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1 Armistice - Harry Turtledove
Auteur : Harry Turtledove
Genre : Fiction & Literature
In the final book of the blistering trilogy The Hot War, old hatreds and new chances for revenge are unleashed on an already devastated world—as the Cold War becomes a roaring inferno.

In 1952 American cities lie in ruins. President Harry Truman, in office since 1945, presides over a makeshift government in Philadelphia, suffering his own personal loss and fearing for the future of democracy. In the wake of Hitler’s reign, Germany and America have become allies, and Stalin’s vise hold on power in the USSR persists. Unwilling to trust the Soviet tyrant, Truman launches a long-planned nuclear strike on the city of Omsk—killing Stalin and plunging the Red Army into leaderless, destructive anarchy. Meanwhile, the Baltic states careen toward rebellion, and Poland is seized by rebels bred on war. In a world awash with victims turned victors, refugees, and killers, has

2 Armistice - Lara Elena Donnelly
Auteur : Lara Elena Donnelly
Genre : Historical
Armistice returns to Donnelly’s ravishing 1930s Art Deco-tinged fantasy world of the Nebula and Lambda Award-nominated Amberlough with a decadent, tumultuous mixture of sex, politics, and spies

“A hefty novel full of fascinating characters exploring oversized topics such as sexuality, music, culture, fascism, nationalism, class wars, revolution and love.” —Shelf Awareness

In a tropical country where shadowy political affairs lurk behind the scenes of its glamorous film industry, three people maneuver inside a high stakes game of statecraft and espionage:

Lillian, a reluctant diplomat serving a fascist nation,

Aristide, an expatriate film director running from lost love and a criminal past,

—and Cordelia, a former cabaret stripper turned legendary revolutionary.

Each one harbor

3 Maisie Dobbs - Jacqueline Winspear
Auteur : Jacqueline Winspear
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
Lady Rowan Compton first met Maisie when, at thirteen, she went into service as a maid at her ladyship’s Belgravia mansion. A suffragette, Lady Rowan took the remarkably smart youngster under her wing and became her patron. She encouraged Maisie to study at Cambridge, and was aided in this by Maurice Blanche, a friend often retained as an investigator by the elite of Europe when discretion and results were required. It was he who first recognized Maisie’s intuitive gifts.

The outbreak of war changed everything. Maisie left for France to train as a nurse, then served at the front, where she fell in love with a handsome young doctor.

After the Armistice, in the spring of 1929, Maisie hangs out her shingle: M. Dobbs, Trade and Personal Investigations. Her very first case involves suspected infidelity but turns up something else, a tombstone with only a first
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5 Testament of Youth - Vera Brittain
Auteur : Vera Brittain
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
This classic memoir of the First World War is now a major motion picture starring Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington. Includes an afterword by Kate Mosse OBE.

In 1914 Vera Brittain was 20, and as war was declared she was preparing to study at Oxford. Four years later her life - and the life of her whole generation - had changed in a way that would have been unimaginable in the tranquil pre-war era.

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH, one of the most famous autobiographies of the First World War, is Brittain's account of how she survived those agonising years; how she lost the man she loved; how she nursed the wounded and how she emerged into an altered world. A passionate record of a lost generation, it made Vera Brittain one of the best-loved writers of her time, and has lost none of its power to shock, move and enthral readers since its first publication in 1933.

6 The Poppy Field - Deborah Carr
Auteur : Deborah Carr
Genre : Historical
‘A beautiful, heartbreaking novel of war and loss and the resilience of the human spirit’ Rosemary, Netgalley Reader

The USA Today bestseller!

Young nurse, Gemma, is struggling with the traumas she has witnessed through her job. Needing to escape from it all, Gemma agrees to help renovate a rundown farmhouse in Doullens, France, a town near the Somme. There, in a boarded-up cupboard, wrapped in old newspapers, is a tin that reveals the secret letters and heartache of Alice Le Breton, a young volunteer nurse who worked in a casualty clearing station near the front line.

Set in the present day and during the horrifying years of the war, both woman discover deep down the strength and courage to carry on in even the most difficult of times. Through Alice’s words and her unfailing love for her sweetheart at the front, Gemma learns to truly live again.

7 The Coldest War - James Brady
Auteur : James Brady
Genre : Military
America's "forgotten war" lasted just thirty-seven months, yet 54,246 Americans died in that time -- nearly as many as died in ten years in Vietnam. On the fiftieth anniversary of this devastating conflict, James Brady tells the story of his life as a young marine lieutenant in Korea.

