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1 La reine des neiges - Un babysitting mouvementé - Disney Book Group
Auteur : Disney Book Group
Genre : Famille et relations
Retrouve une nouvelle histoire de La Reine des Neiges à lire et à écouter...
Anna, Kristoff et Sven doivent garder des bébés Trolls. Mais s’occuper de ces espiègles bambins ne sera pas de tout repos ! Entre couches, escalade et bataille à la bouillie de myrtille, Anna et Kristoff vont-ils parvenir à les endormir ? Heureusement, Olaf vient à la rescousse !

1,99 €

2 Aurora Teagarden (Tome 6) - Crime et baby-sitting - Charlaine Harris
Auteur : Charlaine Harris
Genre : Thriller
Lorsque Regina, la nièce de Martin, arrive chez eux avec un bébé dans les bras, Aurora ne sait pas encore que cette arrivée inopinée cache bien des surprises. Le soir même, Regina disparaît, laissant derrière elle son enfant... et le cadavre de son mari. Roe – vous la connaissez ! – se lance immédiatement sur les traces de la jeune femme, dans une enquête haletante qui la mènera, elle et son époux, dans l’Ohio. Mais le passé mystérieux de Martin ne va pas lui faciliter la tâche. Elle comprend bientôt qu’elle ne peut plus se fier qu’à elle-même. Et encore…

6,49 €

3 Babysitting Nightmares: The Twilight Curse - Kat Shepherd
Auteur : Kat Shepherd
Genre : Monstres et fantômes
Bad dreams take center stage in the third book of this spooky middle grade series, Babysitting Nightmares: The Twilight Curse by writer Kat Shepherd and illustrator Rayanne Vieira!

When the town's old movie palace is converted into a theater, Maggie is thrilled to get a job helping with the first stage production. Even though she’s just babysitting an actor's daughter, Maggie is determined to learn everything she can about acting.

But a devilish ghoul seems to have other plans for the performance! It’s up to Maggie, Clio, Rebecca and Tanya to investigate. Can they vanquish the threat in time for opening night?

An Imprint Book

"Babysitting Nightmares makes me believe in the power of female friendship to survive anything—even a haunted house and visits from the Nightmare Realm! A crackling, suspenseful

4 Babysitting Nightmares: The Vampire Doll - Kat Shepherd
Auteur : Kat Shepherd
Genre : Horreur, monstres et fantômes
“Fans of Goosebumps and the updated Baby-Sitters' Club graphic novels will find lots to like in this delightfully monstrous mash-up.” —School Library Journal on Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand

Anchored by a strong friendship between smart, savvy girls, Kat Shepherd's fun Babysitting Nightmares adventure story is filled with “safe scary” jump scares that will appeal to contemporary readers as well as fans of mysteries.

Tanya has always been the unflappably cool and collected one in her friend group. So when she begins babysitting for her neighbor’s great-niece, she’s surprised to find herself super freaked out by the doll collection in the house. They’re just toys right?

But when her babysitting charge becomes a little too attached to the doll, Tanya realizes the doll might be the incarnation of a supe

5 Babysitting 101: How to Start, Run, and Market your own Babysitting Business - Patricia Johnson
Auteur : Patricia Johnson
Genre : Famille - parents
Do you know that babysitting business is a great way to earn extra money?
Do you fell that you have the skill to be a great babysitter?
You know your away around kids and kids love you but you don't know how and where to start your babysitting business?
Or maybe you want to know more about how to handle difficult kids?

You are in the right place!
This ebook will guide you through all that.

In this guide you will learn:
-How to setup your babysitting service
-What you need to know before you start
-How to handle misbehaving kids
-Safety class you MUST take
-The No No things while you're babysitting
-What you can do to expand your business to the max

The more knowledgeable about handling different kids with different situation, the happier the parents will be.
Happy parents usually will happily recommen

4,49 €
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7 B&V Friends: Adventures in Babysitting - Archie Superstars
Auteur : Archie Superstars
Genre : Roman
When Mom and Dad are out and away, Betty and Veronica come to play! The girls are coming over to babysit in this new 100-page digital exclusive. Taking care of kids isn’t so easy, though—can Betty and Veronica handle some of Riverdale’s unruliest kids? You’ll have so much fun reading this book, you won’t even notice your parents have left!

