when to hunt, and what will happen when they do hunt. He describes what it means to rush the herd, one of his favorite methods of hunting these worthy opponents. He tells of the great bull in Masailand that he almost got, of the perfect hunt he had in Zambia, and of the charge he experienced in Tanzania. His entertaining stories of encounters of the black, mean, and nasty kind will keep you riveted. Whether it is in West Africa, East Africa, or below the Zambezi River, Boddington has hunted buffalo north to south and east to west—in rain forest, savanna brush, or the Okavango Swamp. Follow Craig as he pursues the animal that Ruark described as "looking as though you

2 Riding a Buffalo - Yogi Nainggolan & Taruli Tambunan
Auteur : Yogi Nainggolan & Taruli Tambunan
Genre : Fiction
This is the third book from the Backpack Classroom series made at the Tambunan village, Lake Toba in North Sumatra. This book is the second book written by Yogi Nainggolan who is 12 and it tells of how he helped Taruli Boru Tambunan to ride a buffalo.

3 American Buffalo - Steven Rinella
Auteur : Steven Rinella
Genre : Nature
From the host of the Travel Channel’s “The Wild Within.”

A hunt for the American buffalo—an adventurous, fascinating examination of an animal that has haunted the American imagination.
In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness. Despite the odds—there’s only a 2 percent chance of drawing the permit, and fewer than 20 percent of those hunters are successful—Rinella managed to kill a buffalo on a snow-covered mountainside and then raft the meat back to civilization while being trailed by grizzly bears and suffering from hypothermia. Throughout these adventures, Rinella found himself contemplating his own place among the 14,000 years’ worth of buffalo hunters in North America, as well as the buffalo’s place in the American experience. At the time of the Revolu

4 Buffalo Before Breakfast - Mary Pope Osborne & Sal Murdocca
Auteur : Mary Pope Osborne & Sal Murdocca
Genre : Culture, Places & People
The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system!

Hello, buffalo! That's what Jack and Annie say when the Magic Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted dog, back almost 200 years to the Great Plains. There they meet a Lakota boy who shows them how to hunt buffalo. But something goes wrong! Now they need to stop a thousand buffalo from stampeding!

Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid?

Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books
Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader
Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure
Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

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6 A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson
Auteur : Bill Bryson
Genre : Essays & Memoirs
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The classic chronicle of a “terribly misguided and terribly funny” (The Washington Post) hike of the Appalachian Trail, from the author ofA Short History of Nearly Everything and The Body
“The best way of escaping into nature.”—The New York Times 
Back in America after twenty years in Britain, Bill Bryson decided to reacquaint himself with his native country by walking the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. The AT offers an astonishing landscape of silent forests and sparkling lakes—and to a writer with the comic genius of Bill Bryson, it also provides endless opportunities to witness the majestic silliness of his fellow human beings. 
For a start there’s the gloriously o

7 The Buffalo Creek Disaster - Gerald M. Stern
Auteur : Gerald M. Stern
Genre : Social Science
One Saturday morning in February 1972, an impoundment dam owned by the Pittston Coal Company burst, sending a 130 million gallon, 25 foot tidal wave of water, sludge, and debris crashing into southern West Virginia's Buffalo Creek hollow. It was one of the deadliest floods in U.S. history. 125 people were killed instantly, more than 1,000 were injured, and over 4,000 were suddenly homeless. Instead of accepting the small settlements offered by the coal company's insurance offices, a few hundred of the survivors banded together to sue. This is the story of their triumph over incredible odds and corporate irresponsibility, as told by Gerald M. Stern, who as a young lawyer and took on the case and won.

8 An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W. F. Cody) - Buffalo Bill
Auteur : Buffalo Bill
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
The Indian, tamed, educated and inspired with a taste for white collars and moving pictures, is as numerous as ever, but not so picturesque. On the little tracts of his great inheritance allotted him by civilization he is working out his own manifest destiny.

9 Flight of the Buffalo - James A. Belasco & Ralph C. Stayer
Auteur : James A. Belasco & Ralph C. Stayer
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
A hardcover bestseller now in paperback presents a management program that encourages employee leadership--which today's companies must have more of if they are to survive the coming decades.

