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1 Hitler's Youth: An Analysis of Mein Kampf - Isuru Abeysinghe
Auteur : Isuru Abeysinghe
Genre : Histoire
Hitler's autobiographical book Mein Kampf, the official doctrine of the NAZI regime during WWII, is not a book that many would consider to read. Modern society is generally very well acquainted with Hitler and the ultimate outcome of his philosophical stances and will automatically denounce such notions based on a purely humanitarian and moral standpoint. The book remains illegal in many parts of the world (particularly Europe) and it rightfully considered one of the most powerful, destructive and divisive doctrines in modern history. While the book is often confronting in it's content it is still to my opinion an essential read because contained therein are the techniques of a master manipulator. It shows clearly that the doctrine of genocide-inducing hatred is not always - or even generally - a chaotic ramble of spiteful extremist verses but rather a considered and deliberate propagand

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3 Hitler's Theory - an Analysis of Mein Kampf (Part 2) - Isuru Abeysinghe
Auteur : Isuru Abeysinghe
Genre : Histoire
The first book analyzed the early parts of the book within the context of logical deconstruction. This second book continues to consider the work of Hitler but this time on a physiological level. The book described Hitler's main theories and driving ideas which led to the rise of the NAZI regime surrounding the second world war.


4 Get Smart Fast: An analysis of Internet based collaborative knowledge environments for critical digital media autonomy - Joe Tojek
Auteur : Joe Tojek
Genre : Éducation
The results of this study include: 1) An important knowledge framework with examples and questions for users of online systems to examine critical implications of their participation in the medium.

2) Design considerations that support the goals of democratic education in the functional design of emerging online learning environments on the Internet.


5 Global Strategic Trends in Portfolio Management 2016 - Thinking Portfolio
Auteur : Thinking Portfolio
Genre : Entreprise et management
Thinking Portfolio conducted a global online survey on the future of strategic portfolio management, focusing on project portfolio management (PPM). The 20-page report is a summary of the study that was completed at the end of 2011.


6 Step by step practical guide with Statistics (from ANOVA to survival analysis) in Biological Sciences: Or: Help, how can I analyze my “damned” scientific data correctly and in an easy way with free R! - Boran Altincicek
Auteur : Boran Altincicek
Genre : Science de la vie
Many scientists and students are asking for advice in statistical analyses during preparation of their publications or theses. This book aims to address these needs by representing a “recipe book” for statistical analysis in biological sciences. More importantly, limited knowledge in statistical thinking affects both the quality of the experimental design and the outcome of research projects. The content of this book will enable everyone to perform high-quality statistical analyses and to produce publication-quality graphics with no additional costs using R. R is at least as good (and often better) as many expensive statistical software solutions for statistical computing. It runs on all important platforms and provides a wide array of specialized modules and utilities for diverse needs.

To use this book the reader does not need to be an expert in statistics. Just copy and


7 Benjamin Graham, the Father of Financial Analysis - Irving Kahn, CFA & Robert D. Milne, CFA
Auteur : Irving Kahn, CFA & Robert D. Milne, CFA
Genre : Économie
Benjamin Graham died on September 21, 1976 at his home in Aix-en-Provence, France at age 82. When a pioneer in a profession dies at an advanced age, one generally has to go back many decades to find his last contributions. This was not the case with Ben Graham. The cover of the then current issue of the Financial Analysts Journal (the September/October issue had gone to press only shortly before his death) had the portrait that adorns this publication. The lead article ended with Ben's exhortation consistently stressed for half a century: "True investors can exploit the recurrent excessive optimism and excessive apprehension of the speculative public."


8 Integrating Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional - Tomasz Fudala
Auteur : Tomasz Fudala
Genre : Ingénierie
This paper explores the interoperability between Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Structure, and Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software - including recommended workflows, analytical modeling best practices, and the details of data exchange between the solutions.


