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1 The Absence of Guilt - Mark Gimenez
Auteur : Mark Gimenez
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
An ISIS attack on America is narrowly averted when the FBI uncovers a plot to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in Cowboys Stadium during the Super Bowl.  A federal grand jury indicts twenty-four co-conspirators, including the most dangerous man in Dallas, Omar al Mustafa.  He is a notorious and charismatic Muslim cleric known for his incendiary anti-American diatribes on YouTube and Fox News.  His mosque is a veritable breeding ground for Islamic jihadists.  His arrest is greeted with cheers around the world and relief at home.  The plot was thwarted, the terrorists are in jail, and the Super Bowl is safe.  The president goes on national television and proclaims:  "We won!"  

There is only one problem:  there is no evidence against Mustafa.  That problem falls to the presiding judge, newly appointed U.S. District Judge A
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3 The Absence of Mercy - John Burley
Auteur : John Burley
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
John Burley’s The Absence of Mercy is a harrowing tale of suspense involving a brutal murder and dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of a placid, tight-knit Midwestern town.

When a brutally murdered teenager is discovered in the woods surrounding a small Ohio town, Dr. Ben Stevenson—the town’s medical examiner—must decide if he’s willing to put his family’s life in danger to uncover the truth. Finding himself pulled deeper into an investigation with devastating consequences, he discovers shocking information that will shatter his quiet community, and force him to confront a haunting truth.

With its eerie portrait of suburban life and nerve-fraying plot twists, The Absence of Mercy is domestic drama at its best for fans of Harlan Coben, Laura Lippman, Jennifer McMahon, and Lisa Gardner.

4 VOICE/PRESENCE/ABSENCE - Malcolm Angelucci, Chris Caines, Simon Charles, John D'Arcy, Amy Evans, Michael Farrell, Iben Have, Walli Hoefinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Diane Hughes, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Sarah Keith, Ansa Lønstrup, Alessandro Mistrorigo, Claire Nashar, Anne Pender, Christine Piper, Jessie Scott, Yuji Sone, Birgitte Stougaard, Prithvi Varatharajan & Jessica Wilkinson
Auteur : Malcolm Angelucci, Chris Caines, Simon Charles, John D'Arcy, Amy Evans, Michael Farrell, Iben Have, Walli Hoefinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Diane Hughes, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Sarah Keith, Ansa Lønstrup, Alessandro Mistrorigo, Claire Nashar, Anne Pender, Christine Piper, Jessie Scott, Yuji Sone, Birgitte Stougaard, Prithvi Varatharajan & Jessica Wilkinson
Genre : Art & Architecture
Voice/Presence/Absence collects international contributions from academic scholars and practitioners, together with recorded live performances of artists, writers, musicians and poets, creating the space for a discussion on the role of voice in contemporary humanities.

Voice/Presence/Absence is conceived as a dialogue: between a variety of interpretive frameworks and definitions of voice; between different objects of study (from contemporary art to post-dramatic theatre, from radio-voices to recorded poetry and audio-books, from pop music to novels, from the voice of trees to the one of birds, etc.) and, most important, between artists, performers and the world of academia.

5 In the Absence of Miracles - Michael J Malone
Auteur : Michael J Malone
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
John Docherty's mother has just been taken into a nursing home following a massive stroke and she's unlikely to be able to live independently again. With no other option than to sell the family home, John sets about packing up everything in the house. In sifting through the detritus of his family's past he's forced to revisit, and revise his childhood. For in a box, in the attic, he finds undeniable truth that he had a brother who disappeared when he himself was only a toddler. A brother no one ever mentioned. A brother he knew absolutely nothing about. A discovery that sets John on a journey from which he may never recover. For sometimes in that space where memory should reside there is nothing but silence, smoke and ash. And in the absence of truth, in the absence of a miracle, we turn to prayer. And to violence. Shocking, chilling and heartbreakingly emotive, In the Absence of Mira