10 Buffalo Jump Blues - Keith McCafferty
Auteur : Keith McCafferty
Genre : Police Procedural
In the fifth novel in the Sean Stranahan mystery series, Montana's favorite fly fisherman-detective tackles a case of lost love, murder, and wildlife politics. Cold Hearted River, the sixth in the series, is now available. 

“Keith McCafferty is a top-notch, first-rate, can’t-miss novelist.”
—C.J. Box, #1 New York Times bestselling author 

In the wake of Fourth of July fireworks in Montana’s Madison Valley, Hyalite County sheriff Martha Ettinger and Deputy Sheriff Harold Little Feather investigate a horrific scene at the Palisades cliffs, where a herd of bison have fallen to their deaths. Victims of blind panic caused by the pyrotechnics, or a ritualistic hunting practice dating back thousands of years? The person who would know is beyond asking, an Indian man found dead among the bison,

11 Naughty or Ice - Sylvia Pierce
Auteur : Sylvia Pierce
Genre : Holiday
“You’re wearing mistletoe panties, princess. Where was I supposed to kiss you?”

Eva Bradshaw used to have standards. But with Christmas around the corner and a six-year-old daughter to feed, there’s not much the former Olympic figure skater wouldn’t do for some extra cash, even if it means violating her hard limit: hockey players.

Like the filthy-mouthed, sex-on-skates hockey god who’s about to slide straight into her penalty box…

NHL center Walker Dunn has been stuck on the injured list for months. So when his trainer springs for some one-on-one time with a beautiful woman, Walker’s more than ready to take the edge off… until he realizes the ice princess with the perfect ass isn’t there to handle his stick. She’s there to coach him back into action—whether he likes it or not.  


12 Buffalo West Wing - Julie Hyzy
Auteur : Julie Hyzy
Genre : Cozy
With a new First Family, White House executive chef Olivia Paras can't afford to make any mistakes. But when a box of take-out chicken mysteriously shows up for the First Kids, she soon finds herself in a "no-wing" situation. After Olivia refuses to serve the chicken, the First Lady gives her the cold shoulder. But when it turns out to be poisoned poultry, Olivia realizes the kids are true targets.

13 Buffalo Bill's Dead Now - Margaret Coel
Auteur : Margaret Coel
Genre : Women Sleuths
In the latest Wind River novel from New York Times bestselling author Margaret Coel, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O’Malley are witnesses to history—and murder…    
After more than 120 years, the regalia worn by Arapaho Chief Black Heart in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show were supposed to be returned to his people. But the cartons containing the relics were empty when they arrived at the Arapaho Museum. Collector Trevor Pratt had them shipped from Germany and believes thieves must have stolen them en route.
Vicki and Father John suspect Trevor knows more about the theft than he’s telling—a suspicion that’s confirmed when they find him murdered in his home. To find the killer, they must first uncover the truth about a blood feud between two Arapaho families—and the original theft of Black Hea

14 The Buffalo Soldier - Chris Bohjalian
Auteur : Chris Bohjalian
Genre : Literary
With his trademark emotional heft and storytelling skill, bestselling author Chris Bohjalian presents a resonant novel about the unconventional family that forms after Terry and Laura Sheldon, a Vermont storm trooper and his wife grieving the loss of their twin daughters, take in a foster child. 

His name is Alfred; he is ten years old and African American. And he has passed through so many indifferent families that he can’t believe that his new one will last.

In the ensuing months Terry and Laura will struggle to emerge from their shell of grief only to face an unexpected threat to their marriage; Terry’s involvement with another woman. Meanwhile, Alfred cautiously enters the family circle, and befriends an elderly neighbor who inspires him with the story of the buffalo soldiers, the black cavalrymen of the old West. Out of the entwining

15 Buffalo for the Broken Heart - Dan O'brien
Auteur : Dan O'brien
Genre : Nature
For twenty years Dan O’Brien struggled to make ends meet on his cattle ranch in South Dakota. But when a neighbor invited him to lend a hand at the annual buffalo roundup, O’Brien was inspired to convert his own ranch, the Broken Heart, to buffalo. Starting with thirteen calves, “short-necked, golden balls of wool,” O’Brien embarked on a journey that returned buffalo to his land for the first time in more than a century and a half.