9 Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Wind Simulator Validation Brief - Autodesk
Auteur : Autodesk
Genre : Ingénierie
Autodesk® RobotTM Structural Analysis Professional 2015 software incorporates a new wind simulation tool that enables users to test their designs in a virtual wind tunnel. Utilizing an intuitive user interface, designers can quickly and easily apply wind flows to a structure and get nearly instant results to either visualize surface pressures or generate wind loads to be used in further design and analysis. To accomplish this, the tool incorporates computational fluid dynamics (CFD) into a streamlined workflow practical for design-phase analysis.
The following document includes details and results of a validation study comparing results from the software’s wind simulation to physical results obtained from wind tunnel testing.


10 Direct Analysis Method in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional - Lin Gallant & Tomasz Fudala
Auteur : Lin Gallant & Tomasz Fudala
Genre : Ingénierie
Designing for stability is a critical requirement for all steel structures, but implementing the latest stability analysis methods into engineering workflows can be challenging and have significant negative effects if done improperly.  With the release of the AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 360-05) in 2005, AISC introduced the Direct Analysis Method and imposed new requirements for stability analysis and design. These changes represent a fundamental shift in how engineers consider destabilizing effects, shifting the accounting of these effects from member capacity calculations to member demand (analysis) calculations. Utilizing the Direct Analysis Method results in greater accuracy, simplified member capacity calculations, and greater applicability to more types of structures.


11 The Complete Plays of Shakespeare - Shakespeare
Auteur : Shakespeare
Genre : Théâtre
- Over 12 full color (color enabled device required) illustrations and photographs including Shakespeare's birthplace, portraits of Shakespeare, Shakespeare's First Folio, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Scenes from Shakespeare's plays, and Shakespeare's grave.
- Over 300 pages of additional biographical and historical materials
- Over 14 critical essays from leading Shakespeare scholars from Yale University on various aspects of Shakespeare's life and literary legacy
- Fully iBook enabled with fully interactive table of contents

The Complete Tragedies

Titus Andronicus Romeo and Juliet The Life and Death of Jul

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12 Electronics and Circuit Analysis Study Guide - MobileReference
Auteur : MobileReference
Genre : Ouvrages de référence
Table of Contents:
i. Introduction: Foreword | Symbols used in Electronics

ii. Signal Transforms: Fourier analysis | Fourier series | Fourier transform | Discrete Fourier transform | A derivation of the discrete Fourier transform | Discrete-time Fourier transform | Gibbs phenomenon | Laplace transform | Two-sided Laplace transform | Z-transform | Transfer function

I. Electronic Components

1. Passive components: Fuse | Capacitors | Inductors | Magnetic amplifier | Crystal Oscillator | Polyswitch | Resistors | Varistor | Transformer | Switch

2. Active solid-state components: Semiconductor devices | Semiconductor materials | Diodes | Transistors | DIAC - Diode for Alternating Current | TRIAC - TRIode for Alternating Current | Power Supplies | Frequency changer 

3. Active thermionic components: Vacuum tube | Cathode ray t

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13 Mathematical Analysis - Elias Zakon
Auteur : Elias Zakon
Genre : Mathématiques
Mathematical Analysis I was re-licensed as CC-BY through the Open Textbook Challenge by, a free and open collection of more than 240 college level courses. Look for more of our materials at the iTunes U page

Mathematical Analysis I was written by Dr. Elias Zakon of the University ofWindsor and submitted to the Open Textbook Challenge by Dr. Bradley Lucier of Purdue University. According to the preface, "One of [the] main objectives is updating the undergraduate analysis as a postcalculus course... [without losing] contacts with classical texts still widely in use."


14 Ignorance and Evil: An Analysis of Racism in South Africa - Newton Fortuin
Auteur : Newton Fortuin
Genre : Psychologie
I initially wrote Ignorance and Evil in 2005, and then it merely was a simple reflection on the interconnection between ignorance and evil, and not necessarily about racism. That it significantly focused on apartheid and its effects was coincidental as I happened to have lived in a society where grave evil was committed, and it, largely under the banner of a conservative religion.