1,99 €

8 Babysitting for the Parkers 2 - Alice Everly
Auteur : Alice Everly
Genre : Contemporain
The well-loved characters Mr. Parker and Holly return in this sequel to Babysitting for the Parkers. Holly is invited to join the Parkers at their beach house for spring break. Continue the adventures of Mr. Parker and his babysitter.
For adults only! All characters are 18 or older. This book contains the spanking of an adult woman and sexual content.

1,99 €

9 Baseball, bowling et baby-sitting - Mod Dunn
Auteur : Mod Dunn
Genre : Romans et littérature
Los Angeles 2015. Une course à trois, à la recherche du meurtrier d’un psychiatre réputé. D’un côté Art Pavosky, dit le Russe, tout récemment retraité de la police, Chris, son ami de toujours, et Annette médecin légiste au LAPD. Ils sont talonnés de près par John Duncan un agent du FBI adepte des heures supplémentaires. Puis vient Mr. Peace. Esthète de l’homicide rémunéré, un client lui a demandé un petit extra : venger son thérapeute.  À ceci vous rajoutez une mère d’accueil qui préfère expédier ses différends à coups de batte de baseball, un tenancier de bar nostalgique de l’odeur du napalm au petit matin, et un richissime soupçonné d’avoir liquidé sa douce et tendre. Vous aurez pour finir un cocktail explosif dont tout le monde ne sortira pas indemne.

3,99 €

10 Chuck & Friends Adventurous Life: Babysitting Grandpa & The Cat - Sandra W Paul
Auteur : Sandra W Paul
Genre : Livres à chapitres
Chuck's parents put him in charge of babysitting Grandpa and Claire's cat, Muffin, while they are away. Chuck's friends come over and everything goes haywire. They have two hours to find Grandpa and that stupid cat before Chuck's parents and rat-face Claire come home.

0,99 €

11 Babysitting George - Celia Walden
Auteur : Celia Walden
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
August, 2003. Celia Walden, a young reporter, receives an unusual phone call from her editor. She is to drop everything and fly to Malta in an attempt to track down a legendary footballer and keep him from the press. George Best, an alcoholic with his personal life in chaos, isn't, however, the easiest man to find. But the unlikely friendship that develops between George and Celia reveals an intelligent and complex human being. Babysitting George is a tender account of a unique relationship between a young woman and a dying star, which questions the exploitative nature of fame and tabloid journalism, the horrors of addiction and the humane, implausible friendships that can change one's life forever.

7,49 €

12 Baby-Sitting Blues (Shopkins) - Scholastic
Auteur : Scholastic
Genre : Roman
Shopkins(TM) are the hottest new collectible toys! Each fun figurine is a miniature grocery store product: there are cute fruits, tasty treats, adorable beauty products, and more. Check out the latest Shopkins adventure in this berry special reader that kids will eat right up!

2,49 €

13 Baby-Sitting Blues (Shopkins) - Scholastic
Auteur : Scholastic
Genre : Jeunes lecteurs
Toasty Pop is babysitting Dum Mee Mee. But the little tyke keeps getting in heaps of trouble! Oh, burnt bagels and muffins! Will they both make it out in one piece?

4,49 €

14 Amelia's Guide to Babysitting - Marissa Moss
Auteur : Marissa Moss
Genre : Passage à l’âge adulte
Amelia takes on babysitting and learns a thing or two in this charming installment of Marissa Moss’s beloved Amelia series.

When Amelia and Carly decide to start a babysitting business, they think they are prepared…and then Ruthy and Tyler come along. Get ready for a real adventure in Extreme Babysitting!