Buffalo for the Broken Heart is at once a tender account of the buffaloes’ first seasons on the ranch and an engaging lesson in wildlife ecology. Whether he’s describing the grazing pattern of the buffalo, the thrill of watching a falcon home in on its prey, or the comical spectacle of a buffalo bull wallowing in the mud, O’Brien combines a novelist’s eye for detail with a naturalist’s understanding to create an enriching,

16 Buffalo Airways - Diamonds, DC-3s and 'Buffalo Joe' McBryan - Darrell Knight
Auteur : Darrell Knight
Genre : Transportation
In the wake of world-wide media attention generated by Omni Film Productions' "ICE PILOTS NWT" comes an insider's story of Buffalo Airways, written by one of the few chosen to fly for this colorful northern airline, critically-acclaimed author and aviation historian Darrell Knight. 

This detailed narrative speaks of the long road to becoming a pilot, and the pitfalls and sacrifices attendant with landing a flying job with one of the toughest airlines to hire on with in the Canadian Arctic. A host of characters - including the tough, enigmatic warbird-airline owner, 'Buffalo Joe' McBryan - leap from the pages of this heart-felt reminiscence. 

The book is a rollicking, blow-by-blow "must read" for anyone interested in the aviation business, vintage aircraft and the Canadian north, as well as a testament to the human spirit caught in the struggle against ad

17 Buffalo Palace - Terry C. Johnston
Auteur : Terry C. Johnston
Genre : Historical
In Buffalo Palace, the young Titus Bass sights, and then sets out into, the vast Rocky Mountain country, where he has his initial experiences with trapping beaver, surviving the freezing winter, fighting fierce Indians and even fiercer fellow mountain men, and celebrating at the hard-earned summer rendezvous. Most memorably, we walk with Titus as he first sees the immense herd which originally fueled his wanderlust, and now feeds, clothes and houses the frontier's pioneers, when he reaches the country lovingly called the "Buffalo Palace."

18 Last of the Great Scouts : the life story of Col. William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill" as told by his sister - Helen Cody Wetmore
Auteur : Helen Cody Wetmore
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
The following genealogical sketch was compiled in 1897. The crest is copied from John Rooney's Genealogical History of Irish Families. It is not generally known that genuine royal blood courses in Colonel Cody's veins. He is a lineal descendant of Milesius, king of Spain, that famous monarch whose three sons, Heber, Heremon, and Ir, founded the first dynasty in Ireland, about the beginning of the Christian era. The Cody family comes through the line of Heremon. The original name was Tireach, which signifies The Rocks. Muiredach Tireach, one of the first of this line, and son of Fiacha Straivetine, was crowned king of Ireland, Anno Domini 320. In presenting this volume to the public the writer has a twofold purpose. For a number of years there has been an increasing demand for an authentic biography of Buffalo Bill, and in response, many books of varying value have been submitted; yet no

19 Buffalo Gal - Mary Connealy
Auteur : Mary Connealy
Genre : Religious
Will Buffy and Wyatt ever see eye-to-eye? Buffy Lange has spent her life learning about and caring for buffalo. She’s landed the job of her dreams, managing a huge buffalo ranch in South Dakota. With stars in her eyes, she imagines all of the Midwest given over to free-ranging buffalo. To her, buffalo embody beauty, majesty, and strength. To Wyatt Shaw, however, the buffalo are a constant threat— wild, untamable, and dangerous. Wyatt’s ranch adjoins the Buffalo Commons and he watches in trepidation as its owner expands and rides roughshod over the local ranchers. When disaster strikes, Wyatt’s worst fears are realized and Buffy can do nothing but clean up the mess. With one determined to rid the area of buffalo and the other determined to see them flourish, the dust seldom settles around these two. Will they ever be able to find a common ground?