Because of the aforementioned context, it consequently was very critical of Afrikaaners (a grouping of mainly Dutch, French and German settlers), as a grouping, having been the main perpetrators of apartheid. What was very revealing, however, was that the article received little or no resistance from Afrikaaners themselves, who were indeed largely supportive, and at times, even remorseful about the past.

But what was particularly revealing to me, is that English speakers tended to be far m


15 Technical Analysis Explained - IFC Markets
Auteur : IFC Markets
Genre : Entreprise et management
Technical analysis attempts to understand the market psychology by studying the behavior of the market in the past. If one understands the essence, benefits and limitations of technical analysis, it can give him new skills to become a better trader.

The main objective of “Technical Analysis Explained” is to help you learn the most essential and fundamental points of technical analysis, understand why and how successful traders use it in their trade and develop your own trading strategy based on technical charts and indicators.


16 Just Enough R: Learn Data Analysis with R in a Day - Sivakumaran Raman
Auteur : Sivakumaran Raman
Genre : Ordinateurs
Because there is so much of a buzz around the R programming language in the data science and analytics world, in health-care and other domains, I wrote a book on R-programming for data analysis. The book aims to teach data analysis using R within a single day to anyone who already knows some programming in any other language. The book has sample code (which can be downloaded as a zip file from the Dropbox link provided in the text of the book) that uses the freely available, CMS-sourced Medicare Physician and Other Supplier Data CY 2014 health-care data-set which was released to the public a few years back and created quite a stir.


17 La finance islamique - Michel Ruimy
Auteur : Michel Ruimy
Genre : Entreprise et management
Analyse d'un courant financier unique en plein renouvellement !

La finance islamique est fondée sur des principes religieux stricts (interdiction de l’usure, de la spéculation et des activités illicites – alcool, pornographie, jeux …) que les établissements bancaires s’efforcent d’appliquer ou de contourner afin de séduire une clientèle nouvelle. Ce compartiment de la finance connaît, depuis quelques années, une croissance exponentielle. Les actifs islamiques ont enregistré une croissance moyenne annuelle de 11% au cours des dix dernières années pour atteindre, selon certains experts, 500 milliards USD. Le nombre de fonds en actions, cotées et non cotées, en immobilier, en soukouks… a bondi, passant de 97 en 200 à près de 500 aujourd’hui. L’objectif de ce livre est de fournir, aux praticiens des banques et aux financiers d’entreprise, un

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18 Modern Path Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling - J. Christopher Westland
Auteur : J. Christopher Westland
Genre : Mathématiques
This compact reference surveys the full range of available structural equation modeling (SEM) path analysis methodologies. Applications of path analysis with structural equation models have steadily expanded over a broad range of disciplines – especially in the social sciences where many if not most key concepts are not directly observable. This is the first book to present SEM development in historical context – essential to understand the application, strengths and weaknesses of each. Of great importance to social scientists is SEM’s ability to accommodate unobservable theory constructs through latent variables. Latent variable constructs are fully explained here, and new methods are presented for extending their power. Potent new techniques for path analysis are surveyed along with guidelines for data preparation, sample size calculation, and the special treatment of Likert scal


19 Systems Analysis - Marie McArdle
Auteur : Marie McArdle
Genre : Ordinateurs
Systems analysis is a series of steps which will either improve an existing system or create a new one.
In both cases the existing system or proposed system will need to be investigated further.  Very often the people investigating an organisation’s system will have no prior knowledge of the organisation.


20 Human Resources Analysis Module Reference for MicroStrategy 10 - MicroStrategy Product Manuals
Auteur : MicroStrategy Product Manuals
Genre : Ordinateurs
A reference for the MicroStrategy Human Resources Analysis Module, part of the MicroStrategy Analytics Module that comes with MicroStrategy Architect. This guide provides a description, usage scenarios, and screen shots for all the packaged reports in the module.