In 1947, seeking to avoid the draft, nineteen-year-old Jim Brady volunteered for a Marine Corps program that made him a lieutenant in the reserves on the day he graduated college. He didn't plan to find himself in command of a rifle platoon three years later facing a real enemy, but that is exactly what happened after the Chinese turned a so-called police action into a war.

The Coldest War vividly describes Brady's rapid education in the realities of war and the pressures of command. Opportunities for bold offensives sink in the miasma of trench warfare; death comes in fits a

8 Fall of Poppies - Heather Webb, Hazel Gaynor, Beatriz Williams, Jennifer Robson, Jessica Brockmole, Kate Kerrigan, Evangeline Holland, Lauren Willig & Marci Jefferson
Auteur : Heather Webb, Hazel Gaynor, Beatriz Williams, Jennifer Robson, Jessica Brockmole, Kate Kerrigan, Evangeline Holland, Lauren Willig & Marci Jefferson
Genre : Historical
Top voices in historical fiction deliver an unforgettable collection of short stories set in the aftermath of World War I—featuring bestselling authors such as Hazel Gaynor, Jennifer Robson, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig and edited by Heather Webb.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month...

November 11, 1918. After four long, dark years of fighting, the Great War ends at last, and the world is forever changed. For soldiers, loved ones, and survivors the years ahead stretch with new promise, even as their hearts are marked by all those who have been lost.

As families come back together, lovers reunite, and strangers take solace in each other, everyone has a story to tell.

In this moving anthology, nine authors share stories of love, strength, and renewal as hope takes root in a fall of poppies.


9 The Polar Bear Expedition - James Carl Nelson
Auteur : James Carl Nelson
Genre : Military
In the brutally cold winter of 1919, 5,000 Americans battled the Red Army 600 miles north of Moscow. We have forgotten. Russia has not.

"AN EXCELLENT BOOK." —Wall Street Journal • "INCREDIBLE." — John U. Bacon • "EXCEPTIONAL.”  — Patrick K. O’Donnell • "A MASTER OF NARRATIVE HISTORY."  — Mitchell Yockelson • "GRIPPING." — Matthew J. Davenport • "FASCINATING, VIVID." — Minneapolis Star Tribune 

An unforgettable human drama deep with contemporary resonance, award-winning historian James Carl Nelson's The Polar Bear Expedition draws on an untapped trove of firsthand accounts to deliver a vivid, soldier's-eye view of an extraordinary lost chapter of American history—the Invasion of Russia one hundred years ago during the last days of the Great War.

10 It Started With A Note - Victoria Cooke
Auteur : Victoria Cooke
Genre : Romantic Comedy
‘An unputdownable read’ – Rachel Burton on Who Needs Men Anyway?

One lost letter. A chance to change her life!

Superhero single mum Cath always puts other people first. But now that she’s seen her son safely off to university (phew!), life seems a little, well…empty.
So when Cath unexpectedly discovers some letters written by her great-grandfather during the First World War, she decides to take herself on an adventure to France to retrace his footsteps.
Cath expects to spend her holiday visiting famous battlefields and testing out her French phrase book. What she doesn’t anticipate is that her tour guide, the handsome Olivier, will be quite so charming! Soon Cath isn’t simply unearthing the stories of the past – she’s writing a brand new one of her own, which might end up taking her in a very unexpected direction

11 Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour - Joseph E. Persico
Auteur : Joseph E. Persico
Genre : Military
November 11, 1918. The final hours pulsate with tension as every man in the trenches hopes to escape the melancholy distinction of being the last to die in World War I. The Allied generals knew the fighting would end precisely at 11:00 A.M, yet in the final hours they flung men against an already beaten Germany. The result? Eleven thousand casualties suffered–more than during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Why? Allied commanders wanted to punish the enemy to the very last moment and career officers saw a fast-fading chance for glory and promotion.

Joseph E. Persico puts the reader in the trenches with the forgotten and the famous–among the latter, Corporal Adolf Hitler, Captain Harry Truman, and Colonels Douglas MacArthur and George Patton. Mainly, he follows ordinary soldiers’ lives, illuminating their fate as the end approaches. Persico sets the last day of t

12 Jutland, 1916 - Nigel Steel & Peter Hart
Auteur : Nigel Steel & Peter Hart
Genre : Military
Dramatic, illustrated account of the biggest naval battle of the First World War.