20 Caspion & the White Buffalo - Melvin Litton
Auteur : Melvin Litton
Genre : Historical
Based on a true event, CASPION takes you on a singular quest, both heroic and tragic, through the great buffalo hunt and the vanquishing of the Plains Indians (1871-1876). Riding the crest of the bloody tide is Jim Caspion, a Civil War veteran turned buffalo hunter, a man of notable conscience and courage, ever haunted by the war, yet fleeing settlement and routine, forswearing the practicable for the exotic, the forbidden, and the extreme. From the opening pages when he rides into a buffalo stampede to escape a band of Cheyenne, to the very end, his fate is inexorably tied to the white buffalo he spies in his harrowing flight. Thereafter its spiritual aspect exerts a growing influence over his own wry, sensual nature, altering his outlook, determining his path. When he meets Moneva, a Cheyenne outcast, their love saga marks another verse in the enduring myth of the West that still shape

21 The Flying Buffalo Unicorn - Larry Good
Auteur : Larry Good
Genre : Fantasy
Meri was able to help The Land of Pink Windmills when the croapfs flew The Black Attack , the immense black paper airplane sky, over the land to shut off the sun. But now they have another more ingenious plan. It's far more dangerous than before! The beloved Cleanliness of the land is gone. The beloved Pleasantly Moving Air from the windmills is gone. The awesome Tornado Speed of the windmills is gone! The Land itself is almost gone! Who will help The Land of Pink Windmills this time?! And then Meri tells Wut about the owingstones that Sticktight has asked her to deliver to The Land of Strawberry Dawn. He has never been so excited before!
How would you like to look at The Land of Clinging Light at night, from above? It would take a flying wand to do that!
Vaguely, Meri can see the various lands rushing by below her as she flies through the night. She can see the lightedness of

22 Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo - Oscar Zeta Acosta
Auteur : Oscar Zeta Acosta
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in 1971, Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano lawyer and notorious as the real-life model for Hunter S. Thompson's "Dr. Gonzo," a fat, pugnacious attorney with a gargantuan appetite for food, drugs, and life on the edge.

Written with uninhibited candor and manic energy, this book is Acosta's own account of coming of age as a Chicano in the psychedelic sixties, of taking on impossible cases while breaking all tile rules of courtroom conduct, and of scrambling headlong in search of a personal and cultural identity. It is a landmark of contemporary Hispanic-American literature, at once ribald, surreal, and unmistakably authentic.

23 Introducing the Water Buffalo - Sue Weaver
Auteur : Sue Weaver
Genre : Nature
Sue Weaver has been writing professionally for over 40 years. She has hundreds of published magazine articles, five Smashwords ebooks, and 11 print books about farm animals to her credit. Sue fell in love with water buffaloes after writing a Hobby Farms magazine article about them. After reading this free ebook, she hopes you will too.

Introducing the Water Buffalo shows beginners what they need to know about these charming animals from water buffalo history; to their care and feeding; to keeping water buffaloes for riding, draft purposes, milk, or meat. It's profusely illustrated and concludes with a Resources section of up-to-date hyperlinks to the best of buffaloes online.

24 American Buffalo - David Mamet
Auteur : David Mamet
Genre : Theater
American Buffalo, which won both the Drama Critics Circle Award for the best American play and the Obie Award, is considered a classic of the American theater. Newsweek acclaimed Mamet as the “hot young American playwright . . . someone to watch.” The New York Times exclaimed in admiration: “The man can write!” Other critics called the play “a sizzler,” “super,” and “dynamite.”

Now from Gregory Mosher, the producer of the original stage production, comes a stunning screen adaptation, directed by Michael Corrente and starring Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, and Sean Nelson.

A classic tragedy, American Buffalo is the story of three men struggling in the pursuit of their distorted vision of the American Dream. By turns touching and cynical, poignant and violent, American Buffalo is a piercing story of how people can

25 Buffalo Wagons - Elmer Kelton
Auteur : Elmer Kelton
Genre : Fiction & Literature
For Gage Jameson, the summer of 1873 has been a poor hunt. A year ago he felled sixty-two buffalo in one stand, but now the great Arkansas River herd is gone, like the Republican herd before it.

In Dodge City, old hide hunters speak is awe of a last great heard to the south--but no hunter who values his scalp dares ride south of the Cimarron and into Comanche territory. None but Gage Jameson....

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

26 When Buffalo Ran - George Bird Grinnell
Auteur : George Bird Grinnell
Genre : Animals
Always as winter drew near, the camps came closer together, and the people began to make ready to start off on the hunt for buffalo. By this time food was scarce, and the people needed new robes; and now that the cold weather was at hand, the hair of the buffalo was long and shaggy, so that the robes would be soft and warm, to keep out the winter cold. When buffalo were found, the young men killed them, and then the whole camp, women and children, went out to where the buffalo lay, and meat and hides were brought in to the camp, where the women made robes, and dried meat. Food was plenty, and everybody was glad.