9,49 €

15 Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand - Kat Shepherd
Auteur : Kat Shepherd
Genre : Horreur, monstres et fantômes
Got chills? Babysitting can be a real nightmare in this spooky middle grade series!

For Rebecca Chin, babysitting has always been fun. But one night, a thunderstorm knocks the power out while she’s watching baby Kyle, and creepy things begin to happen in the house. A locked window opens by itself, mossy handprints streak the wall, and the baby begins acting strange. When she finds out that no one else in town was affected by the storm, Rebecca begins to wonder if something supernatural is going on.

Fellow sitters Tanya, Clio, and Maggie help Rebecca unravel the mystery, only to discover something unbelievable. A sinister, paranormal villain has taken the baby and replaced him with a changeling! The girls can save him—if they can survive a scary journey into the Nightmare Realm!

An Imprint Book
"Fans of "Goosebumps" and the updated

9,99 €

16 Babysitting Secrets - Chronicle Books
Auteur : Chronicle Books
Genre : Jeux et activités
Each year millions of tweens and teens embark on their very first job as babysitters. With this rite of passage comes questions, fears, and doubts, as well as excitement. This must-have reference book prepares newbies for babysitting kids at any age. It includes tips for handling the most challenging "clients" and ideas for maintaining a babysitting business. With advice on everything from engaging very young children to first aid emergencies to playtime ideas, young babysitters will benefit from having this invaluable book at their fingertips, all while developing skills that ensure fun...and success!

1,99 €

17 Babysitting Bandit - Carolyn Keene
Auteur : Carolyn Keene
Genre : Policier
Whoa, baby!

When a neighbor hires Nancy, Bess, and George to take care of her eighteen-month-old identical twins, the girls are happy to help. After all, the Clue Crew has stopped would-be thieves, uncovered scams, and recovered stolen objects -- how hard can watching a couple of babies be?

But being a mother's helper is trickier than they thought, especially when the twins' toys start disappearing. Can the Clue Crew look after the babies and figure out who's taking the toys, or are they in too far over their heads this time?

5,99 €

18 Frankie & Fido's adventures Babysitting Princes Yvette - Paula-Michelle Trotter
Auteur : Paula-Michelle Trotter
Genre : Fiction pour enfants
A boy and his dog's fun adventure while babysitting his sister. A fun bedtime story for all Children. 
This is book 4 of 6 of The Frankie, Fido, & Princess Yvette Series. This series can be found in pediatrician's offices across the United States. 

0,99 €

19 Nanny's Babysitting Adventures - Lia Ginno
Auteur : Lia Ginno
Genre : Roman
Four exciting short stories that capture the imagination of children told by a Grandma that thinks she is magic. With drawings, jokes, and activities - Tales about a pirate covered in alien blood: A dragon cake with gruesome ingredients: A mystical palm reading and undead zombies! However what is Nanny trying to teach her grand children, some of her spells and mythical enchantment?..... OR have they already inherited her magical ways? Let your magical adventures begin.

0,99 €

20 Babysitting Alicia: A Short Story - Lotus Rose
Auteur : Lotus Rose
Genre : Horreur
In this horror short story, two girls violently fight over a baby. This story is included in the collection, 5 Horror Tales.

1,99 €

21 Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour - Kat Shepherd
Auteur : Kat Shepherd
Genre : Monstres et fantômes
The supernatural never sleeps in the second book of this spooky middle grade series!

Clio has already had one brush with the paranormal, and she’s dead set on making it her last.

But her new babysitting job is in a haunted house! At first, Clio’s excited to work at the historical Victorian mansion in town—until doors start closing behind her, objects move on their own, and messages appear from beyond the grave.

Clio enlists the help of her three best friends, Tanya, Maggie, and Rebecca, to uncover long-buried secrets from the past. Can Clio face her fear and solve the mystery of the haunted mansion?

