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1 Biofilms - Romain Briandet & Murielle Naïtali
Auteur : Romain Briandet & Murielle Naïtali
Genre : Génie de l’environnement
Les biofilms se trouvent non seulement dans notre environnement, mais aussi sur nous et en nous. S’ils peuvent représenter pour nous des risques sanitaires, ils nous apportent également des bénéfices multiples. Accessible à tous, ce livre vous fera découvrir ces organisations microbiennes colonisatrices et leurs étonnantes propriétés d’adaptation, de mutation et de résistance.

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2 Microbial Biofilms - Mahmoud Ghannoum, Matthew Parsek, Marvin Whiteley & Pranab K. Mukherjee
Auteur : Mahmoud Ghannoum, Matthew Parsek, Marvin Whiteley & Pranab K. Mukherjee
Genre : Écologie
An examination of the research and translational application to prevent and treat biofilm-associated diseases

In the decade since the first edition of Microbial Biofilms was published, the interest in this field has expanded, spurring breakthrough research that has advanced the treatment of biofilm-associated diseases. This second edition takes the reader on an exciting, extensive review of bacterial and fungal biofilms, ranging from basic molecular interactions to innovative therapies, with particular emphasis on the division of labor in biofilms, new approaches to combat the threat of microbial biofilms, and how biofilms evade the host defense.

Chapters written by established investigators cover recent findings, and contributions from investigators new to the field provide unique and fresh insights. Specifically,

Microbial Biofilms

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3 Biofilms in the Dairy Industry - Koon Hoong Teh, Steve Flint, John Brooks & Geoff Knight
Auteur : Koon Hoong Teh, Steve Flint, John Brooks & Geoff Knight
Genre : MZGenre.ProfessionalTechnical.Engineering.eBooks.ChemicalPetroleumEngineering
In recent years, the formation and impacts of biofilms on dairy manufacturing have been studied extensively, from the effects of microbial enzymes produced during transportation of raw milk to the mechanisms of biofilm formation by thermophilic spore-forming bacteria. The dairy industry now has a better understanding of biofilms and of approaches that may be adopted to reduce the impacts that biofilms have on manufacturing efficiencies and the quality of dairy products. Biofilms in the Dairy Industry provides a comprehensive overview of biofilm-related issues facing the dairy sector. The book is a cornerstone for a better understanding of the current science and of ways to reduce the occurrence of biofilms associated with dairy manufacturing. The introductory section covers the definition and basic concepts of biofilm formation and development, and provides an overview of problems caused

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4 Biofilms in Human Diseases: Treatment and Control - Sunil Kumar, Niharika Chandra, Leena Singh, Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi & Ajit Varma
Auteur : Sunil Kumar, Niharika Chandra, Leena Singh, Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi & Ajit Varma
Genre : Médecine
This book highlights treatment strategies for bacterial biofilms in connection with a variety of human diseases. In particular, it reviews bacterial biofilm formation and its mechanism.

Topics covered include biofilms in human health, the role of biofilms in mediating human diseases, and methods for testing bacterial biofilms. Further sections concentrate on biofilm-mediated diseases in different parts of the human gastrointestinal tract, while therapeutic strategies for biofilm control and natural agents that disrupt bacterial biofilms are also covered.
Readers will also find the latest advances in probiotics and biofilms, as well as the use of probiotics to counteract biofilm-associated infections. Biofilms and antimicrobial resistance are discussed. Subsequent chapters address the management of inflammatory bowel disease via probiotics biofilms, as well as the role

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5 Bacterial Biofilms - Tony Romeo
Auteur : Tony Romeo
Genre : Médecine
Throughout the biological world, bacteria thrive predominantly in surface attached, matrix enclosed, multicellular communities or biofilms, as opposed to isolated planktonic cells. This choice of lifestyle is not trivial, as it involves major shifts in the use of genetic information and cellular energy, and has profound consequences for bacterial physiology and survival. Growth within a biofilm can thwart immune function and antibiotic therapy and thereby complicate the treatment of infectious diseases, especially chronic and foreign device-associated infections. Modern studies of many important biofilms have advanced well beyond the descriptive stage, and have begun to provide molecular details of the structural, biochemical and genetic processes that drive biofilm formation and its dispersion. There is much diversity in the details of biofilm development among various species, but ther