6 An Epidemic of Absence - Moises Velasquez-Manoff
Auteur : Moises Velasquez-Manoff
Genre : Life Sciences
A brilliant, cutting-edge exploration of the dramatic rise of allergic and autoimmune diseases and the controversial, potentially groundbreaking therapies that scientists are developing to correct these disorders

Whether it is asthma, food or pollen allergies, type-1 diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, or Crohn’s disease, everyone knows someone who suffers from an allergic or autoimmune disorder. And if it appears that the prevalence of these maladies has increased recently, that’s because it has—to levels never before seen in human history. These days no fewer than one in five—and likely more—Americans suffers from one of these ailments. We seem newly, and bafflingly, vulnerable to immune system malfunction. Why? Science writer Moises Velasquez-Manoff explains the latest thinking about this problem and explores the remarkable new treatments in the wo

7 The End of Absence - Michael John Harris
Auteur : Michael John Harris
Genre : Sociology
Soon enough, nobody will remember life before the Internet. What does this unavoidable fact mean? Those of us who have lived both with and without the crowded connectivity of online life have a rare opportunity. We can still recognize the difference between Before and After. We catch ourselves idly reaching for our phones at the bus stop. Or we notice how, midconversation, a fumbling friend dives into the perfect recall of Google. In this eloquent and thought-provoking book, Michael Harris argues that amid all the changes we're experiencing, the most interesting is the end of absence-the loss of lack. The daydreaming silences in our lives are filled; the burning solitudes are extinguished. There's no true "free time" when you carry a smartphone. Today's rarest commodity is the chance to be alone with your thoughts. Michael Harris is an award-winning journalist and a contributing edito

8 A Sunlit Absence - Martin Laird
Auteur : Martin Laird
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
"The practice of contemplation is one of the great spiritual arts," writes Martin Laird in A Sunlit Absence. "Not a technique but a skill, it harnesses the winds of grace that lead us out into the liberating sea of silence." In this companion volume to his bestselling Into the Silent Land, Laird focuses on a quality often overlooked by books on Christian meditation: a vast and flowing spaciousness that embraces both silence and sound, and transcends all subject/object dualisms. Drawing on the wisdom of great contemplatives from St. Augustine and St. Teresa of Avila to St. Hesychios, Simone Weil, and many others, Laird shows how we can uncover the deeper levels of awareness that rest within us like buried treasure waiting to be found. The key insight of the book is that as our practice matures, so will our experience of life's ordeals, sorrows, and joys expand into generous, receptive mat

9 Absence - Peter Handke & Ralph Manheim
Auteur : Peter Handke & Ralph Manheim
Genre : Literary
A “challenging and rewarding novel”* from Nobel Prize-winning author Peter Handke.

The time is an unspecified modernity, the place possibly Europe. Absence follows four nameless people -- the old man, the woman, the soldier, and the gambler -- as they journey to a desolate wasteland beyond the limits of an unnamed city.

“In this smoothly written fable, Handke forcefully summons readers to the recognition that the essence of human life lies in the striving for self-expression even though its perfect realization must always remain elusive.”—*Publishers Weekly

"A remarkably abstract book even for the very abstract Handke... Slippery but engrossing work, silkily translated." - Kirkus Reviews

10 Absence of Mind - Marilynne Robinson
Auteur : Marilynne Robinson
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
In this ambitious book, acclaimed writer Marilynne Robinson applies her astute intellect to some of the most vexing topics in the history of human thought—science, religion, and consciousness. Crafted with the same care and insight as her award-winning novels, Absence of Mind challenges postmodern atheists who crusade against religion under the banner of science. In Robinson’s view, scientific reasoning does not denote a sense of logical infallibility, as thinkers like Richard Dawkins might suggest. Instead, in its purest form, science represents a search for answers. It engages the problem of knowledge, an aspect of the mystery of consciousness, rather than providing a simple and final model of reality.