An Imprint Book

"Babysitting Nightmares makes me believe in the power of female friendship to survive anything—even a haunted house and visits from the Nightmare Realm! A crackling, suspenseful tale of true

9,99 €

22 B & V Friends: Adventures in Babysitting - Archie Allstars
Auteur : Archie Allstars
Genre : Romans graphiques
When Mom and Dad are out and away, Betty and Veronica come to play! The girls are coming over to babysit in this new 100-page digital exclusive. Taking care of kids isn't so easy, though -- can Betty and Veronica handle some of Riverdale's unruliest kids? You'll have so much fun reading this book, you won't even notice your parents have left!

3,49 €

23 Baby-Sitting Is a Dangerous Job - Willo Davis Roberts
Auteur : Willo Davis Roberts
Genre : Policier et mystère
A bestselling classic mystery about a baby-sitter who is kidnapped along with the three kids she is watching from three-time Edgar Award–winning author Willo Davis Roberts. “A solid adventure with more than a few spine-tingling moments” (Booklist).

From the moment she set eyes on the three Foster kids, Darcy knew being their baby-sitter would be no picnic. But the pay was twice her usual rate, and the job was only for a few hours a day—surely an experienced baby-sitter like her could handle it.

But Darcy hadn’t counted on the mysterious things that started happening at the Fosters’ home after she took the job. She did everything a good baby-sitter was supposed to do: she didn’t let the stranger claiming to be from the gas company into the house and she called the police when the burglar alarm went off in the middle of the afternoon. But that was

7,99 €

24 Adventures In Babysitting - Kamaryn Kelsey
Auteur : Kamaryn Kelsey
Genre : Détectives féminins
Knight Investigations has a new case. Morrow expects them to watch over a woman and her two children while her husband is on a mission. So CJ and Harry are enlisted to take on non-stop talker mom, Kristen. But Sady and Matt get to babysit her two children- five-year-old Argus, and his three-year-old sister, Beatrice. It's only for a little over two days. What can go wrong? ...

What can't go wrong? Neither have any experience in babysitting. They learn lessons they will never forget, but wish they could. Naps, diapers, feeding... Who knew babysitting was so exhausting and gross?

Join Sady and Matt as they team up with Matt's buddy and neighbor Amanda to keep the kids from taking over their sanity.

1,99 €

25 Anne's Babysitting Blues - Kevin Sullivan
Auteur : Kevin Sullivan
Genre : Classiques
Gilbert thinks babysitting a neighbour's nephew will be a breeze especially since Anne, an experienced sitter, has agreed to help. However, a problem arises when Anne receives an invitation to the most wonderful party in town. How can she do both on the same day and not let Gilbert down? Find out how the day unfolds ...

4,49 €

26 Titchy Witch and the Babysitting Spell - Rose Impey
Auteur : Rose Impey
Genre : Fantasy
Titchy-witch can't bear the thought of her parents going out and leaving her home with Cat-a-bogus as a babysitter, so she casts a very scary spell to make them stay. But when the spell backfires, Titchy is left with an even bigger problem...

2,99 €

27 Splendeurs et misères du baby-sitting - Brigitte Hemmerlin & Caroline Pastorelli
Auteur : Brigitte Hemmerlin & Caroline Pastorelli
Genre : Politique et actualité
Vous allez lui confier ce que vous avez de plus précieux au monde. Vos enfants. Vous allez aussi, au passage, lui donner les clefs de votre appartement. Vous l’imaginez en Mary Poppins moderne, ponctuelle, douce, dynamique, intelligente, maternelle mais pas trop, disponible à toute heure du jour et de la nuit. Reste à la trouver. Elle. La nounou de vos rêves…

Elle existe sûrement quelque part. Le tout, c’est de savoir où sans transformer votre recherche en parcours du combattant. Annonces ou agences ? Internet, dating ou bouche-à-oreille ? Quid de l’entretien d’embauche ? Du voile qu’elle dit vouloir continuer à porter ? De ces papiers qu’elle jure authentiques, mais comment vérifier ? Ensuite, une fois votre contrat – lequel ? – signé, comment gérer sereinement la relation triangulaire unique qui va vous unir vous, cette inconnue et votre progéni

6,99 €

28 Katie's Baby-Sitting - Martha Tolles
Auteur : Martha Tolles
Genre : Romans
It’s not easy being a baby-sitter when you’re playing detective, too! 

