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1 Bioassays - Donat Hader & Gilmar Erzinger
Auteur : Donat Hader & Gilmar Erzinger
Genre : Environment
Bioassays: Advanced Methods and Applications provides a thorough understanding of the applications of bioassays in monitoring toxicity in aquatic ecosystems. It reviews the newest tests and applications in discovering compounds and toxins in the environment, covering all suitable organisms, from bacteria, to microorganisms, to higher plants, including invertebrates and vertebrates. By learning about newer tests, water pollution control testing can be less time and labor consuming, and less expensive. This book will be helpful for anyone working in aquatic environments or those who need an introduction to ecotoxicology or bioassays, from investigators, to technicians and students.
Features chapters written by internationally renowned researchers in the field, all actively involved in the development and application of bioassaysGives the reader an understanding of the advantage

2 Bioassays with Arthropods, Third Edition - Jacqueline L. Robertson, Moneen Marie Jones, Efren Olguin & Brad Alberts
Auteur : Jacqueline L. Robertson, Moneen Marie Jones, Efren Olguin & Brad Alberts
Genre : Mathematics
Imagine a statistics book for bioassays written by a statistician. Next, imagine a statistics book for bioassays written for a layman. Bioassays with Arthropods, Third Edition offers the best of both worlds by translating the terse, precise language of the statistician into language used by the laboratory scientist. The book explains the statistical basis and analysis for each kind of quantal response bioassay in just the right amount of detail. The first two editions were a great reference for designing, conducting, and interpreting bioassays: this completely revised and updated third edition will also train the laboratory scientist to be an expert in estimation of dose response curves.

New in the Third Edition:
Introduces four new Windows and Apple-based computer programs (PoloJR, OptiDose, PoloMixture and PoloMulti) for the analyses of binary and multiple

3 Plant Bioassays - S. S. Narwal & D. A. Sampietro
Auteur : S. S. Narwal & D. A. Sampietro
Genre : Life Sciences
Allelopathy is a new field of science, as the term 'Allelopathy' was coined in 1937. However, researchers are not using the standard methods due to lack of compendium on the Techniques, hence, the results obtained are not easily comparable with each others. Current research on allelopathy emphasizes not only on Plant-Plant Interactions but also interactions involving the Plant-Microorganisms and Plant-Phytophagous organisms. These concerns require reliable protocols for such studies, which sometimes are not available worldwide. Hence, this book has been written to provide information about all aspects of plant bioassays. The Book is divided in 4 Sections. Section I. Plant-Plant Interactions includes 5 chapters (Laboratory Assays in Allelopathy, Pollen Allelopathy, assays for Allelopathic Interactions among Terrestrial Plants, Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis in Allelopath

4 One-Step Generation of a Drug-Releasing Microarray for High-Throughput Small-Volume Bioassays - Seo Woo Song
Auteur : Seo Woo Song
Genre : Engineering
This thesis demonstrates a technology that enables pipetting-free high-throughput screening (HTS) on a miniaturized platform, eliminating the need for thousands of one-by-one pipetting and conventional liquid handling systems. This platform enhances accessibility to HTS and enables HTS to be used in small-to-medium scale laboratories. In addition, it allows large-scale combinatorial screening with a small number of valuable cells, such as patients’ primary cancer cells. This technique will have a high impact for widespread use of HTS in the era of personalized medicine.
In this thesis, the author firstly describes the need and concept of ‘partipetting’ for pipetting-free HTS platform. It is realized by the one-step pipetting and self-assembly of encoded drug-laden microparticles (DLPs) on the microwells. Next, the technical implementations required for the platform

5 Cytochemical Bioassays - J Chayen & Lucille Bitensky
Auteur : J Chayen & Lucille Bitensky
Genre : Health & Fitness
Cytochemical Bioassays: Techniques and Clinical Applications describes the techniques and clinical applications of cytochemical bioassays, particularly with respect to polypeptide hormones. This book discusses the clinical and research implications of studies that use these techniques.
This text is comprised of 14 chapters; the first of which introduces the reader to the origins and general principles of cytochemical bioassays, along with their advantages. This discussion is followed by a chapter that explains what is meant by ""an assay""; for what purpose assays are done; the basic components of an assay method; and the nature of the difference between in vivo and in vitro hormone bioassays, in vitro ligand assays, and enzyme assays. Attention then turns to the techniques of cytochemical bioassays and the cytochemical bioassay procedures for adrenocorticotropic hormones; thyroid-
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7 Analytical Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence - Michael Thompson
Auteur : Michael Thompson
Genre : Chemistry
Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) is a powerful and versatile analytical technique, which is widely applied for biosensing and successfully commercialized in the healthcare diagnostic market. After introducing the fundamental concepts, this book will highlight the recent analytical applications with a special focus on immunoassays, genotoxicity, imaging, DNA and enzymatic assays. The topic is clearly at the frontier between several scientific domains involving analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, materials science, nanoscience and biology. This book is ideal for graduate students, academics and researchers in industry looking for a comprehensive guide to the different aspects of electrogenerated chemiluminescence.
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