By defending the importance of individual reflection, Robinson celebrates the power and variety of human consciousness in the tradition of William James. She explor

11 Weave of Absence - Carol Ann Martin
Auteur : Carol Ann Martin
Genre : Cozy
It’s a joyous time at Dream Weaver—Della Wright’s studio in small-town Briar Hollow, North Carolina—as part-time employee and full-time friend Marnie Potter is preparing for her upcoming marriage. Della has enlisted a tight-knit group of close friends to handweave a beautiful collection of fine household linens as a wedding gift for the happy couple.
But when Della notices Marnie’s suave fiancé engaged in a heated argument with one of her students at the engagement party, she starts to worry that there may be something wrong with Marnie’s Mr. Right. After the student turns up dead the next day, Della must weave together the clues to find the killer—before Marnie agrees to “Till death do us part.”

12 Absence of Alice - Sherry Harris
Auteur : Sherry Harris
Genre : Women Sleuths
For bargain hunter extraordinaire Sarah Winston, starting life over in Ellington, Massachusetts,has been a true trash-to-treasure success story, except when there’s a run on dead bodies . . .
Sarah’s latest client, Alice Krandle, is sure she has a fortune in antiques on her hands. She’s already gotten a generous offer for the whole lot before her garage sale has even begun, but she thinks she can earn more with Sarah’s expert help. The problem is that while Sarah’s sorting through items from decades past, her landlady, Stella, faces a clear and present danger.
Stella’s kidnapper has contacted Sarah with a set of instructions, and “Don’t call the police” is at the top of the list.  But they didn’t say anything about Sarah’s friend Harriet—who happens to be a former FBI hostage negotiator . . .

13 An Absence of Light - David Lindsey
Auteur : David Lindsey
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
“A multilayered thriller that races to an explosive conclusion.”—People

Captain Marcus Graver, working out of the Houston P.D.’s Criminal Intelligence Division, has made a career of collecting other people’s secrets. But it takes a bullet to the brain of one of his own investigators to reveal the darkest secrets of all.

Officially the death of Arthur Tisler is a suicide. But Graver’s seen the files of Tisler’s last case and he refuses to bury his questions with the corpse. His instincts tell him that Tisler was onto something big—big enough to cost the investigator his life. And the more Graver digs, the more he’s convinced that the trail of corruption leads back to his own command.

Now he must do the most dangerous thing any cop can do: go outside the department. He must enter a shadowy labyrinth of lies and deception wher

14 Absence of Light: Charlie Fox book 11 - Zoe Sharp
Auteur : Zoe Sharp
Genre : Women Sleuths
Absence of Light is a 58,000+ word novella featuring Zoë Sharp’s highly acclaimed ex-Special Forces turned bodyguard heroine, Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox.

‘In the absence of light, darkness must prevail.’—Buddhist adage

A major earthquake sees ex-Special Forces soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox on a transport plane headed for the scene of devastation.

The way things are coming apart at home with Sean Meyer, she welcomes the chance to get away.

Tasked as security advisor to the specialist team at the centre of relief efforts, Charlie knows it won’t be easy. The team members are willing to put themselves in constant danger as a matter of course. But what kind of other risks are they prepared to take?

As Charlie soon discovers, it’s not just the ground beneath her feet that cannot be relied on. Her predec

15 In the Absence of God - Sam Keen
Auteur : Sam Keen
Genre : Comparative Religion
In his new book, bestselling author Sam Keen challenges the notions and habits we’ve formed about religion over the centuries in order for us to build a deeper faith, that is relevant today.
He asks:

* How has religion failed us?.
* Must we choose between dogmatic religion and atheism?
* How might religion unite rather than divide us?
The answers, Keen discovers, point the way back to the primal emotions, to the life-giving sense of dwelling in the presence of the sacred..
In the Absence of God sets out to recover the elemental experience of the sacred in everyday life. By appreciating emotions like wonder, gratitude, anxiety, joy, grief, reverence, compassion, outrage, hope and humility we may once again find ourselves in the presence of an unknowable but all present G-D. We may also regain the commona

16 In the Absence of Sun - Helie Lee
Auteur : Helie Lee
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
A breathtaking true story of a rescue mission undertaken by a young woman and her family in one of the most repressive countries in the world.