Katie thought baby-sitting would be fun!  

Katie was thrilled when Mrs. Stellan called and asked her to baby-sit for the evening. She had never done any baby-­sitting before, but she was sure she could take care of three-year-old Annie. After all, Katie had watched her brother plenty of times. This would give her some real job experience—and she'd be paid for it, too!  

But Katie's first baby-sitting job doesn't turn out the way she'd planned. Something is missing from the Stellans' house, and though it wasn't her fault, Katie's sure everybody's blaming her.  

It's bad enough that hardly anyone believes her—but now mean Michelle is telling everyone at school what happened. Katie knows she's got to get to the bottom of the mystery soon. Becaus

5,49 €

29 Babysitting Mama - Nancy Maggio
Auteur : Nancy Maggio
Genre : Famille et relations
Having had a heart for geriatrics most of her life, Nancy looked forward to the day when her mother would need her assistance while growing old. Little did she know that caring for a loved one is much different than caring for the elderly in general. As the years with dementia took its toll on her mama and her mama’s personality, escapades and daily trials became a cry to God for help, patience, comfort, and understanding. As the years progressed, Babysitting Mama became a guide to the knowledge of the disease and the changes that occur while aging. Join Nancy as she travels unfamiliar roads while longing for love from one who didn’t know how to express it. God’s abiding love surrounding Nancy allowed the journey to end with once again having compassion for geriatrics.

10,99 €

30 Babysitting Perverts - Chris Miller
Auteur : Chris Miller
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
What is it really like to work at an adult video store?

Imagine a place just around the corner from your house. A small non descript building with a bright purple and red neon sign in the window that says simply, "Open". Men shuffle in and out of it all day, never looking around as they scramble to their cars with plain brown paper bags in their hands.

If you have always been curious about what types of people frequent these often seedy porn stores but never wanted to stoop low enough to work at one full time, for years on end, then this is the book for you.

Find out who shops there, why there's no need to be nervous, and what exactly goes on in those video booths.

You might be shocked, then again the truth may not be what you think.

0,49 €

31 Babysitting the Billionaire - Nicky Penttila
Auteur : Nicky Penttila
Genre : Contemporain
To keep her job, a demure graphic artist must make sure her foundation's billionaire donor, a hard-driving tech mogul, stays under wraps for four days—in gossip-hungry Washington, DC. Too bad he has other plans—and is far too gorgeous to miss.

3,99 €

32 Babysitting The President's Daughter - Joy Yee
Auteur : Joy Yee
Genre : Thriller
Big city girl Riley gets sent to her uncle’s place up at Everton to straighten out certain things in her life. Taking care of a bookshop was not what she had in mind for a gap year but she finds Everton to be a quaint, charming little town with secrets of it’s own. She meets diverse people such as the old Mr. Henderson, the bright and friendly Marc, eccentric Ms. Arabelle and a guy named Remy with a love for books and literature. Her newfound friends are an interesting lot, making her year at Everton less torturous than she had expected.

However, her uncle suddenly brings home a girl only a few years younger and leaves her in Riley's care with strict instructions not to tell a single soul. Slowly she finds that life and the people in Everton have deep secrets of their own. She finds herself whisked off into a world of dangerous getaways when the President and his family ar

0,99 €

33 Babysitting for the Parkers - Alice Everly
Auteur : Alice Everly
Genre : Contemporain
Holly has been babysitting for the Parkers for seven years and has always had a secret crush on Mr. Parker. While she is babysitting, Mr. Parker catches Holly breaking one of their rules. Holly is surprised when he puts her over his knee and spanks her. Will she lose her babysitting job and never see Mr. Parker again? Can Mr. Parker resist touching his twenty year old babysitter after seeing her bare bottom wriggling over his lap?
This book is for adults only! Contains spanking and sexual contact with an adult woman.