21 Poetry Analysis: Elements of Literature - Nicholas P. Markellos
Auteur : Nicholas P. Markellos
Genre : Romans et littérature
Explores language and literature and how we interact with both in everyday life.


22 Sales and Distribution Analysis Module Reference for MicroStrategy 9.2.1 - MicroStrategy Product Manuals
Auteur : MicroStrategy Product Manuals
Genre : Ordinateurs
A reference for the MicroStrategy Sales and Distribution Analysis Module (SDAM), part of the MicroStrategy Analytics Modules that come with MicroStrategy Architect.


23 Introductory R: A Beginner's Guide to Data Visualisation and Analysis using R - Robert J. Knell
Auteur : Robert J. Knell
Genre : Mathématiques
R is now the most widely used statistical software in academic science and it is rapidly expanding into other fields such as finance. R is almost limitlessly flexible and powerful, hence its appeal, but can be very difficult for the novice user. There are no easy pull-down menus, error messages are often cryptic and simple tasks like importing your data or exporting a graph can be difficult and frustrating. Introductory R is written for the novice user who knows a little about statistics but who hasn't yet got to grips with the ways of R. This new edition is completely revised and greatly expanded with new chapters on the basics of descriptive statistics and statistical testing, considerably more information on statistics and six new chapters on programming in R. Topics covered include A walkthrough of the basics of R's command line interface Data structures including vectors, matrices

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24 Serial Killers: The Worlds Most Notorious And Ferocious Serial Killers: An In Depth Analysis Of Serial Killers Minds - Brody Clayton
Auteur : Brody Clayton
Genre : Criminologie
Serial killers are people who defy the very concept of humanity. These people are able to remorselessly slay somebody without even the slightest regard for life.

While most people associate death with grief, these inhumane monsters associate it with happiness and joy and even sexual gratification. It gives them the utmost pleasure to watch the life disappear from the body of their victim. What can be so wrong with them that their emotions conflict to such an extent with the rest of the population? Is it a disease, an illness or just a complicated childhood?

While you may begin to feel bad for these killers when you hear their back-stories, the stories of their gruesome crimes makes it impossible to spare even an ounce of sympathy and pity for them. So read on to know what drove these seemingly normal human beings to become serial killers.

In this book, yo


25 Machu Picchu - An Analysis - Lloyd Cohen
Auteur : Lloyd Cohen
Genre : Art et architecture
This book offers an architectural explanation through brief descriptions and analytical drawings of why Machu Picchu looks the way it does.  The intention is to give the reader and site visitor a deeper understanding.


26 West African Agriculture and Climate Change - Abdulai Jalloh
Auteur : Abdulai Jalloh
Genre : Sciences sociales
The first of three books in IFPRI’s climate change in Africa series, West African Agriculture and Climate Change: A Comprehensive Analysis examines the food security threats facing 11 of the countries that make up West Africa — Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo — and explores how climate change will increase the efforts needed to achieve sustainable food security throughout the region.

West Africa’s population is expected to grow at least through mid-century. The region will also see income growth. Both will put increased pressure on the natural resources needed to produce food, and climate change makes the challenges greater. West Africa is already experiencing rising temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, and increasing extreme events. Without attention to adaptation, the poo


27 The People vs Muhammad - Psychological Analysis - J.K Sheindlin
Auteur : J.K Sheindlin
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
"Read with great interest and was very impressed by the level of research committed to the project." - Katie Hopkins Productions, Radio DJ for LBC UK

"J.K Sheindlin has done something incredible!" - WND Online News

In 'The People vs Muhammad', #1 international bestselling author JK Sheindlin psychologically analyses the founding father of Islam, while putting him on trial for crimes against humanity.