Helie Lee often had heard her grandmother speak of an uncle, lost decades ago when he was a child during the family’s daring escape from North Korea. As an adult, he was still living there under horrid conditions. When her grandmother began to ail, Helie became determined to reunite her with her eldest son, despite tremendous odds. Helie’s mission became even more urgent when she realized that her first book, the bestselling novel Still Life with Rice, about the family’s escape, might have angered the North Korean government and put her uncle in danger.

Pushing through rivers and forests, fighting the cold, bribing and manipulating border guards, gangsters, and secret service agents, Helie and her father finally

17 An Extraordinary Absence - Jeff Foster
Auteur : Jeff Foster
Genre : Self-Improvement
Jeff Foster invites you to forget everything you know, everything you’ve been taught, and everything you’ve ever read about spiritual awakening, Oneness, enlightenment, non-duality, and Advaita, and to consider a new possibility: the possibility of absolute freedom, right now, right here, in the midst of this very ordinary life. Using everyday language and drawing on both personal experience and age-old wisdom, Foster shares the possibility that all the seeking and longing of the mind can come to an absolute end with the falling away of the sense of being a separate individual, and a plunge into unconditional love. And in that plunge—which is totally beyond anything you have ever imagined—this so-called ordinary life reveals its great Secret. Written with stunning clarity and aliveness, this book is a love letter to the exhausted spiritual seeker who is simply longing to come Hom

18 In the Absence of Men - Philippe Besson
Auteur : Philippe Besson
Genre : Literary
'An astonishing love story, beautifully told' Time Out

'I am sixteen. I am as old as the century'

It is 1916. Vincent is sixteen, on the brink of manhood.

Vincent is aristocratic and privileged, frequenting the salons of Paris while France is at war and the city almost deserted of men. In that brutal summer, Vincent's beauty and precocity captivate two men: Marcel, thirty years his senior, a writer and celebrated socialite; and Arthur, the twenty-one year old son of one of the servants, who is now a soldier at the front.

19 In Absence of Fear - Celeste Chaney
Auteur : Celeste Chaney
Genre : Literary
After years of terrorist attacks, murders and kidnappings, citizens of the State vote to enact the Protector Program. A predictive policing system, it signals the dawn of the New Era. Passive iD chips are implanted in every citizen's wrist, providing convenience and protection.The chips enable users to unlock homes, start cars, transact in stores, and monitor their health. They also collect data.

Specially designed risk prediction algorithms parse and analyze user data to predict individual levels of threat, aiding the predictive policing program and eradicating crime in most cities.

Marus Winde has worked for the State's Intelligence Annex since the inception of the New Era. As Senior Algorithm Architect, no one is more dedicated to the predictive policing program. No one has greater trust in its proficiencies.

That is, until his young son vanishes inexp

20 In Her Absence - Antonio Muñoz Molina
Auteur : Antonio Muñoz Molina
Genre : Literary
"[A] translucent novel of passion, illusion and social class....slyly witty and luminous."
—Francine Prose in O, The Oprah Magazine

During working hours, Mario is a dutiful bureaucrat, scrupulously earning his paycheck as an employee of the provincial Spanish town where he lives. But when he walks through the door of his apartment, he is transformed into the impassioned lover of Blanca, the beautiful, inscrutable wife he saved from the brink of personal crisis. For the love of Blanca, Mario eats sushi and carpaccio, nods in feigned understanding at experimental films, sits patiently through long conversations with her avant-garde friends, and conceals his disgust at shocking art exhibits.

