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1 Biorational Control of Arthropod Pests - Isaac Ishaaya & A. Rami Horowitz
Auteur : Isaac Ishaaya & A. Rami Horowitz
Genre : Life Sciences
Among the highlights of this book are the use of selective control agents acting on specific biochemical sites such as neuropeptides, ecdysteroids and juvenile hormone analogs; GABA, ACh, ryanodine and octopamine receptors; pheromone and insect communication disruption along with plant constituents for selectively controlling arthropod pests. Novel biotechnology strategies that exploit genetically modified plants, insects, and symbionts for the management of insect pests and disease-borne vectors are presented. Furthermore, physical control techniques can serve as important tools to protect our crops from arthropod pests. Finally, countermeasures for resistance to biorational control agents using advanced biological and biochemical approaches are also discussed.

2 Stinkbugs - Andrej Cokl & Miguel Borges
Auteur : Andrej Cokl & Miguel Borges
Genre : Nature
This book presents an overview of the Pentatomidae species, covering their biology, phylogeny and reproductive behavior, main plants used in their diet and their nutritional exigencies, predatory stinkbugs, interactions between herbivores-plants and natural enemies, use of pheromone for monitoring phytophagous populations, and chemical and vibrational communication signals. It also presents possible technologies to be applied in field crops for pest management that could be developed as the basis of the interplay of stink bug communication signals.
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