27 The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo - Kent Nerburn
Auteur : Kent Nerburn
Genre : Social Science
A haunting dream that will not relent pulls author Kent Nerburn back into the hidden world of Native America, where dreams have meaning, animals are teachers, and the “old ones” still have powers beyond our understanding.

28 Comanche Moon - Larry McMurtry
Auteur : Larry McMurtry
Genre : Fiction & Literature

The second book of Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove tetralogy, Comache Moon takes us once again into the world of the American West.

Texas Rangers August McCrae and Woodrow Call, now in their middle years, continue to deal with the ever-increasing tensions of adult life -- Gus with his great love, Clara Forsythe, and Call with Maggie Tilton, the young whore who loves him. Two proud but very different men, they enlist with the Ranger troop in pursuit of Buffalo Hump, the great Comanche war chief; Kicking Wolf, the celebrated Comanche horse thief; and a deadly Mexican bandit king with a penchant for torture. Assisting the Rangers in their wild chase is the renowned Kickapoo tracker, Famous Shoes.

Comanche Moon closes the twenty-year gap between Dead Man's Walk and Lonesome Dove, following belov

29 Waging Heavy Peace Deluxe - Neil Young
Auteur : Neil Young
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
The perfect gift for music lovers and Neil Young fans, telling the story behind Neil Young's legendary career and his iconic, beloved songs. 

“I think I will have to use my time wisely and keep my thoughts straight if I am to succeed and deliver the cargo I so carefully have carried thus far to the outer reaches.”—Neil Young, from Waging Heavy Peace
Legendary singer and songwriter Neil Young’s storied career has spanned over forty years and yielded some of the modern era’s most enduring music. Now for the first time ever, Young reflects upon his life—from his Canadian childhood, to his part in the sixties rock explosion with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, through his later career with Crazy Horse and numerous private challenges. An instant classic, Waging Heavy Peace is as uncompromising and un

30 UB中国学生生活手册 - University at Buffalo
Auteur : University at Buffalo
Genre : Education

31 Down to Puck - Sylvia Pierce
Auteur : Sylvia Pierce
Genre : Romance
“No touching, beautiful. I warned you. Tonight, I’m only using my mouth.”

As the NHL’s sexiest, surliest bad boy, Kyle “Henny” Henderson basically wrote the book on awkward morning-afters. But nothing prepares him for the hat trick of waking up naked, hungover, and hard as hell with his face between a luscious pair of breasts he doesn’t recognize…

Because those soft, oh-so-lickable curves belong to his completely off-limits best friend.

After a devastating breakup, Bex Canfield moved home to Buffalo to put her life back together, not cause another train wreck. But that was before. Before the hockey fight that led to Henny’s suspension that led to the tequila that led to… Oh, God.

Bedroom? Trashed. Dignity? Obliterated. Best friend? He’s… wow. Seriously packing.

32 Buffalo Dogs - Lawrence M. Schoen
Auteur : Lawrence M. Schoen
Genre : Science Fiction
He's the greatest hypnotist in known space.

And it might cost him his life.

The Arconi take two things seriously — absolute truth and their prize commodity: buffalo dogs.

When one of Conroy's hypnotic suggestions is taken literally, they arrest him in the middle of his stage act.

Now he's facing execution or a bill for a $10 million alien creature.

Can he use hypnosis to beat the Arconi's truth-telling telepathy, save his life, and escape back to Earth?

The Amazing Conroy series is an intergalactic adventure by a 6-time Nebula Award-nominated author. Mind control, manipulation, and mayhem abound in a story that will keep you brilliantly entertained.

Enter the delightful universe of the Amazing Conroy when you click Download Now.