Then, little by little, a strange and ominous threat begins to weigh on the marriage.

How can love survive its own disappearance? The desperate answer that Antoni

21 When God Isn't There - David Bowden
Auteur : David Bowden
Genre : Christianity
Why does God feel so far away? Why is my worship so empty? Has God left me?

David Bowden knows these questions firsthand, having wrestled for years with God’s apparent absence and studying what the Bible says about it. In this new book, Bowden tackles the subject head-on, finding the key to understanding it in the Bible’s depiction of a God who is infinitely far from us, free to move where he wants, but who chooses to come near in the person of Jesus.

A resource of encouragement for those who struggle with feeling God’s absence and a wake-up call to those who take God’s presence for granted, When God Isn’t There will forever change your understanding of why God sometimes seems to vanish and how he can be found again.

Praise for the work of David Bowden

“Awesome and inspiring.”—Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver at TOM

22 Absence of Evidence - Raul Aguilar
Auteur : Raul Aguilar
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
An overheard conversation leads attorney Sherman Allen to draw upon all of his resources to develop evidence that a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge has set aside her oath of office and has taken money to bend the law and subvert justice.

Sherman Allen follows a trail of millions of dollars from the pockets of a prestigious California law firm through the Cayman Islands, London, and Paris to Monte Carlo, the playground of the rich and wicked. A simple case of high-stakes bribery could cost him his life and the cold-blooded murder of another.

Can the deference given to a respected holder of high office, the value of deniability coupled with black letter law designed to protect the innocent result in justice?

23 Things Are Going Great In My Absence - Lola Jones
Auteur : Lola Jones
Genre : Religion & Spirituality
Things Are Going Great In My Absence is not an ordinary book. It's an astonishing, mind-blowing, life-changing experience, due to the vortex of Energy, Light, and Divine Intelligence it guides you into, step by enjoyable step. Divine Openings realigns you with that organized field of resonance that carries you along in the Flow Of Life. It helps you let in more of the Grace that's been raining on you all along. When you're not able to let in that Grace, you can feel like you're dying of thirst in a rainstorm. Things Are Going Great In My Absence is so powerful and effective, it spread to over 150 countries by word of mouth, before even being in bookstores. We know it might sound too good to be true--but it does work in your life if you simply read it, let it in, and stick to it.

24 Absence of Light - Zoë Sharp
Auteur : Zoë Sharp
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
There you were, just minding your own business, and suddenly the earth split beneath your feet. Everything good, everything familiar tumbles around you in busted shards, or it’s ash, or is on fire. That’s the scene of the earthquake where Charlie’s working, helping to dig out the living and ID the dead. But it’s an all-too-apt metaphor for her personal life, which has shifted in an eye-blink from Getting’ By to Full-On Catastrophic. Again.

25 Memories of Absence - Aomar Boum
Auteur : Aomar Boum
Genre : Africa
There is a Moroccan saying: A market without Jews is like bread without salt. Once a thriving community, by the late 1980s, 240,000 Jews had emigrated from Morocco. Today, fewer than 4,000 Jews remain. Despite a centuries-long presence, the Jewish narrative in Moroccan history has largely been suppressed through national historical amnesia, Jewish absence, and a growing dismay over the Palestinian conflict.

Memories of Absence investigates how four successive generations remember the lost Jewish community. Moroccan attitudes toward the Jewish population have changed over the decades, and a new debate has emerged at the center of the Moroccan nation: Where does the Jew fit in the context of an Arab and Islamic monarchy? Can Jews simultaneously be Moroccans and Zionists? Drawing on oral testimony and stories, on rumor and humor, Aomar Boum examines the strong shift in op

26 In the Presence of Absence - Mahmoud Darwish & Sinan Antoon
Auteur : Mahmoud Darwish & Sinan Antoon
Genre : Fiction & Literature
One of the most transcendent poets of his generation, Darwish composed this remarkable elegy at the apex of his creativity, but with the full knowledge that his death was imminent. Thinking it might be his final work, he summoned all his poetic genius to create a luminous work that defies categorization. In stunning language, Darwish’s self-elegy inhabits a rare space where opposites bleed and blend into each other. Prose and poetry, life and death, home and exile are all sung by the poet and his other. On the threshold of im/mortality, the poet looks back at his own existence, intertwined with that of his people. Through these lyrical meditations on love, longing, Palestine, history, friendship, family, and the ongoing conversation between life and death, the poet bids himself and his readers a poignant farewell.