Is Islam a "religion of peace"? Was Muhammad the true and final prophet of God? Is the Quran the fulfilment of the Bible, and legitimately continuing the traditions of the Judeo-Christian scriptures? Perhaps one of the most audacious, shocking, unthinkable and highly controversial ideas to ever be conceived, The People vs Muhammad places the founding father of Islam on trial for crimes against humanity, and to challenge his self-proclaimed authority

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28 Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy - Dr. Eric Berne
Auteur : Dr. Eric Berne
Genre : Psychologie
Originally published in 1961, this book outlines a new, unified system of individual and social psychiatry that were introduced in the United States around that time with remarkable success in various hospitals and other psychiatric establishments. Essentially designed for group therapy, this approach is now used by institutions, group workers, and in private practice with neurotics, psychotics, sexual psychopaths, psychosomatic cases, and adolescents.

Transactional analysis begins its program by initiating the individual patients into the theory upon which the treatment is based. First attaining a measure of self-knowledge through private sessions with the analyst, the patient then meets with other patients in group therapy, participating in a series of personally meaningful relation-ships in which he becomes increasingly aware of the cause and nature of his illness, preparin

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29 A Quick and Simple Summary and Analysis of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod - SpeedReader Summaries
Auteur : SpeedReader Summaries
Genre : Développement personnel
Your Quick and Simple Summary and Analysis of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Inside, you’ll find:
An introduction to Elrod’s main conceptsA 30-second summary of the entire bookTime-saving chapter summariesDiscussion questions and commentaryA guide to additional resources, including helpful articles, books, podcasts, printables, videos, and quizzes
About The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning is all about finding the time to make the most out of your life and to finally realize your full potential. Elrod has an incredible personal story, which he outlines in the book. The challenges he has faced in his life led him to develop the concept of The Miracle Morning. His goal is to help you create success in every area of your life b

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30 An Introduction to the Financial Statement Analysis - Alex Sakevych & Patrick Kobyletskii
Auteur : Alex Sakevych & Patrick Kobyletskii
Genre : Entreprise et management
'An Introduction to the Financial Statement Analysis' is a brief guide to the financial statement analysis performance, including general information on the essence and methods of the financial analysis, key financial ratios calculation and interpretation.

Finstanon is a fast solution for online financial analysis and interpretation. It saves time for professionals in financial analysis same as for newcomers.


31 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Instaread
Auteur : Instaread
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (2011) by Marie Kondo helps readers discard unnecessary items, reorganize their possessions, and properly store items in a home. The procedures Kondo developed for organization and decluttering are called the KonMari Method. Those who follow these Japanese methods of organization can experience the magic of tidying and the ways it can transform a person’s life…
PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
Inside this Instaread of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:
• Overview of the book
• Impor

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32 Summary of Zero to One - Instaread
Auteur : Instaread
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
PLEASE NOTE: This is a companion to Peter Thiel’s Zero to One and NOT the original book.
Peter Thiel is one of the founding members of the payment company, PayPal. Through his experience beginning, and running, startup companies in the age of the internet, Thiel taught a course at Stanford University to teach young, potential entrepreneurs how to not only begin a new business, but to begin a new business that has a better than average chance of survival…
Inside this companion:
• Overview of the book
• Important People
• Key Takeaways
• Analysis of Key Takeaways
About the Author:  With Instaread, you can get the notes and insights from a book in 15 minutes or less.
Visit our website at inst

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33 Lucrèce : Oeuvres majeures et annexes (annotées, illustrées) - Lucrèce
Auteur : Lucrèce
Genre : Philosophie
Nouvelle édition 2019 des oeuvres de Lucrèce, contenant les 6 livres de De la nature des choses - De rerum natura traduits en vers par André Lefèvre. L'édition est enrichie de notes explicatives, d'introductions et d'annexes biographiques et critiques.