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7 Biofilms in Infection Prevention and Control (Enhanced Edition) - Steven L. Percival, David Williams BSc (Hons), PhD, Tracey Cooper & Jacqueline Randle
Auteur : Steven L. Percival, David Williams BSc (Hons), PhD, Tracey Cooper & Jacqueline Randle
Genre : Biologie
Biofilms in Infection and Disease Control: A Healthcare Handbook outlines the scientific evidence and rationale for the prevention of infection, the role biofilms play in infection control, and the issues concerning their resistance to antimicrobials. This book provides practical guidance for healthcare and infection control professionals, as well as students, for preventing and controlling infection.

Biofilms are the most common mode of bacterial growth in nature. Highly resistant to antibiotics and antimicrobials, biofilms are the source of more than 65 percent of health care associated infections (HCAI), which, according to the WHO, affect 1.4 million people annually. Biofilms are involved in 80 percent of all microbial infections in the body, including those associated with medical devices such as catheters, endotracheal tubes, joint prostheses, and heart valves. B

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8 Biofilms in the Food Environment - Anthony L. Pometto III & Ali Demirci
Auteur : Anthony L. Pometto III & Ali Demirci
Genre : MZGenre.ProfessionalTechnical.Engineering.eBooks.ChemicalPetroleumEngineering
In nature, microorganisms are generally found attached to surfaces as biofilms such as dust, insects, plants, animals and rocks, rather than suspended in solution. Once a biofilm is developed, other microorganisms are free to attach and benefit from this microbial community. The food industry, which has a rich supply of nutrients, solid surfaces, and raw materials constantly entering and moving through the facility, is an ideal environment for biofilm development, which can potentially protect food pathogens from sanitizers and result in the spread of foodborne illness.

Biofilms in the Food Environment is designed to provide researchers in academia, federal research labs, and industry with an understanding of the impact, control, and hurdles of biofilms in the food environment. Key to biofilm control is an understanding of its development. The goal of this 2nd edition i

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9 Biofilms, quand les microbes s'organisent - Romain Briandet, Lise Fechner, Muriel Naitali & Catherine Dreanno
Auteur : Romain Briandet, Lise Fechner, Muriel Naitali & Catherine Dreanno
Genre : Biologie
Original, pédagogique, écrit avec précision et humour, et très illustré, c’est le premier ouvrage destiné à un large public sur un sujet peu connu qui touche le quotidien. Découvrez ce monde microscopique avec ses petits et grands arrangements, ses communautés, ses gentils et ses méchants, ses sociétés très organisées, partout dans tous les coins et les recoins. Le lecteur y trouvera des explications inattendues et des réponses claires à ses interrogations.

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10 Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine - Steven L. Percival, Derek C. Knottenbelt & Christine A. Cochrane
Auteur : Steven L. Percival, Derek C. Knottenbelt & Christine A. Cochrane
Genre : Science de la vie
Biofilms are implicated in many common medical problems including urinary tract infections, catheter infections, middle-ear infections, dental plaque, gingivitis, and some less common but more lethal processes such as endocarditis and infections in cystic fibrosis.  However, the true importance of biofilms in the overall process of disease pathogenesis has only recently been recognized. Bacterial biofilms are one of the fundamental reasons for incipient wound healing failure in that they may impair natural cutaneous wound healing and reduce topical antimicrobial efficiency in infected skin wounds.  Their existence explains many of the enigmas of microbial infection and a better grasp of the process may well serve to establish a different approach to infection control and management.   Biofilms and their associated complications have been found to be involved in up to

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11 Biofilms in the Food and Beverage Industries - P M Fratamico, B A Annous & N W Guenther
Auteur : P M Fratamico, B A Annous & N W Guenther
Genre : Ingénierie
When bacteria attach to and colonise the surfaces of food processing equipment and foods products themselves, there is a risk that biofilms may form. Human pathogens in biofilms can be harder to remove than free microorganisms and may therefore pose a more significant food safety risk. Biofilms in the food and beverage industries reviews the formation of biofilms in these sectors and best practices for their control.