On 31 May, 1916, the great battle fleets of Britain and Germany met off Jutland in the North Sea. It was a climactic encounter, the culmination of a fantastically expensive naval race between the two countries, and expectations on both sides were high. For the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet, there was the chance to win another Trafalgar. For the German High Seas Fleet, there was the opportunity to break the British blockade and so change the course of the war. But Jutland was a confused and controversial encounter. Tactically, it was a draw; strategically, it was a British victory.

Naval historians have pored over the minutiae of Jutland ever since. Yet they have largely ignored what the battle was actually like for its thousands of participants. Full of drama and pathos, of chaos and

13 The Somme - Peter Hart & Nigel Steel
Auteur : Peter Hart & Nigel Steel
Genre : Military
A major new history of the most infamous battle of the First World War, as described by the men who fought it.

On 1 July 1916, Douglas Haig's army launched the 'Big Push' that was supposed finally to bring an end to the stalemate on the Western Front. What happened next was a human catastrophe: scrambling over the top into the face of the German machine guns and artillery fire, almost 20,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers were killed that day alone, and twice as many wounded - the greatest loss in a single day ever sustained by the British Army. The battle did not stop there, however. It dragged on for another 4 months, leaving the battlefield strewn with literally hundreds of thousands of bodies.

The Somme has remained a byword for the futility of war ever since. In this major new history, Peter Hart describes how the battle looked from the point

14 Armistice - S. Marie Carlson
Auteur : S. Marie Carlson
Genre : Fantasy
With Junie Cauldwell’s 16th birthday comes an unexpected gift—she’s a witch, one in a long line of powerful women who either mastered their magic or fell under its spell. Junie’s mother was one such victim, a spiteful woman who harbors a secret about their extraordinary bloodline.

Social outcast Junie has only ever found comfort in two things; her best friend Miles (a boy who suddenly seems much “friendlier” than ever), and Armistice Manor, a remote hotel run by her vivacious Aunt Melinda. Things are different at Armistice this visit however, and not just because Junie is learning about her abilities. Unusual guests from the hidden land of Lothea fill the rooms, all seeking one thing: protection.

When her aunt disappears, Junie is forced to navigate Lothea’s wild and enchanted terrain to find her, accompanied by a motley band of exiled residents. But n

15 The Amberlough Dossier - Lara Elena Donnelly
Auteur : Lara Elena Donnelly
Genre : Historical
By turns ravishing and riveting, Lara Elena Donnelly’s trilogy The Amberlough Dossier contains three glam vintage spy thrillers set in a tumultuous, Art Deco-inspired secondary fantasy world, where sex, spies, and scandals define the geopolitical fate of nations.

This discounted ebundle includes: Amberlough, Armistice, and Amnesty.

“Exploring the roots of hatred, nationalism, and fascism, while at the same time celebrating the diversity, love, romance, fashion, and joy the world is capable of producing.”—Bookriot

Amberlough: In Lara Elena Donnelly’s glam spy thriller debut, a Nebula finalist for Best Novel, a double-agent sacrifices all his ideals in order to save his smuggler lover before a government coup takes over their decadent city.

Armistice: In a tropical country where shadowy

16 Images Of The National Archives - Louise Bell
Auteur : Louise Bell
Genre : Military
11th November 1918 saw the signing of the armistice that ended fighting between the Allies and Germany.This book will take the reader through the final year of the First World War and everything that led up to this day. Starting from the Spring Offensive, photos and images from The National Archives will highlight important points ranging from the last 100 days to the signing of the various treaties before this final armistice, finishing with a look at the Peace Parade in 1919. The physical and mental effects of the war will also be examined, and show how the war never really ended in 1918 for many.Many rarely seen images will be provided to support the narrative and further highlight the depth of The National Archives' First World War records.

17 The General - Jonathan Fenby
Auteur : Jonathan Fenby
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
No leader of modern times was more uniquely patriotic than Charles de Gaulle. As founder and first president of the Fifth Republic, General de Gaulle saw himself as “carrying France on [his] shoulders.” 
In his twenties, he fought for France in the trenches and at the epic battle of Verdun. In the 1930s, he waged a lonely battle to enable France to better resist Hitler’s Germany. Thereafter, he twice rescued the nation from defeat and decline by extraordinary displays of leadership, political acumen, daring, and bluff, heading off civil war and leaving a heritage adopted by his successors of right and left.

 Le Général, as he became known from 1940 on, appeared as if he was carved from a single monumental block, but was in fact extremely complex, a man with deep personal feelings and recurrent mood swings, devoted to his family and often seeking reassura

18 Armistice - Nick Stafford
Auteur : Nick Stafford
Genre : Fiction & Literature
11 a.m., 11th November 1918. Just when Philomena thinks Dan's going to make it home, her fiancé's slain on a battlefield in France.