Contenu détaillé:



RÉCEPTION et CRITIQUES de la traduction de « De la nature des choses » de Lucrèce par André Lefèvre


L'ouvrage a été spécifiquement mis en forme pour votre lis

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34 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon (Book Analysis) - Bright Summaries
Auteur : Bright Summaries
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Unlock the more straightforward side of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, which follows 15-year-old Christopher John Francis Boone as he investigates the murder of his neighbour’s poodle Wellington, who has been gruesomely killed with a pitchfork. Christopher is a talented mathematician and possesses a rigorously logical mind, but he struggles to interpret social cues, which gives him a unique perspective on the emerging mystery. The discoveries he makes along the way will have lasting effects not only on Christopher, but also on those around him. Mark Haddon is a contemporary English writer, playwright, screenwriter, poet and cartoonist who has produced award-winning works

3,99 €

35 The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (Book Analysis) - Bright Summaries
Auteur : Bright Summaries
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Unlock the more straightforward side of The Tell-Tale Heart with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, one of the author’s best-known short stories. It is told from the point of view of an unnamed narrator who is at great pains to convince the reader of their lucidity; however, this only serves to accentuate their frightening descent into madness. The narrator lives with an elderly man whose “vulture eye” becomes an obsession for him, with terrible consequences. Edgar Allan Poe was an American short story writer, poet, critic, novelist and editor. He is best known for his stories of mystery and horror, which stand out for their chilling atmosphere and vivid, memorable characters.

Find out everything you need to know about The Tell-Tale Hear

3,99 €

36 Blue Ocean Strategy Concept - Overview & Analysis -
Auteur :
Genre : Management et direction
Innovate your way to success and push your business to the next level! 

This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and implementing blue ocean strategy, providing you with the essential information and saving time.  

In 50 minutes you will be able to:

   • Distinguish between the two different types of markets: ‘red oceans’ and ‘blue oceans’
   • Use innovation to create your own market, where the opportunities for growth are endless
   • Attract new customers that weren’t accessible until now

ABOUT 50MINUTES.COM| Management & Marketing

50MINUTES.COM provides the tools to quickly understand the main theories and concepts that shape the economic world of today. Our publications are easy to use

3,99 €

37 Technical Analysis For Dummies - Barbara Rockefeller
Auteur : Barbara Rockefeller
Genre : Investissement
A simple, straightforward guide to the fundamentals of technical analysis
Technical analysis is a collection of techniques designed to help you make trading decisions in securities markets. Technical Analysis For Dummies helps you take a hard-headed look at what securities prices are actually doing rather than what economists or analysts say they should be doing, giving you the know-how to use that data to decide whether to buy or sell individual securities.

Since the publication of the first edition, readers have been faced with many changes, such as new interest rates, looming bank crises, and adjusting market climates. This new edition provides an updated look at unique formulas and key indicators, as well as refreshed and practical examples that reflect today today's financial atmosphere.
Determine how markets are performing and make decisions usi

18,99 €

38 Summary: The Best Service Is No Service - BusinessNews Publishing
Auteur : BusinessNews Publishing
Genre : Secteurs et professions
The must-read summary of Bill Price and David Jaffe's book: "The Best Service Is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy & Control Costs".

This complete summary of the ideas from Bill Price and David Jaffe's book "The Best Service Is No Service" shows that customers don't want a "relationship" with a company - they want to buy their product and they want it to work. In fact, customer service relationships are associated by most people as negative since you only need them when something goes wrong. In their book, the authors explain seven strategies that companies should use to eliminate the need for customer service altogether. This summary explains each of these strategies and is a practical and applicable guide to improving your customer experience.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time

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39 Risk Analysis For Agile - Gary Mohan
Auteur : Gary Mohan
Genre : Logiciels
Risk Analysis For Agile is concise and derived from real world project experience. It is in plain English and accessible.


40 Man's Search for Meaning: by Viktor E. Frankl Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review - Instaread
Auteur : Instaread
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Man's Search for Meaning: by Viktor E. Frankl | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is a memoir of Frankl’s imprisonment in concentration camps during World War II, and a brief description of the principles of logotherapy, a school of psychotherapy that he founded.
Frankl and his family were imprisoned in concentration camps during the war. Frankl was held in several camps before he was liberated from the last in 1945. During his time in the camps, Frankl witnessed the extreme cruelty of camp guards and the prisoners who were given special status by them, also known as Capos. He also witnessed the cruelty of the prisoners to each other as they underwent the three stages of reaction to their imprisonment. These stages are denial, acceptance, and adjustment after their release.