1,99 €

34 Camp Grandma - Marianne Waggoner Day
Auteur : Marianne Waggoner Day
Genre : Famille - parents
Warm cookies and milk are still okay, but what if they came with a workshop on goal setting or writing a business plan for the school year? Camp Grandma is full of innovative ideas that Marianne Waggoner Day, a highly successful businesswoman who became a committed and dedicated grandmother, modified from her working life in an effort to connect with her grandchildren. Along the way, she realized that in teaching her grandchildren, she in turn was learning some unexpected and invaluable lessons from them. Here, Day offers a new and refreshing perspective on grandparenting. Readers will be introduced to a compelling, sometimes humorous, and totally unexpected twist on a role people often take for granted—as well as enter into the larger societal conversation we should be having about the possibilities and value of grandparenting and how the women’s movement has reinvigorated and res

10,99 €

35 How to Babysit - Babysitter Scarlett
Auteur : Babysitter Scarlett
Genre : Romans
The ‘How to Babysit The Babysitting Business Guide Book” serves as a guide to aspiring babysitters who want to improve on their craft or are just starting out in the babysitting business.
It contains a section that provides a detailed description of the changes that occur to a child through the years.
Included are the most common problems and questions that arise on the subjects of mealtime, problem kids, temper tantrums and other expected challenges. Also covered in extent are the proper means of hygiene protection for toddlers and children. An extensive section on changing, bathing and potty training a child will provide babysitters with a clear understanding on how to handle these basic situations.
How to Babysit is more than just a handbook on the ins and outs of babysitting. It also contains valid tips and pointers on how you can manage and grow your babysitting v

6,99 €

36 Panterror! - Gregory Saur
Auteur : Gregory Saur
Genre : Action et aventure
Rachel Pugsley finishes high school with no plans for the summer. That is, until her mom sets her up with a job in another state: Babysit two kids of her mom's old high school friend. Not the ideal job for a high school outcast. Before she knows it, she's stuck in a house the size of a castle with two rich kids who hate her. Then, just when she feels she might survive it all, a wizard from another world kidnaps the kids and takes Rachel with her. This wasn't covered in her babysitting training. With a cute neighbor, a group of misfit kids, and strangers from a strange village, Rachel must defeat the wizard, rescue her kids, find a way back home, and prevent the destruction of two very different worlds. All before the parents return. Wizards, traitors, and thieves abound and Rachel can only trust her babysitting skills to survive. Can she do it? Rachel is the first to doubt. After all, sh

1,99 €

37 Oum le dauphin, Tome 01 - Barfety
Auteur : Barfety
Genre : Roman
Quand Marina entend le brillant récit de son frère Yann qui a passé une semaine seule sur une île, la jalousie la pousse à partir elle aussi à l'aventure. Elle va vite se rendre compte que ce n'est pas si facile de jouer les Robinsons. Au village, on commence terriblement à s'inquiéter. Yann, qui devait surveiller sa soeur, part à sa recherche. Heureusement, Oum va lui donner de précieuses indications... Et la fillette sera retrouvée, seule avec son koala, sur une île déserte, bien décidée à ne jamais recommencer !