Four months later, grieving Philomena travels to London to meet three soldiers who fought with Dan. Soon she discovers a terrible possibility: Dan's death wasn't at the hands of the enemy. But there is no proof, no witness, only an accusation by one man and the threat of ruin by another should he ever repeat it.

Alone in an alien city traumatised by the aftershocks of the war, whom should Philomena believe, who can she trust, in her attempt to discover if Dan was murdered? And this isn't her only challenge. Whilst inching ever closer to the truth Philomena finds herself falling for one of the men...

19 Tommy - Richard Holmes
Auteur : Richard Holmes
Genre : Military
Groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed, Tommy is the first history of World War I to place the British soldier who fought in the trenches centre-stage.

Tommy tells the story of an epic and terrible war through the letters, diaries and memories of those who fought it. Epitomised by the character of Sgt Tommy Atkins, Richard Holmes portrays the strength and fallibility of the human spirit, the individuals behind the epic conflict, and their legacy.


‘Indispensable for anyone who wants to understand what the life of a soldier on the Western Front was really like.’ Max Hastings, Daily Mail

‘What sets Richard Holmes apart is the sheer quality of his writing and his empathy with his subjects … Tommy will stand as a classic of First World War history.’ Independent

‘Monumental … Every page of this is worth reading.’ T

20 The Economic Consequences of the Peace - John Maynard Keynes & Paul A. Volcker
Auteur : John Maynard Keynes & Paul A. Volcker
Genre : Economics
A new edition of the seminal text by the father of modern economics.

First published in 1919, John Maynard Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace created immediate controversy. Keynes was a firsthand witness to the negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference, as an official representative of the British Treasury, and he simultaneously sat as deputy for the chancellor of the Exchequer on the Supreme Economic Council. In these roles, he was able to perceive with great clarity the tenor and perspective that would come to shape Europe after the First World War. What he saw disturbed him greatly, and eventually he resigned from both these roles, convinced that there was no longer any way to avoid an unjust peace treaty.

After his resignation, Keynes began work on The Economic Consequences of the Peace, which argues that the peace made at th

21 The Secret of Summerhayes - Merryn Allingham
Auteur : Merryn Allingham
Genre : Historical
A war-torn summer

A house fallen into ruin

A family broken apart by scandal…

Summer 1944: Bombed out by the blitz, Bethany Merston takes up a post as companion to elderly Alice Summer, last remaining inhabitant of the dilapidated and crumbling Summerhayes estate. Now a shadow of its former glory; most of the rooms have been shut up, the garden is overgrown and the whole place feels as unwelcoming as the family themselves.

Struggling with the realities of war, Alice is plagued by anonymous letters and haunting visions of her old household. At first, Beth tries to convince her it’s all in her mind but soon starts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the aristocratic family’s past.

An evocative and captivating tale, The Secret of Summerhayes tells of dark secrets, almost-forgotten scandals and a household teetering on the edge of

22 Marines in the Korean War Commemorative Series: Outpost War - U.S. Marines from the Nevada Battles to the Armistice - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Military
When 1953 began, the Jamestown Line had become, in the words of Marine Corporal Robert Hall who fought there, "a messy, rambling series of ditches five to seven feet deep" that linked a succession of bunkers constructed of sandbags and timber and used for shelter or fighting. The trenches wandered erratically to prevent Chinese attackers who penetrated the perimeter from delivering deadly enfilade fire along lengthy, straight segments. As for the bunkers themselves, since "piles of trash, ration cans, scrap paper, and protruding stove pipes" revealed their location, the enemy "must have known where every bunker was."

A bunker, therefore, could easily become a death trap. As a result, the Marines had learned to dig and man fighting holes outside the bunkers. Hall described such a hole as "simply a niche in the forward wall of the trench, usually covered with planks and a few sa

23 After the Armistice Ball - Catriona McPherson
Auteur : Catriona McPherson
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
A classic murder-mystery set among the struggling upper classes of 1920s Perthshire as, in the aftermath of the First World War, their comfortable world begins to crumble.

Dandy Gilver, her husband back from the War, her children off at school and her uniform growing musty in the attic, is bored to a whimper in the spring of 1923 and a little light snooping seems like harmless fun. Before long, though, the puzzle of what really happened to the Duffy diamonds after the Armistice Ball has been swept aside by a sudden, unexpected death in a lonely seaside cottage in Galloway. Society and the law seem ready to call it an accident but Dandy, along with Cara Duffy's fiancé Alec, is sure that there is more going on than meets the eye.