The first part of the book considers fundamental aspects such as molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation by food-associated bacteria and methods for biofilm imaging, quantification and monitoring. Part two then reviews biofilm formation by different microorganisms. Chapters in Part three focus on significant issues related to biofilm prevention and removal. Contributions on biofilms in particular food industry sectors, such as dairy and red meat processing and f

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12 The Role of Biofilms in Device-Related Infections - Mark Shirtliff & Jeff G. Leid
Auteur : Mark Shirtliff & Jeff G. Leid
Genre : Médecine
Approximately 60% of all hospital-associated infections, over one million cases per year, are due to biofilms that have formed on indwelling medical devices. Device-related biofilm infections increase hospital stays and add over one billion dollars/year to U.S. hospitalization costs. Since the use and the types of indwelling medical devices commonly used in modern healthcare are continuously expanding, especially with an aging population, the incidence of biofilm infections will also continue to rise. The central problem with microbial biofilm infections of foreign bodies is their propensity to resist clearance by the host immune system and all antimicrobial agents tested to date. In fact, compared to their free floating, planktonic counterparts, microbes within a biofilm are 50 – 500 times more resistant to antimicrobial agents. Therefore, achieving therapeutic and non-lethal dosing r

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13 Targeting Biofilms in Translational Research, Device Development, and Industrial Sectors - Dustin L. Williams
Auteur : Dustin L. Williams
Genre : Médecine
This book offers a much-needed discussion on the targeting of biofilm-related infections. Chapters include discussions on the impact of biofilm on medical implants, industrial applications, as well as wound and tissue infections. It also offers discussions on regulatory management for industrial sectors and medical environments. Given that there continues to be a paucity of effective antimicrobial products, devices, and coatings in clinical and industrial use that effectively reduce rates of infection or biofilm-related problems, Targeting Biofilms in Translational Research, Device Development, and Industrial Sectors, offers a fresh and much-needed perspective aimed at helping create healthier controlled environments and safer devices.  
This comprehensive book is indispensable for industrial and academic translational researchers, device developers, and regulatory

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14 Biofilms in Bioelectrochemical Systems - Haluk Beyenal & Jerome T. Babauta
Auteur : Haluk Beyenal & Jerome T. Babauta
Genre : Ingénierie
This book serves as a manual of research techniques for electrochemically active biofilm research. Using examples from real biofilm research to illustrate the techniques used for electrochemically active biofilms, this book is of most use to researchers and educators studying microbial fuel cell and bioelectrochemical systems. The book emphasizes the theoretical principles of bioelectrochemistry, experimental procedures and tools useful in quantifying electron transfer processes in biofilms, and mathematical modeling of electron transfer in biofilms. It is divided into three sections: Biofilms: Microbiology and microbioelectrochemistry - Focuses on the microbiologic aspect of electrochemically active biofilms and details the key points of biofilm preparation and electrochemical measurement Electrochemical techniques to study electron transfer processes - Focuses on electrochemical chara

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15 Productive Biofilms - Kai Muffler & Roland Ulber
Auteur : Kai Muffler & Roland Ulber
Genre : Science et nature
Thomas R. Neu
John R. Lawrence
Investigation of Microbial Biofilm Structure by Laser Scanning Microscopy

Harald Horn
Susanne Lackner
Modeling of Biofilm Systems: A Review

Jochen J. Schuster
Gerard H. Markx
Biofilm Architecture

Stephen Payne
Lingchong You
Engineered Cell–Cell Communication and Its Applications

K. Muffler
M. Lakatos
C. Schlegel
D. Strieth
S. Kuhne
R. Ulber
Application of Biofilm Bioreactors in White Biotechnology

Sayani Mitra
Barindra Sana
Joydeep Mukherjee
Ecological Roles and Biotechnological Applications of Marine and Intertidal Microbial Biofilms

C. Müller-Renno
S. Buhl
N. Davoudi
J. C. Aurich
S. Ripperger
R. Ulber
K. Muffler
Ch. Ziegler
Novel Materials for Biofilm Reac

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16 Combating Biofilms: The Reason Many Diseases Do Not Respond to Treatment - James Schaller
Auteur : James Schaller
Genre : Forme et santé
Clear solutions for lyme disease, chronic sinusitis, pneumonia, yeast infections, wounds, ear infections, gum disease, intestinal disease, bad breath, cystic fibrosis and implants.