27 Absence of Intent - T M Laughlin
Auteur : T M Laughlin
Genre : Suspense
“Absence of Intent” is a romantic drama of a young Boston family forced to grapple with many of life’s challenging circumstances including their careers, friendships, politics, affairs, mishaps, and birth of a child. There are complicating factors that produce much anxiety, tension and remorse. The family shows the willpower and tenacity to overcome their difficulties, but there is a persistent struggle for redemption and escape from haunting memories.

This suspenseful journey winds through Boston's Back Bay and North End, Italy's Tuscany region and Rome, and an Ivy League campus in New Hampshire. Along the way there are business, political and family issues that spark trouble and threaten the unity and happiness of this once strong Boston family.

28 The Absence of Presence - Susan Dinn
Auteur : Susan Dinn
Genre : Education
Memories and photos from Carbonear Collegiate students who traveled to Berlin, Prague and Kraków during Easter 2016. The trip began with an introduction to the Holocaust in the classroom and ended with a workshop in Kraków about responsibility of the Holocaust at the Galicia Center.

29 Monuments to Absence - Andrew Denson
Auteur : Andrew Denson
Genre : History
The 1830s forced removal of Cherokees from their southeastern homeland became the most famous event in the Indian history of the American South, an episode taken to exemplify a broader experience of injustice suffered by Native peoples. In this book, Andrew Denson explores the public memory of Cherokee removal through an examination of memorials, historic sites, and tourist attractions dating from the early twentieth century to the present. White southerners, Denson argues, embraced the Trail of Tears as a story of Indian disappearance. Commemorating Cherokee removal affirmed white possession of southern places, while granting them the moral satisfaction of acknowledging past wrongs. During segregation and the struggle over black civil rights, removal memorials reinforced whites' authority to define the South's past and present. Cherokees, however, proved capable of repossessing the rem

30 Absence of You - Sarah Elle, Emm
Auteur : Sarah Elle, Emm
Genre : Poetry
Absence of You, a collection of poems, takes you through stages of love, from the first moments of falling, to heartache, to healing and growing. With Sarah Elle Emm’s simple, yet powerful, words and rhythm, venture through the ups and downs on this heartfelt journey.

Praise for Sarah Elle Emm’s poetry from her readers:

“Sarah’s poetry speaks to my heart.” ~Sharon

“Wow!” ~Janet

“Her poems pierce through the heart.” ~Jade

“Soulful!” ~Raj

“Touched my heart and fuels my writer’s soul.” ~Jacquelyn

“Tragically beautiful.” ~ Andrea

31 Beauty in Absence - Raven Farnell
Auteur : Raven Farnell
Genre : Poetry
Beauty in Absence is a tribute to those that taught me earlier on that “trust is hard to find and easy to lose.” To those that shape how I interpret and manipulate the world around me. To overcoming my insecurities and embracing my flaws. Over the course of the past four years, I have met a lot of people, been several places, and experienced certain situations that have challenged myself as a person. I have been selfish at times and selfless often. This part of my life has given me perspective into the lives of others. To always remember we don’t know what other people are dealing with in life. To make no assumptions. It also speaks to the moments in life that I personally have dealt with. Including prejudice, the world of working, and the issues family and friends have put onto me. It’s a tribute to those places that encourage growth. Most people have a place they call ho