What is being hidden by members of the Duffy family: the watchful Lena, the cold and distant Clemence and old Gregory Duffy with his air

24 A World on Edge - Daniel Schönpflug
Auteur : Daniel Schönpflug
Genre : History
The story of the aftermath of World War I, a transformative time when a new world seemed possible—told from the vantage of people, famous and ordinary, who lived through the turmoil

November 1918. The Great War has left Europe in ruins, but with the end of hostilities, a radical new start seems not only possible, but essential, even unavoidable. Unorthodox ideas light up the age: new politics, new societies, new art and culture, new thinking. The struggle to determine the future has begun.

Sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, whose son died in the war, is translating sorrow and loss into art. Captain Harry Truman is running a men’s haberdashery in Kansas City, hardly expecting he will soon go bankrupt—and then become president of the United States. Moina Michael is about to invent the “remembrance poppy,” a symbol of sacrifice that will stand for

25 Ludendorff's Own Story, August 1914-November 1918 The Great War - Vol. I - General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff
Auteur : General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff
Genre : Military
As the German army moved swiftly into its start positions at the beginning of the First World War, efficiently and seamlessly forming up for the hammer blow that was to fall on France it must have been with some pride that General Ludendorff would look upon the first grand strategical plan that he had a hand in. A cool, calculating planner dedicated to ensuring that chance played as little a part in war as possible General Erich Ludendorff was the product of the prestigious German Kriegsakademie. His memoirs on the First World War are an excellently detailed account of the planning and execution of the ambitious German High command and their thirst for Victory

Although known primarily as staff officer his initial service, in the German army, during the war, was at the siege of Liège for which he was awarded the coveted Pour La Mérite by the Kaiser himself. He was rushed to t

26 The War Poems Of Wilfred Owen - Wilfred Owen & Jon Stallworthy
Auteur : Wilfred Owen & Jon Stallworthy
Genre : Poetry
'Orpheus, the pagan saint of poets, went through hell and came back singing. In twentieth-century mythology, the singer wears a steel helmet and makes his descent "down some profound dull tunnel" in the stinking mud of the Western Front. For most readers of English poetry, the face under that helmet is that of Wilfred Owen.' Professor Jon Stallworthy, from his Introduction.

When Wilfred Owen was killed in the days before the Armistice in 1918, he left behind a shattering, truthful and indelible record of a soldier's experience of the First World War. His greatest war poetry has been collected, edited and introduced here by Professor Jon Stallworthy. This special edition is published to commemorate the end of the hellish war that Owen, though the hard-won truth and terrible beauty of his poetry, has taught us never to forget.

27 History of World War I: The Western Front 1917-1918 - Andrew Wiest
Auteur : Andrew Wiest
Genre : Military
The History of World War I series recounts the battles and campaigns that took place during the 'Great War'. From the Falkland Islands to the lakes of Africa, across the Eastern and Western Fronts, to the former German colonies in the Pacific, the World War I series provides a six-volume history of the battles and campaigns that raged on land, at sea and in the air.

Following the climactic battles of Verdun and the Somme the previous year, the Allies sought to finish the war on the Western Front in 1917 through a major French offensive designed to rupture the German front and roll up their position. This attack was to be supported by a diversionary British offensive at Arras in the north, which would draw off both German attention and their reserves.

In the event, the French offensive in Champagne failed to deliver the promised breakthrough, leaving the French Arm

28 A Rose for the Anzac Boys - Jackie French
Auteur : Jackie French
Genre : Fiction
The 'War to end all Wars', as seen through the eyes of three young women War is being fought on a horrific scale in the trenches of France, but it might as well be a world away from sixteen-year-old New Zealander Midge Macpherson, at school in England learning to be a young lady. But the war is coming closer: Midge's brothers are in the army, and her twin, Tim, is listed as 'missing' in the devastating defeat of the Anzac forces at Gallipoli .

Desperate to do their bit - and avoid the boredom of school and the restrictions of Society - Midge and her friends Ethel and Anne start a canteen in France, caring for the endless flow of wounded soldiers returning from the front. Midge, recruited by the over-stretched ambulance service, is thrust into carnage and scenes of courage she could never have imagined.