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17 New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Microbial Biofilms - Mukesh Kumar Yadav & Bhim Pratap Singh
Auteur : Mukesh Kumar Yadav & Bhim Pratap Singh
Genre : Ingénierie
New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Microbial Biofilms is divided into three sections: microbial adhesion/biofilms in medical settings, microbial adhesion/biofilms in agriculture, and microbial adhesion/biofilm in the environment and industry. Chapters cover adhesion and biofilm formation by pathogenic microbes on tissue and on indwelling medical devices, including sections on human infections, microbial communication during biofilm mode of growth, host defense and antimicrobial resistance, and more. Other sections cover the biofilms of agriculturally important and environmental friendly microbes, including biofilm formation on plants, in soil, and in aquatic environments.

Finally, the latest scientific research on microbial adhesion and biofilm formation in the environment and in industry is covered.
Provides an overview on

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18 Fungal Biofilms and related infections - Christine Imbert
Auteur : Christine Imbert
Genre : Biologie
This book covers the latest data available to understand the mechanisms causing the formation of single species fungal biofilms or polymicrobial biofilms involving fungal species; specific chapters present hot topics such as resistance mechanisms and composition and role of the matrix. Moreover, it reviews updated data on biofilms that contain yeasts or filamentous fungi and develop in the human body or in water and may cause infections. The latest available data for both diagnostic and treatment of infections associated to fungi growing in biofilms is also presented. The activity of antifungal and disinfectant agents against fungal biofilms is discussed in specific chapters and future treatments on natural sources are suggested.

This book bridges the gap between basic and applied research. It is the result of many years of research work done by laboratories worldwide, all kno

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19 Control of Biofilm Infections by Signal Manipulation - Naomi Balaban
Auteur : Naomi Balaban
Genre : Médecine
The medical miracle of antibiotics is being eroded by the emergence and spread of bacterial drug resistance. This is compounded by the fact that bacterial biofilms are believed to be a common cause of persistent infections, when because growing in biofilms, bacteria are protected from the host’s immune response and from antibiotics. In addition, biofilms may spawn systemic infections by sloughing of planktonic bacteria, leading to dissemination, bacteremia, sepsis, and death. The number of patients affected by and dying from what can be considered as a "biofilm disease" is higher than heart disease and cancer combined, making medical biofilms the biggest single disease that the healthcare system is facing today.
This book describes the molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication among bacterial cells in a biofilm, the development of antibiofilm inhibitors, like quorum-sensi

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20 Culture Negative Orthopedic Biofilm Infections - Garth D. Ehrlich, Patrick J. DeMeo, J. William Costerton & Heinz Winkler
Auteur : Garth D. Ehrlich, Patrick J. DeMeo, J. William Costerton & Heinz Winkler
Genre : Biologie
During the recent transition between acute diseases caused by swarms of single planktonic bacteria, and chronic infections caused by bacteria growing in slime-enclosed biofilms, a general clinical consensus has emerged that pathologies with bacterial etiologies are frequently culture negative. Because biofilm infections now affect 17 million Americans per year (killing approximately 450,000), the suggestion that these common and lethal infections regularly go unnoticed by the only FDA-approved method for their detection and characterization is a matter of urgent concern. Biologically, we would expect that planktonic bacterial cells would colonize any new surface, including the surface of an agar plate, while the specialized sessile cells of a biofilm community would have no such proclivity. In the study of biofilm diseases ranging from otitis media to prostatitis, it was found that direc

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21 Biofilm Highlights - Hans-Curt Flemming, Jost Wingender & Ulrich Szewzyk
Auteur : Hans-Curt Flemming, Jost Wingender & Ulrich Szewzyk
Genre : Biologie
Living in biofilms is the common way of life of microorganisms, transiently immobilized in their matrix of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS), interacting in many ways and using the matrix as an external digestion and protection system. This is how they have organized their life in the environment, in the medical context and in technical systems – and has helped make them the oldest, most successful and ubiquitous form of life.

In this book, hot spots in current biofilm research are presented in critical and sometimes provocative chapters. This serves a twofold purpose: to provide an overview and to inspire further discussions. Above all, the book seeks to stimulate lateral thinking.