33 The Buffalo Runners - Robert Michael Ballantyne
Auteur : Robert Michael Ballantyne
Genre : Action & Adventure
This is a adventure book. While in Scotland, away from the small farm-house of his father, and having received a better education, Duncan conceived himself to stand on a higher level than the sedate and uneducated Fergus. Thus pride was added to his bad temper. But he was not altogether destitute of good points. What man is? One of these was a certain reckless open-handedness, so that he was easily imposed on by the protestations and assurances of the sly, plausible, and lazy La Certe. The couple were still engaged in smoking, quaffing tea, and other intellectual pursuits, when they heard sounds outside as of some one approaching. Another moment, and the door burst open, and a man in white stepped in. He saluted them with a familiar and hasty 'bonjour', as he stamped and beat the snow vigorously from his garments.

34 The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science - J. Kenji López-Alt
Auteur : J. Kenji López-Alt
Genre : Courses & Dishes
A New York Times Bestseller
Winner of the James Beard Award for General Cooking and the IACP Cookbook of the Year Award

"The one book you must have, no matter what you’re planning to cook or where your skill level falls."—New York Times Book Review

Ever wondered how to pan-fry a steak with a charred crust and an interior that's perfectly medium-rare from edge to edge when you cut into it? How to make homemade mac 'n' cheese that is as satisfyingly gooey and velvety-smooth as the blue box stuff, but far tastier? How to roast a succulent, moist turkey (forget about brining!)—and use a foolproof method that works every time?

As Serious Eats's culinary nerd-in-residence, J. Kenji López-Alt has pondered all these questions and more. In The Food Lab, Kenji focuses on the science behind beloved American dishes, delving into the interactions between

35 El búfalo de la noche (Night Buffalo) - Guillermo Arriaga
Auteur : Guillermo Arriaga
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Tras el suicidio de su mejor amigo, Manuel se ve acosado por la sombra de la enfermedad mental de aquel, por su mundo de violencia y por la tortuosa relación sentimental con su novia, que fue inicialmente pareja de Gregorio, el amigo muerto; citas no cumplidas, extraños mensajes y la sombra de un policÍa que aparece como vengador de una infidelidad que lo llevó a la locura.

Escrita con la agilidad de un guión cinematográfico y con un fondo de personajes urbanos que se mueven en los márgenes de la delincuencia, esta novela confirma a su autor como uno de los mejores escritores mexicanos de las Últimas generaciones. Con tono existencial que da cuenta de los aspectos más crudos de la sociedad de nuestro tiempo, esta obra de suspenso trae personajes bien construidos, atractivos y que se ven inmersos en una atmósfera cercana tanto a la novela macabra como a la prosa de

36 They Call Me Korney: Buffalo's Polish Gangsters - Michael F. Rizzo
Auteur : Michael F. Rizzo
Genre : True Crime
Set during Prohibition this is one of Buffalo, New York's most blood-soaked crime tales. This is the story of the bloody reign of Polish gangster John "Korney" Kwiatkowski, which ended with one of his friends in the electric chair. Before the end came, Korney masterminded robberies all over the city, leading a gang of violent thugs, dubbed the Korney Gang, while he maintained a facade of gentility. With names like Ziggy, Bolly, and Smithy, these bootleggers, murderers, and robbers introduced Buffalo to violent crime with the introduction of the machine gun. No one was safe, including law enforcement, as the Korney Gang blasted their way out of every incident. Through careful research of newspapers, court transcripts, and genealogy, the story of this gang slowly emerges.

37 An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill - N. C. Wyeth & Buffalo Bill
Auteur : N. C. Wyeth & Buffalo Bill
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846-1917) was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He was born in Le Claire, Iowa Territory (now the U.S. state of Iowa), but he lived for several years in his father's hometown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada before the family again moved to the Kansas Territory.

This work includes all the illustrations made by N. C. Wyeth.

Buffalo Bill started working at the age of eleven, after his father's death, and became a rider for the Pony Express at age 14. During the American Civil War, he served the Union from 1863 to the end of the war in 1865. Later he served as a civilian scout for the US Army during the Indian Wars. He received the Medal of Honor in 1872.

One of the most colorful figures of the American Old West, Buffalo Bill started performing in shows that displayed cowboy themes and episodes from the frontier

38 Buffalo Valley - Debbie Macomber
Auteur : Debbie Macomber
Genre : Romance
It's a time of change for a small prairie town

Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, has a will to survive, to prosper. And the outside world has discovered Buffalo Valley. A large retail conglomerate plans to move in, which would surely destroy the independent businesses...and maybe the town.