And when the war is over, all three girls - and their Anzac bo

29 Ludendorff's Own Story, August 1914-November 1918 The Great War - Vol. II - General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff
Auteur : General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff
Genre : Military
As the German army moved swiftly into its start positions at the beginning of the First World War, efficiently and seamlessly forming up for the hammer blow that was to fall on France it must have been with some pride that General Ludendorff would look upon the first grand strategical plan that he had a hand in. A cool, calculating planner dedicated to ensuring that chance played as little a part in war as possible General Erich Ludendorff was the product of the prestigious German Kriegsakademie. His memoirs on the First World War are an excellently detailed account of the planning and execution of the ambitious German High command and their thirst for Victory

Although known primarily as staff officer his initial service, in the German army, during the war, was at the siege of Liège for which he was awarded the coveted Pour La Mérite by the Kaiser himself. He was rushed to t

30 Bandaging the Blitz - Phyll MacDonald Ross & I. D. Roberts
Auteur : Phyll MacDonald Ross & I. D. Roberts
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
An incredible true coming-of-age story

In 1938, eighteen-year-old Phyllis Ellsworth packs her bags, says goodbye to her anxious parents and sets off from her quiet seaside home for the Hackney Hospital in London's bustling East End, where she is to fulfill her dream to train as a nurse. At first, it is a whirlwind of long days, hard work, new friends and plenty of mischief, but just ten months later Britain declares war on Germany and life at the hospital is transformed. Phyll's days become an endless cycle of air-raid sirens, injured servicemen and anxiously waiting for news of loved ones. And when she falls in love with a handsome young solider, Alistair, Phyll's work provides the only distraction from worrying about his safety.

Bandaging the Blitz is a true story of coming-of-age in terrible times, of the blossoming of first romance

31 Classic Stories of World War I - Bounty
Auteur : Bounty
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Published to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, Classic Stories of World War I is a compilation of fiction and non-fiction excerpts from the works of world-class authors - such as Joseph Conrad and W. Somerset Maugham - who lived through the conflict.

From the home front to the western front, on land or at sea, this collection is a unique insight into the 'war to end war.'

W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM, The Traitor (from Ashenden)
ERNEST HEMINGWAY, In Another Country (from Men Without Women)
GEORGES DUHAMEL, Réchoussat's Christmas (from Civilisation)
H. M. THOMLINSON, Armistice (from Waiting for Daylight)
C. E. MONTAGUE, Honours Easy (from Fiery

32 Poems - Wilfred Owen
Auteur : Wilfred Owen
Genre : Poetry
A collectible new Penguin Classics series: stunning, clothbound editions of ten favourite poets, which present each poet's most famous book of verse as it was originally published. Designed by the acclaimed Coralie Bickford-Smith and beautifully set, these slim, A format volumes are the ultimate gift editions for poetry lovers.

Poems is Wilfred Owen's only volume of poetry, first published posthumously in 1920 and edited by his friend and mentor, Siegfried Sassoon. Owen is regarded as one of the best poets of World War I and composed nearly all of his poems in just over a year, between August 1917 and September 1918. Owen was virtually unknown at the time of his death, yet his poetic account of a soldier's experience of war has shaped our impression of the horrors of the Western Front. This collection includes the well-known 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' and 'Dulce

33 Douzième anniversaire de l'Armistice. Allocution prononcée en l'église Saint-Hilaire-de-Frévent, le 11 novembre 1930 - Édouard Legru
Auteur : Édouard Legru
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d’un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d’origine.

34 Armistice Day 100 Years - Ngaire Percival
Auteur : Ngaire Percival
Genre : Poetry
This book is about PTSD and OCD. I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and the writing of this poem has certainly opened my eyes to the true essence of the First World War and the Anzacs and their sacrifice. It is raw truth about Gallipoli.

35 Le futur armistice - Jean Giraudoux
Auteur : Jean Giraudoux
Genre : Literary
Ce « futur armistice » est le texte de l'allocution prononcée par Jean Giraudoux, alors Commissaire général à l'Information, le 11 novembre 1939.

36 Austerity Motoring From Armistice until the mid-Fifties - Malcolm Bobbitt
Auteur : Malcolm Bobbitt
Genre : Transportation
Following the Armistice the motor industry was rebuilt providing cars for export. New vehicles were largely unavailable for the home market, and fortunate were those people having pre-war cars. Motorists were determined to continue driving despite petrol rationing and raw material shortages, thus leading them to adopt some unique innovations.