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41 Vade-Mecum des analyses vétérinaires - Christine Médaille
Auteur : Christine Médaille
Genre : Médecine
Ce Vade-Mecum des analyses vétérinaires, 2e édition, se veut un outil précieux pour le praticien désireux de mener à bien ses explorations biologiques. L'ensemble des données a été revu à la lumière des connaissances acquises, tant pratiques que théoriques, et des capacités techniques à notre disposition actuellement. Une première partie expose les modalités de prélèvement, favorisant ainsi la fiabilité des résultats apportés. La seconde partie aborde les analyses hématologiques. Pour chaque donnée, sont fournies une définition, les mesures et valeurs usuelles, les variations physiologiques et pathologiques. Suivant un même schéma, sont abordées les analyses biochimiques et endocrinologiques et les analyses urinaires. Enfin, des fiches techniques abordent tous les types de prélèvements (frottis sanguin, ponction ganglionnaire, lavage nasal, ponction articulai

44,99 €

42 Macroeconomics, Agriculture, and Food Security - Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Auteur : Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Genre : Économie
Why write a book on macroeconomic policies and their links to agriculture and food security in developing countries? The food price spikes of the years just prior to 2010 and the economic, political, and social dislocations they generated refocused the attention of policymakers and development practitioners on the agricultural sector and food security concerns. But even without those traumatic events, the importance of agriculture for developing countries—and for an adequate functioning of the world economy— cannot be denied. First, although declining over time, primary agriculture still represents important percentages of developing countries’ overall domestic production, exports, and employment. If agroindustrial, transportation, commercial, and other related activities are also counted, then the economic and social importance of agriculture-based sectors increases significantly.


43 Échographie d'urgence - Tamislav Petrovic & Frédéric Lapostolle
Auteur : Tamislav Petrovic & Frédéric Lapostolle
Genre : Médecine
La question ne se pose plus de savoir si les médecins confrontés à l'urgence doivent utiliser un échographe !

De la tête au pied, l'échographie est devenue le complément indispensable de l'examen clinique. Urgentistes, anesthésistes, réanimateurs, cardiologues, pédiatres en sont des utilisateurs quotidiens.

Doppler transcranien, échographies du squelette ou des voies aériennes, échographies thoracique, cardiaque, abdominale ou vasculaire, écho-repérage et écho-guidage sont devenus des indications de routine.

Le défi des prochaines années pour tous ces médecins confrontés à l'urgence est d'acquérir la formation et l'expérience requises pour utiliser l'échographie dans l'ensemble de ses indications.
La vocation de cet ouvrage richement illustré est de les y aider.

31,99 €

44 Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo (Book Analysis) - Bright Summaries
Auteur : Bright Summaries
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Unlock the more straightforward side of Pedro Páramo with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo, one of the most innovative and celebrated Mexican novels ever written. It follows the son of the titular character as he travels to the town of Comala in search of his father, who was formerly the most important landowner in the area. On the way, he learns about his father’s shocking brutality and mistreatment of Comala’s poor inhabitants, and discovers an astonishing secret about the town. Along with the short story collection The Burning Plain, Pedro Páramo cemented Rulfo’s reputation as one of the most important Latin American writers of the 20th century. He also gained recognition for his photography, which is now a subject of critical study in its own right

3,99 €

45 The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz - A 30-minute Summary & Analysis - InstaRead Summaries
Auteur : InstaRead Summaries
Genre : PMI et entreprenariat
With InstaRead Summaries, you can get the essence of a book in 30 minutes or less. We read every chapter and summarize it in one or two paragraphs so you can get the information contained in the book at a faster rate. 

This is an InstaRead Summary of The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz.