4,99 €

38 The Granny Nanny - Lois Young-Tulin
Auteur : Lois Young-Tulin
Genre : Famille et relations
Think about it. In order to be grandmothers we once had to be mothers. After giving birth, we, as the mothers, were responsible for our baby's/child's well being. As grandmothers, on the other hand, we have choices. Our roles are open for interpretation and conscious choices. When I became a grandmother, and even when my daughters-in-law were pregnant, I made a conscious decision to be an involved grandmother, one of the caretakers or a Granny-Nanny. I was sure that helping out and taking care of a baby would be easy like getting back on a bicycle after a twenty-year lapse. Oh, how wrong I was. There are new rules, new products, new findings and plenty of taboos. How did my three children ever survive their hazardous childhoods? Parenting rules have gone through some serious revisions since author Lois Young-Tulin raised her kids. In her helpful guide, The Granny Nanny, Young-Tulin off

4,99 €

39 Childcare Goldmine - Passerino Editore
Auteur : Passerino Editore
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
With most parents today opting to go back to work full time there is a need to find reliable and reputable childcare help. There are many establishments that offer such services but a discerning parent would wisely research the centre before actually making a commitment to send his or her child there. Places that offer childcare help which encompasses the essence of safely, health, promotions of physical, emotional and cognitive skill should be seriously considered as a requirement and a necessity and not just an advantage. Get all the info you need here.

0,99 €

40 Babysitting Love - Diane Hart
Auteur : Diane Hart
Genre : Contemporain
A presque vingt-huit ans, Savannah Shawn est prête à tout pour prouver à son père surprotecteur qu'elle peut se débrouiller sans lui. Quitte à partir vivre à Londres, à accepter un job de baby-sitter et à cohabiter avec Callahan O’Shea, un acteur vraiment très sexy et... marié.

Marié et père d’un petit garçon, Callahan a tout pour être heureux. Seulement, les apparences sont trompeuses. Prisonnier d’une vie qui ne le satisfait plus, l’acteur de trente-trois ans n’est plus que l’ombre de lui-même, jusqu’au jour où la nouvelle et irrésistible baby-sitter de son fils s’installe au dernier étage de sa maison londonienne...

Entre eux, l’attirance est immédiate, inexorable... interdite. Mais comment succomber à la tentation quand cette dernière implique de devoir briser tous les principes qu’ils se sont jusqu’alors imposés ?

5,99 €

41 Baby-sitting pour Cynthia: un récit lesbien - Giselle Renarde
Auteur : Giselle Renarde
Genre : Érotisme
Lorsque Cynthia rentre d'un rendez-vous honteux, elle est terriblement frustrée. Elle sait que son corps est formidable, alors pourquoi les hommes s’enfuient ? Sa baby-sitter lesbienne sait bien la réponse. Peut-être ce couguar a besoin d’un joli petit chaton pour lui montrer comment faire l’amour avec une femme. Et peut-être l’inverse est également vrai ...

2,99 €

42 Babysitting for Gay Billionaires (Gay Babysitting Teen Taboo Threesome) - Dick Hunter
Auteur : Dick Hunter
Genre : Érotisme
John and Derek have everything. Success, money, 2 adopted children. Everything except a nubile young man to f**k. Until now…
WARNING! This story is extremely explicit, with scenes of gay sex, oral sex, threesome sex, guy on guy, ejaculation and deflowering. It is intended for mature, 18+ audiences only. This story of my first gay threesome will give you a climax you will never forget

1,99 €

43 Rebecca Carmichael's Extraordinary Night of Babysitting - Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Auteur : Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Genre : Horreur, monstres et fantômes
Rebecca Carmichael is almost sixteen.
She attends Wakemoor High School with her best friend Sara.

After a long day at school, Rebecca experiences a series of strange adventures when she babysits a little boy named Tyler.

Parental Warning:  This eBook contains harsh language, mature themes and scenes of mild violence.
Parental Discretion is Advised.

0,99 €

44 Babysitting William - Wynne Burroughs
Auteur : Wynne Burroughs
Genre : Érotisme
When William, an anxious young nerd, comes home early from college he finds his next door neighbor babysitting his brother and sister. He wants to hide in his old room and stew alone, but Emmy really wants to discover the mystery of his return. Genuine concern for her childhood friend turns into something more and suddenly William just might get something he's always wanted, but never thought he'd get. This story contains explicit depictions of heterosexual sex.

