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1 Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Anodic Porous Alumina Nano-Honeycombs: Self-Ordered Growth and Actuation - Chuan Cheng
Auteur : Chuan Cheng
Genre : Engineering
In this thesis, real-time evolution of the nanopore channel growth and self-ordering process in anodic nanoporous alumina are simulated on the basis of an established kinetics model. The simulation results were in accordance with the experiments on the (i) growth sustainability of pore channels guided by pre-patterns; and (ii) substrate grain orientation dependence on self-ordering. In addition, a new fabrication method for the rapid synthesis of highly self-ordered nanoporous alumina is established, based on a systematic search for the self-ordering conditions in experiments. Lastly, it reports on a novel surface-charge induced strain in nanoporous alumina-aluminium foils, which indicates that nanoporous alumina can be used as a new type of actuating material in micro-actuator applications.

2 Electro-Hydraulic Actuation Systems - J. Jaidev Vyas, Balamurugan Gopalsamy & Harshavardhan Joshi
Auteur : J. Jaidev Vyas, Balamurugan Gopalsamy & Harshavardhan Joshi
Genre : Engineering
The book serves as a unique integrated platform, which not only describes the design methodology of electro-hydraulic actuation systems but also provides insights into the design of the servo valve, which is the most important component in the system. It presents a step-by-step design process, comparative tables, illustrative figures, and detailed explanations. The book focuses on the design and testing of electro-hydraulic actuation systems, which are increasingly being used in motion control applications, particularly in those where precision actuation at high operational rates is of prime importance. It describes in detail the design philosophy of such high-performance systems, presenting a system used as a physical test setup together with experimental results to corroborate the calculations. Of particular interest are the electro-hydraulic servo valves that form the heart of these a

3 Vibration Control and Actuation of Large-Scale Systems (Enhanced Edition) - Hamid Reza Karimi
Auteur : Hamid Reza Karimi
Genre : Mechanical Engineering
Vibration Control and Actuation of Large-Scale Systems gives a systematically and self-contained description of the many facets of envisaging, designing, implementing, or experimentally exploring advanced vibration control systems. The book is devoted to the development of mathematical methodologies for vibration analysis and control problems of large-scale systems, including structural dynamics, vehicle dynamics and wind turbines, for example. The research problems addressed in each chapter are well motivated, with numerical and simulation results given in each chapter that reflect best engineering practice.
Provides a series of the latest results in vibration control, structural control, actuation, component failures, and moreGives numerical and simulation results to reflect best engineering practice Presents recent advances of theory, technological aspects, and application
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5 Electromagnetic Actuation and Sensing in Medical Robotics - Hongliang Ren & Jinji Sun
Auteur : Hongliang Ren & Jinji Sun
Genre : Engineering
This book highlights electromagnetic actuation (EMA) and sensing systems for a broad range of applications including targeted drug delivery, drug-release-rate control, catheterization, intravitreal needleless injections, wireless magnetic capsule endoscopy, and micromanipulations. It also reviews the state-of-the-art magnetic actuation and sensing technologies with remotely controlled targets used in biomedicine.

6 Optimal Mobile Sensing and Actuation Policies in Cyber-physical Systems - Christophe Tricaud & YangQuan Chen
Auteur : Christophe Tricaud & YangQuan Chen
Genre : Mechanical Engineering
A successful cyber-physical system, a complex interweaving of hardware and software in direct interaction with some parts of the physical environment, relies heavily on proper identification of the, often pre-existing, physical elements. Based on information from that process, a bespoke “cyber” part of the system may then be designed for a specific purpose. Optimal Mobile Sensing and Actuation Strategies in Cyber-physical Systems focuses on distributed-parameter systems the dynamics of which can be modelled with partial differential equations. Such systems are very challenging to measure, their states being distributed throughout a spatial domain. Consequently, optimal strategies are needed and systematic approaches to the optimization of sensor locations have to be devised for parameter estimation.

The text begins by reviewing the newer field of cyber-physical systems an

7 The Concise Valve Handbook, Volume II - Michael A. Crabtree
Auteur : Michael A. Crabtree
Genre : Engineering
This two-volume book comprises a comprehensive up-to-date body of knowledge that provides a total in-depth insight into valve and actuator technology – looking not just at control valves, but a whole host of other types including: check valves, shut-off valves, solenoid valves, and pressure relief valves.
Research studies within the process industry routinely indicate that the fluid control valve is responsible for 60 to 70% of poor-functioning control systems. Furthermore, valves in general are consistently wrongly selected, regularly misapplied, and often incorrectly installed. A methodology is presented to ensure the optimum selection of size, choice of body and trim materials, components, and ancillaries.

Whilst studying the correct procedures for sizing, readers will also learn the correct procedures for calculating the spring ‘wind-up’ or ‘bench set

8 Cellular Actuators - Jun Ueda, Joshua A Schultz & Harry Asada
Auteur : Jun Ueda, Joshua A Schultz & Harry Asada
Genre : Computers & Internet
Cellular Actuators: Modularity and Variability in Muscle-Inspired Actuation describes the roles actuators play in robotics and their insufficiency in emerging new robotic applications, such as wearable devices and human co-working robots where compactness and compliance are important.

Piezoelectric actuators, the topic of this book, provide advantages like displacement scale, force, reliability, and compactness, and rely on material properties to provide displacement and force as reactions to electric stimulation. The authors, renowned researchers in the area, present the fundamentals of muscle-like movement and a system-wide study that includes the design, analysis, and control of biologically inspired actuators. This book is the perfect guide for researchers and practitioners who would like to deploy this technology into their research and products.
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