Below is a preview of the earlier sections of the summary: 


Ben explains that every time he reads a self-help or management book, he thinks about the fact that it didn’t really address the hard things like laying people off or having good people start demanding unreasonable things. The problem with self-help books is that they try to provide a recipe for dealing with difficult, dynamic situations. Challenging situations can not be solved with a formula. Instead of using

1,99 €

46 Summary of Blue Ocean Strategy - Instaread
Auteur : Instaread
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Summary of Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée A. Mauborgne | Includes Analysis
Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant is the 2015 update to the classic business strategy text of the same name originally published in 2005. The text offers a practical handbook to business students and entrepreneurs who wish to rise above the fray of the competition, become pioneers in previously uncharted market territory, and gain access to impressive growth opportunities and an untapped customer base.
Most businesses make the mistake of focusing on their competitors when developing strategies. A “blue ocean” business, on the other hand, focuses on how to create new value for customers, the base of which may be people who are not yet customers of this

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47 Pour une histoire des possibles. Analyses contrefactuelles et futurs non advenus - Quentin Deluermoz & Pierre Singaravélou
Auteur : Quentin Deluermoz & Pierre Singaravélou
Genre : Monde
Et si l'histoire, ou la vie, avait suivi un autre cours ? Ce que l'on appelle le raisonnement contrefactuel surgit spontanément dans les conversations pour nourrir des hypothèses sur les potentialités du passé et les futurs non advenus. Il traverse la littérature, les réflexions politiques et toutes sortes de divertissements. Que serait-il advenu si le nez de Cléopâtre avait été plus court ? Si Napoléon avait remporté la bataille de Waterloo ?

Quentin Deluermoz et Pierre Singaravélou prennent la question à bras le corps. Ils mènent l'enquête au sein d'une vaste littérature pour saisir la diversité des usages de l'analyse contrefactuelle – des fictions uchroniques les plus loufoques aux hypothèses les plus sérieuses. Ils s'attachent à cerner précisément les conditions d'un usage légitime et pertinent pour les sciences sociales, repensant les enjeux d

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48 The Ice People by René Barjavel (Book Analysis) - Bright Summaries
Auteur : Bright Summaries
Genre : Outils pédagogiques
Unlock the more straightforward side of The Ice People with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!

This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Ice People by René Barjavel, which is one of the first French science-fiction novels. It tells the story of a discovery into the past of mankind that could very well change its future. From a lost civilization to a tragic love story, this novel has appealed to a broad readership since its publication in 1968. While Barjavel's works focused on science fiction, he also often emphasised the theme of everlasting love, perfectly blending romance with science to create novels that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Find out everything you need to know about The Ice People in a fraction of the time!

This in-depth and informative reading guide brings you:<

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49 Machine Learning for Microscopy Image Analysis - Vadym Zinchuk & Olga Grossenbacher
Auteur : Vadym Zinchuk & Olga Grossenbacher
Genre : Science et nature
Machine Learning has demonstrated remarkable progress in various fields. It provides insights into data in the ways that humans are unable to achieve, detecting features that may otherwise be left unrecognized or overlooked. This eBook helps scientists performing the analysis of microscopy images integrate Machine Learning models into their research workflow.


50 The analysis of beauty: Written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste. By William Hogarth. - William Hogarth
Auteur : William Hogarth
Genre : Romans et littérature
The analysis of beauty: Written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste. By William Hogarth., William Hogarth. The analysis of beauty: Written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste. By William Hogarth. Hogarth, William, 1697-1764. xxii,[2],153,[5]p.,II plates ; 4⁰. London : printed by J. Reeves for the author, and sold by him at his house in Leicester-Fields, 1753. With a final leaf containing "Figures referr'd to in the book.". Reproduction of original from the British Library. English Short Title Catalog, ESTCT2690. Electronic data. Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gale, 2003. Page image (PNG). Digitized image of the microfilm version produced in Woodbridge, CT by Research Publications, 1982-2002 (later known as Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of the Gale Group).

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