2,99 €

45 Babysitting the Baumgartners - Selena Kitt
Auteur : Selena Kitt
Genre : Contemporain
From USA Today and NYT Bestselling and Award Winning Author Selena Kitt
Over a Million Books Sold!

Read the uber-hot, fun-in-the-sun, coming-of-age book that started it all!

Ronnie, now a college freshman, has been babysitting for the Baumgartners so long, she’s practically a member of the family. 

When Mrs. Baumgartner—who insists on calling her Veronica—invites Ronnie along on their yearly vacation, the nanny jumps at the chance. 

There’s no way she’s going to turn down an opportunity to work on her tan in the Florida Keys with Doc and Mrs. B!

But Ronnie isn’t the only one with ulterior motives. 

The young co-ed discovers that the Baumgartners have wayward plans for their au pair that are going to lead places she could have only imagined. 


4,49 €

46 Erotic Adventures In Babysitting - Jodi Sylph
Auteur : Jodi Sylph
Genre : Érotisme
Jenny is babysitting for the Jones family, but when they catch her watching one of their sex tapes, a ménage ensues! Laura’s breasts are so swollen with milk she soon has it spilling from Jenny’s mouth and squirting everywhere. When Laura’s husband joins in, things soon get even more messy. Babysitting will never be the same for Jenny again…

This erotic short story features lactation/breast milk fantasy, and f/f/m action.

Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of explicit sex.

2,99 €

47 Babysitting Dan! - John Derek
Auteur : John Derek
Genre : Érotisme
This is an adult spanking novel that involves a man willingly being treated like a child. Somewhat willingly anyway. This is a follow up to the book the Lady Boss. Dan works for Claire. Claire is a hard task mistress - mostly because Dan owes Claire some money and she wants it back - eventualy. Dan seems to be always over her knee and getting his bottom warmed. That is until a babysitter gets involved. See what happens when she takes Dan's experience in a new direction.

1,49 €

48 Sitter Gets Seconds (Adventures in Babysitting, #2) - Pam Isley
Auteur : Pam Isley
Genre : Érotisme
Lucy is enjoying her first Thanksgiving in America, the holidays are something she has always longed to experience as an American girl, but when her host family's thanksgiving takes a turn for the worst she puts her hospitality to the test and even an gets and unexpected second helping.


“Eddie are you trying to blackmail me into sleeping with you, in order for you not to tell everyone what you saw?”

I was shocked.

“Hey now blackmail is a lil harsh of a word don't you think? I'm just a guy trying to seize the opportunity.”

I was still feeling a little lightheaded from the whiskey but I wasn't about to let some jerk force me into sex. Looking at him doing his best to sound sinister was kind of a turn on, and I did want seconds but I wasn't going to let him think he was about to get his way.

2,49 €

49 Babysitting Mr. Thompson - Wynne Burroughs
Auteur : Wynne Burroughs
Genre : Érotisme
The Thompsons are Laura's best clients. They never stay out later than they say, they pay promptly and Mr. Thompson never tries to make her "earn her tip". Of course that's why she wants him, but he's a good an honorable man. She has pretty much no hope of seducing him, at least until a lovers spat sends Mrs. Thompson and the kids to their grandma's house. Now suddenly Laura has a chance, but will Mr. Thompson accept the nurturing care that she needs so badly? This story contains graphic depictions of heterosexual sex.

2,99 €

50 Babysitting For The Billionaire - Anita Dobs
Auteur : Anita Dobs
Genre : Érotisme
In her freshman year as a fashion student, Rebecca realizes she needs to earn some extra money. Responding to an ad for a babysitter on the college noticeboard, Rebecca finds out she is to work for Robert, a billionaire oil magnate.

Robert's wife however, is suspicious, but one night when Rebecca is babysitting, Robert has to return home alone from a party with his wife, and the rapport between Robert and the babysitter leads to something neither can refuse to act upon.

Warning: Contains scenes only suitable for adults!

Word count: 6.474

1,99 €
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