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22 The Root Canal Biofilm - Luis E. Chávez de Paz, Christine M. Sedgley & Anil Kishen
Auteur : Luis E. Chávez de Paz, Christine M. Sedgley & Anil Kishen
Genre : Biologie
This book presents the current state of research on the basic scientific aspects of root canal biofilm biology within a clinically applicable context. Root canal biofilms are complex polymicrobial structures adhering to the root canal surface that are formed by microorganisms invading the pulpal space of teeth, and are associated with persistent root canal infections. Concerted efforts to study root canal biofilms have been made in the past decade, resulting in the publication of observational and experimental studies that detail the morphology and biology of these structures in infected root canals. In addition to confirming that bacteria in root canals do not exist in free-floating planktonic states as previously assumed, this new information on root canal biofilm infections has provided an opportunity to re-evaluate conventional clinical protocols and improve endodontic therapeutic me

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23 Antibiofilm Agents - Kendra P. Rumbaugh & Iqbal Ahmad
Auteur : Kendra P. Rumbaugh & Iqbal Ahmad
Genre : Biologie
This book provides a survey of recent advances in the development of antibiofilm agents for clinical and environmental applications. The fact that microbes exist in structured communities called biofilms has slowly become accepted within the medical community. We now know that over 80% of all infectious diseases are biofilm-related; however, significant challenges still lie in our ability to diagnose and treat these extremely recalcitrant infections.

Written by experts from around the globe, this book offers a valuable resource for medical professionals seeking to treat biofilm-related disease, academic and industry researchers interested in drug discovery, and instructors who teach courses on microbial pathogenesis and medical microbiology.

119,99 €

24 The Biofilm Primer - J. William Costerton
Auteur : J. William Costerton
Genre : Science de la vie
This book details the widely accepted hypothesis that the majority of bacteria in virtually all ecosystems grow in matrix-enclosed biofilms. The author, who proposed this biofilm hypothesis, uses direct evidence from microscopy and from molecular techniques, presenting cogent reasons for moving beyond conventional culture methods that dominated microbiology throughout the last century. Bacteria grow predominantly in biofilms in all natural, engineered, and pathogenic ecosystems, and this book provides a solid basis for the understanding of bacterial processes in environmental, industrial, agricultural, dental and medical microbiology. Using a unique "ecological" perspective, the author explores the commensal and pathogenic colonization of human organ systems.

79,99 €

25 Total Gut Balance: Fix Your Mycobiome Fast for Complete Digestive Wellness - Mahmoud Ghannoum
Auteur : Mahmoud Ghannoum
Genre : Forme et santé
A groundbreaking guide to your gut
Most people understand the importance of a healthy gut microbiome for digestive health and overall wellbeing. But what about the mycobiome—the fungi that live inside our bodies? Here, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum introduces this important component of the microbiome and explains how diet affects this population and how its balance or imbalance can cause you to feel—a poor balance of fungi can lead to weight gain, pain and bloating, and low energy, and can worsen symptoms for those with IBS or Crohn’s.
Good news: Gut fungi respond quickly and dramatically to dietary and lifestyle changes. Within 24 hours, you can remake your mycobiome, supporting a path to weight loss, better digestion, and more energy. Alongside this accessible gut science, Ghannoum outlines fast changes for fostering healthy fungi as well as 7- and 20-day diet plans, with mor

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26 Marine and Industrial Biofouling - Hans-Curt Flemming, P. Sriyutha Murthy, R. Venkatesan & Keith E. Cooksey
Auteur : Hans-Curt Flemming, P. Sriyutha Murthy, R. Venkatesan & Keith E. Cooksey
Genre : Science de la vie
Biofouling is a costly problem, and it is encountered in a wide spectrum of technical systems, ranging from the shipping industry, power industry, water purification, automobile industry, paint and pharmaceuticals, to the microelectronics and food industries. Micro- and macroorganisms attach to surfaces and accumulate there, forming biofilms that cause interferences – a fundamentally natural process. Usually, a medical paradigm is applied: kill biofilms and the problem is solved. This leads to excessive biocide use. However, the success of this strategy is very limited; furthermore it leads to equipment damage and environmental pollution. Simply trying to kill the fouling organisms is clearly not seen as a successful strategy while cleaning is put forward as much more important. In this book, strategies to prevent adhesion, to mitigate the extent and effects of biofouling, and to detec

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