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1 The Secret Language of Tarot - Wald Amberstone, Ruth Ann Amberstone & Mary Greer
Auteur : Wald Amberstone, Ruth Ann Amberstone & Mary Greer
Genre : Spirituality
Secret Language of Tarot sets itself apart from other tarot books by teaching readers how to translate the pictorial symbolism from one deck to another, strengthening the reader's ability to recognize specific icons in any deck and in the world around them. The Secret Language of Tarot can be used as both a reference book and as a series of guided meditations on the individual symbols. Each of the seven chapters contain a set of symbols that share a common theme. Extensive research provides readers with the lore and mythological meanings of the symbols to help foster intuitive powers. The explanation of imagery is both insightful and eclectic. When read from beginning to end, The Secret Language of Tarot reveals a hidden current of understanding and connection between the individual cards of the deck. Each chapter ends with an Integration Lesson and a special Symbol Spread

2 Miindiwag and Indigenous Diaspora: Eden Robinson's and Celu Amberstone's Forays Into "Postcolonial" Science Fiction and Fantasy (Critical Essay) - Extrapolation
Auteur : Extrapolation
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
Postcolonial SF and fantasy often seem inherently contradictory regarding indigenous issues. Native intellectuals have for decades questioned the "post" in postcolonial and have cited the history of attempts to unsettle hard-won treaty and court claims giving indigenous sovereignties to various nation-states that exist within new-world, first-world colonizing governments in the Americas. While SF and fantasy have the capacity to facilitate a politics of recognition, (1) how can their lessons carry genuine weight when the speculative terrain itself diffuses Amerindian, Aboriginal, and Native outlooks and exploits the common leitmotif equating the indigenous/Native with the alien other? (2) The constraints of traditional point of view in mainstream SF have it both ways: you're an alien if we invade your realm from our far-away homeland, and you're an alien if you come to our homeland from

3 Kama Sutra: Sex Is An Art - Amber Stone
Auteur : Amber Stone
Genre : Self-Improvement
Be in the mood for love and let's talk about sex! The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vātsyāyana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse.
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