37 Armistice with Italy - United States Government
Auteur : United States Government
Genre : Military
Even before the British and Americans were able to make major strategic decisions in 1943, a massive German surrender at Stalingrad in February marked the beginning of the end for Hitler’s armies in Russia.  From that point forward, the Red Army started to steadily push the Nazis backward toward Germany, but it would still take the Red Army almost an entire two years to push the Germans all the way out of Russia.
In July 1943, just a few months after the surrender at Stalingrad, the Allies conducted what at the time was the largest amphibious invasion in history, coordinating the landing of two whole armies on Sicily over a front more than 100 miles long.  Within weeks of the beginning of the Allied campaign in Italy, Italy’s government wasted no time negotiating peace with the Allies and quickly quit the war.  
Though Italy was no longer fighting for the A

38 De l'Armistice à l'Assemblée nationale, 15 juin-15 juillet 1940 - Jean Montigny
Auteur : Jean Montigny
Genre : History
Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d’un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d’origine.

39 L'Armistice, 12-16 juin 1940 - Roger Giron & Vexin
Auteur : Roger Giron & Vexin
Genre : History
Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d’un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d’origine.

40 Armistice Runner - Tom Palmer
Auteur : Tom Palmer
Genre : Fiction
Lily has lots of worries. She's struggling to compete in her fell-running races and, worse, she's losing her gran to Alzheimer's. But then she discovers her great-great-grandfather's diaries from the First World War. Could his incredible story of bravery help her reconnect with her gran and even give her the inspiration she needs to push through and win?

41 Armistice Day - David Drazul
Auteur : David Drazul
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
D.C. nuked.
Manhattan quarantined after a bioterrorist attack.
The world in the throes of World War Three.

And then they showed up.

The Krendorian Empire told us they were compelled to stage an intervention for our own good. Whether we wanted their help or not, they were here to stay.

Armistice Day is at hand. With the signing of the treaty, Earth will be welcomed into the Empire to reap the benefits of Imperial investment, interstellar trade and advanced technology.

But not everyone wants Earth to join the Empire.

Aaron Osborne, a consultant hired to provide security at the Armistice Day Ceremony, stumbles upon a plot to wreck the peace and rekindle the war. As he fights to prevent the worst from happening, Aaron is forced to accept help from anyone he can, including the alien responsible for his best friend's death.

42 Armistice 1918 - Bullitt Lowry
Auteur : Bullitt Lowry
Genre : Europe
The five armistices arranged in the fall of 1918 determined the course of diplomatic events for many years. The armistice with Germany, the most important of the five, was really a peace treaty in miniature. Bullitt Lowry, basing his account on a close study of newly available archives in Great Britain, France, and the United States, offers a detailed examination of the process by which what might have been only simple orders to cease fire instead became extensive diplomatic and military instructions to armies and governments. He also assesses the work of the leading figures in the profess, as well as supporting casts of generals, admirals, and diplomatic advisors.

43 Antarctica: Intellectual Armistice Since 1961 – Protection of American Interests Under Treaty, History, Policies and Programs, Expanding Antarctic Infrastructure, Oil and Gas Deposits, Climate Change - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : History
This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. Antarctica is a 5.4 million square mile land mass, larger than the United States and Mexico combined. Covered by an ice sheet 7,000 feet thick, it constitutes 90 percent of the world's ice and 70 percent of the world's fresh water. The United States, in conjunction with 11 other nations, drafted and signed the Antarctic Treaty of 1961 to prevent the territory from becoming an object of international discord. Although Antarctica has been free of conflict for the last sixty years, the operational environment has changed. Global population growth, natural resource scarcity, and climate change are altering Antarctica's operational environment, requiring the Department of Defense (DoD), along with inter-agency and multinational partners, to develop a comprehensive Antarctic strategy t

44 Armistice Plot - Dora Benley
Auteur : Dora Benley
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
The novel Armistice Plot begins at an archaeological site at Carchemish in 1914 as Edward Ware’s father and Leonard Woolley close down their dig in the face of war. As Edward peers into the tent at midnight he sees a dark-robed intruder brushing past the figurine of an ancient Hittite king that he and T.E.Lawrence excavated at Carchemish this summer in 1914.

Is this a spy sent by the Germans to steal the maps Lawrence is sketching for the British military? Edward first encounters the vamp who will haunt the rest of his life prowling among the finds, looking for the military maps that his fellow archaeologist T. E.Lawrence is drawing for the British government.