It's a season of change for Vaughn Kyle

Just out of the army, he's looking for a life to live--and waits for his reluctant fianc?e to make up her mind. Vaughn decides to visit Buffalo Valley and Hassie Knight. He was named after Hassie's son who died in Vietnam and she thinks of him as a surrogate son. He arrives at her store one snowy day and finds not Hassie but a young woman named Carrie Hendrickson...

Will the season bring peace and joy--to Vaughn and to the town?

As he begins to love Carrie, Vaughn questions his feelings for t

39 Big Hard Stick - Sylvia Pierce
Auteur : Sylvia Pierce
Genre : Romance
“Pleasure isn’t a dirty word, gorgeous. Not unless you want it to be.” 

Thanks to an epic playoffs loss and a somewhat regrettable bachelorette party video starring half the team and a can of whipped cream, Buffalo Tempest captain Roscoe LeGrand is on serious PR duty this summer. His assignment? Organize a youth hockey clinic and clean up the team’s tarnished image before the season’s first face-off.

But one look at the hot-as-hell hockey mom storming the ice, and Roscoe’s thoughts slide right back into the gutter…

Ally Heinz is afraid of everything—with good reason. Three years ago, her husband died in a workplace accident, leaving Ally behind with their only child and a mountain of grief. Now, keeping her child safe is all that matters. Letting the kid play hockey? With all that hard, slippery ice and no onsite medi

40 Black Irish - Stephan Talty
Auteur : Stephan Talty
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers

In this explosive debut thriller by the author of Empire of Blue Water, a brilliant homicide detective returns home, where she confronts a city’s dark demons and her own past while pursuing a brutal serial killer on a vengeful rampage.

Absalom “Abbie” Kearney grew up an outsider in her own hometown. Even being the adopted daughter of a revered cop couldn’t keep Abbie’s troubled past from making her a misfit in the working-class Irish American enclave of South Buffalo. And now, despite a Harvard degree and a police detective’s badge, she still struggles to earn the respect and trust of those she’s sworn to protect. But all that may change, once the killing starts.

When Jimmy Ryan’s mangled corpse is found in a local church basement, this sadistic sacrilege sends a bone-deep chill through t

41 Buffalo Bill - Roger Nielsen
Auteur : Roger Nielsen
Genre : Fiction & Literature

42 The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard - Elmore Leonard
Auteur : Elmore Leonard
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A stellar collection of short fiction that spans the beloved master’s writing career

The legendary New York Times bestselling author returns with another stellar collection of Western short fiction. In these classic tales that span more than five decades—including the first story he ever published, “The Trail of the Apache”—Elmore Leonard once again demonstrates the superb talent for language and gripping narrative that have made him one of the most acclaimed and influential writers of our time.

43 Black Warriors: the Buffalo Soldiers of World War Ii - Gordon Cohn & Ivan J. Houston
Auteur : Gordon Cohn & Ivan J. Houston
Genre : Military
Numbering 4,000 select officers and men, Combat Team 370 was part of n Europe during World War II the 92nd Infantry Division, the only all-Negro division to fight in Europe during World War II. In Black Warriors: The Buffalo Soldiers of World War II, author Ivan J. Houston recounts his experiences, when, as a nineteen-year-old California college student, he entered the US Army and served with the 3rd Battalion, 370th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Division of the US Fifth Army from 1943 to 1945.

Drawn from minute-by-minute records of the units activities compiled by Houston during his deployment in Italy, this account describes both the historic encounters and the achievements of his fellow black soldiers during this breakthrough period in American military history. It tells of how the Buffalo Soldiers fought alongside other American troops, including Japanese Americans and so

44 The Buffalo New York Cookbook: 70 Recipes from The Nickel City - Arthur Bovino
Auteur : Arthur Bovino
Genre : Regional & Ethnic
Regional specialties from wings to weck to make at home

As a culinary capital, Buffalo is an unsung American hero. Home of the iconic Buffalo wing, of course, it’s also a city of sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, and spag parm. It’s where creativity meets simple food to produce iconic eats copied endlessly, from fish fries to beef on weck, to sponge candy and more. With this entertaining cookbook, the companion to Buffalo Everything: A Guide to Eating in “The Nickel City,” Arthur Bovino shows home cooks how to bring the best of Upstate New York into their kitchens. Whether you’re hosting a get- together to watch the game or in need of some weeknight comfort food, The Buffalo New York Cookbook has you covered.