All during the ensuing Great War Edward must fight to keep the maps secret. Finally during the Battle of Damascus Edward and Lawrence defeat the Turks and make them sue for peace. They will sign the Armistic

45 The U.S. Army in the World War I Era: Heroic Battles of the Doughboys in the Great War, Army Reorganization to Fight in Europe, German Offensives, Chemical Weapons and Gas Warfare, After the Armistice - Progressive Management
Auteur : Progressive Management
Genre : Military
This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. It is designed to provide Army personnel with a concise, authoritative, yet also readable history of the institution in which they serve with an overview of U.S. Army in the years leading up to and including the First World War. A century ago, the great powers of Europe became engulfed in what was then called the Great War. It signaled a new age in armed conflict in which mass armies supported by industrial mass production brought an unprecedented level of killing power to the battlefield. By the time the United States entered the war in 1917, the combatants were waging war on a scale never before seen in history. The experience defined a generation and cast a long shadow across the twentieth century. In addition to a tremendous loss of life, the war shattered Europe, bringing re

46 M. Thiers à Versailles - L'armistice - Georges d' Heylli
Auteur : Georges d' Heylli
Genre : History
RAPPORT adressé par M. Thiers, après la rupture des négociations relatives à l’armistice, aux ambassadeurs des quatre grandes puissances (Angleterre, Russie, Autriche et Italie).

Tours, le 9 novembre 1870.


Je crois devoir aux quatre grandes puissances qui ont fait ou appuyé la proposition d’un armistice entre la France et la Prusse de rendre un compte fidèle et concis de la grave et délicate négociation dont j’ai consenti à me charger.

Fruit d’une sélection réalisée au sein des fonds de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, Collection XIX a pour ambition de faire découvrir des textes classiques et moins classiques dans les meilleures éditions du XIXe siècle.

47 À vingt-quatre heures de l’armistice - Benoît Lemoine
Auteur : Benoît Lemoine
Genre : Historical
Novembre 1918. À la suite d'un message transmis par des prisonniers, depuis leur camp de travail, une division de l'armée belge va avoir pour mission d'empêcher un convoi ferroviaire ennemi, transportant des obus chimiques d’une immensité et d’une puissance sans précédent, d'atteindre et d'anéantir une ville belge située à l'ouest du pays.

Fiction de Première Guerre mondiale ou un caporal belge, personnage principal, n’hésite pas à se montrer dominant vis-à-vis de hauts gradés.

48 Paris after two Sieges. Notes of visits during the Armistice, and immediately after the suppression of the Commune ... Reprinted, with additional illustrations, ... from “Once a Week.”. - William Woodall
Auteur : William Woodall
Genre : History
The HISTORY OF TRAVEL collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. This collection contains personal narratives, travel guides and documentary accounts by Victorian travelers, male and female. Also included are pamphlets, travel guides, and personal narratives of trips to and around the Americas, the Indies, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

49 La Défaite de 1940 et l'armistice : une autre approche de la vérité - Pierre Chandelier
Auteur : Pierre Chandelier
Genre : Europe
Plus d’un demi-siècle s’est écoulé depuis la déclaration de guerre à l’Allemagne en septembre 1939, la défaite et l’armistice de juin 1940 et ces événements suscitent toujours controverses et polémiques. Avec un grand souci d’objectivité, l’auteur les étudie à partir de documents diplomatiques, de travaux d’historiens, de témoignages d’hommes politiques, de militaires et de diplomates des deux camps, de l’analyse des plus éminents professeurs de Droit et de juristes réputés, et aussi de l’opinion d’intellectuels à l’autorité incontestée. Sont également abordés des thèmes tels que le drame de Mers-el-Kebir, l’accord franco-anglais sur l’armistice et la paix séparée, le problème de la légalité et de la légitimité du Gouvernement de Vichy, le procès de Riom, celui du Maréchal Pétain, le non-lieu du général Weygand, etc.

50 La Vérité sur l'Armistice - Général Mordacq
Auteur : Général Mordacq
Genre : Military
Qui mieux que le général Mordacq pouvait nous renseigner sur l’armistice du 11 novembre 1918. En effet, après de brillantes opérations militaires, il est nommé en 1917 chef de cabinet de Georges Clemenceau.
C’est à ce titre qu’il fut au premier rang des négociations qui aboutirent à l’armistice entre la France et ses alliés d’une part, et les Allemands d’autre part.
Ce récit, écrit en 1929, très précis, très net, basé sur des faits et des témoignages de témoins oculaires nous apporte un éclairage nouveau, abolit des légendes tenaces et n’a qu’un seul but : nous révéler la vérité sur l’armistice de 1918.
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