Recipes include:
• Buffalo Chicken Parm
• Stuffed Banana Peppers
• Buffalo Wing Pierogi
• The Definitive Tom & Jerry

45 Where the Buffalo Roam - Kate Waters
Auteur : Kate Waters
Genre : Early Readers
Buffalo = Bison = the All-American Animal

The American bison (buffalo) is one of the most recognizable North American mammals. In fact, it is the official national animal of the United States—where you'll still find them roaming.

This photo-filled reader explores the natural world of the huge, shaggy beast, its habits and habitats, and the buffalo's cultural and iconic importance, especially to American Indians.

46 Buffalo Bill's Spy Trailer - Prentiss Ingraham
Auteur : Prentiss Ingraham
Genre : Fiction & Literature
A legendary figure of the Wild West who was canny enough to capitalize off of his own notoriety, William Cody was a renowned soldier and hunter. This action-packed tale parlays some of the historical facts surrounding Buffalo Bill's life into a larger-than-life, thrill-a-minute Western.

47 Buffalo Airways - Daniel Cattoni & Lori Kerr
Auteur : Daniel Cattoni & Lori Kerr
Genre : Transportation
As seen on TV.

Buffalo Airways - Home of Ice Pilots is an in depth photographic presentation of the "real life" at Buffalo Airways. Immerse yourself in the history of Buffalo Airways and its vintage aircraft.

Ride along on some of Buffalo's most exciting missions, such as battling the Yellowknife Landfill Fire with CL-215s or hauling 500,000 pounds of mining equipment with a C-46 and a DC-4 into a remote and rapidly melting ice strip.

To complete your Buffalo experience, learn about your favourite Ice Pilots characters by exploring their biographies.

This high quality ebook is filled with over 200 great images by twenty-one different photographers and is a must have for any Ice Pilots or vintage aircraft fan.

48 Buffalo Grass Rider - Episode One: The Lonesome Wind - Allen Russell
Auteur : Allen Russell
Genre : Fiction & Literature
“The Lonesome Wind” is episode one of the Buffalo Grass Rider Series. It chronicle’s the story of Bolton Ashton. Born among the green hills of Tennessee, Bolt shares a distant ancestral link to a savage Cherokee warrior. The young Tennessean represents the rebirth of an ancient curse and the embodiment of a brutal warrior spirit. 

Accused of murder in 1861, Bolt flees Tennessee to join the bloody conflict of the Civil War. His journey takes him to Gettysburg, across the dry rolling plains of post war Texas, and finally to the vast buffalo grass ranges of Eastern Montana where this adventure really begins.

49 Ghost Buddy #4: Always Dance with a Hairy Buffalo - Henry Winkler
Auteur : Henry Winkler
Genre : Fiction
Another hilarious adventure for Billy and the Hoove from bestselling authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver!

Billy Broccoli is used to getting expert advice--wanted or not--from the ghost with the most, Hoover Porterhouse! The Hoove has smooth moves and a silver tongue...and he isn't shy about sharing his words of wisdom!

But when a night at the museum finds Hoover face-to-face with the ghost of a powerful Chumash Indian princess, his brain turns into mashed potatoes. Now the tables are turned and it's up to Billy to help Hoover find the words he needs to
make a new friend.

50 City of Light - Lauren Belfer
Auteur : Lauren Belfer
Genre : Historical

It is 1901 and Buffalo, New York, stands at the center of the nation's attention as a place of immense wealth and sophistication. The massive hydroelectric power development at nearby Niagara Falls and the grand Pan-American Exposition promise to bring the Great Lakes “city of light” even more repute.

Against this rich historical backdrop lives Louisa Barrett, the attractive, articulate headmistress of the Macaulay School for Girls. Protected by its powerful all-male board, “Miss Barrett” is treated as an equal by the men who control the life of the city. Lulled by her unique relationship with these titans of business, Louisa feels secure in her position, until a mysterious death at the power plant triggers a sequence of events that forces her to return to a past she has struggled to conceal, and to question every
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