32 Certificate of Absence - Sylvia Molloy & Daniel Balderston
Auteur : Sylvia Molloy & Daniel Balderston
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Originally published in 1981 as En breve cárcel, Certificate of Absence is the first novel of the Argentinian scholar-critic Sylvia Molloy. Innovative in its treatment of women's relationships and in its assertion of woman's right to author her own text, the novel has won wide approval in Latin America and the United States. The novel centers around a woman writing in a small room. As she writes, remembering a past relationship and anticipating a future one, the room becomes a repository for nostalgia, violence, and desire, a space in which writing and remembering become life-sustaining ceremonies. The narrator reflects on the power of love to both shelter and destroy. She meditates on the act of writing, specifically on writing as a woman, in a voice that goes against the grain of established, canonical voices. Latin American male writers are prone to self-portrayal in their texts. Cer

33 An Absence of Angels - Julie Harris
Auteur : Julie Harris
Genre : Historical
Loire Valley, France, 1212.

Adelina de Polignac is forced into a marriage of convenience to a man she detests. Her true love she cannot have – Geoffrey, her orphaned cousin, now a Benedictine monk whose heart doesn’t belong with the church.

When Adelina’s father is murdered, she tries to escape her fate by joining the Children’s Crusade, but Gabriel of Lyon thwarts her plan.

Gabriel, her father’s most merciless knight, will stop at nothing to acquire the Polignac estate.

Can a young woman, who once dreamed of being a warrior, go unarmed into battle against a violent, avaricious mercenary?

“Exceptional… Terrific story-telling… Abundance of author talent…”

34 Missing the Child You Love - H. Norman Wright
Auteur : H. Norman Wright
Genre : Christianity
One of the most devastating losses a family can experience is the loss of a child. Whether the loss is through illness, accident, drugs, suicide, or other tragedy, the pain is overwhelming and often paralyzing. Often we think of "loss" as death. However, in our broken world there are many ways to suffer the loss of a child. This book discusses how a family can learn to cope with loss of a child due not only to death, but also to a custody battle, addiction (and other choices a child makes), chronic illness, crime (human trafficking, kidnap), and other issues where hopes and dreams disappear. Wright helps readers through the grieving process and assists them in finding God's grace and comfort during this very difficult time of life. This book is unique as it is for parents as well as grandparents.

35 The Father Effect - John Finch, Blake Atwood & Meg Meeker
Auteur : John Finch, Blake Atwood & Meg Meeker
Genre : Christianity
Based on the feature film of the same name, THE FATHER EFFECT is a must-read for the millions of men and women who have lost their fathers through divorce, death, or disinterest.

John Finch always struggled after his father committed suicide when he was eleven, but it wasn't until he was raising his own three daughters that he truly understood their futures relied on his coming to terms with his difficult past. To move forward, he needed to forgive both his father for choosing to leave, and himself for not being the best father he could be.

This journey led to THE FATHER EFFECT, a book containing practical help for anyone, man or woman, with a deep father wound from losing a dad through divorce, death, or disinterest. Through positive lessons on forgiveness and approachable advice on how to change your legacy as a parent, partner, and person, THE FATHER EFFECT is th

36 The Dark Night of the Soul - Fiona Robertson
Auteur : Fiona Robertson
Genre : Spirituality
In this profound and intelligent book, Fiona Robertson acts as companion and guide through the dark night of the soul, one of life's most challenging experiences. The dark night - or spiritual emergency - is the underbelly of awakening, an aspect of inner transformation that is often minimized, misunderstood or denied. Fiona has captured the essence of the dark night journey with compassion and clarity. Weaving her own story together with those of others who have traversed this terrain, she has created an evocative, inspiritng work to give succour to all those who are touched by the dark night. Fiona's honesty and insight cast new light on the reality of awakening, and she makes a compelling case for mature, evolving spirituality in these troubled times. 

37 The Nudity of Absence (To the Idol Worshippers) - Adam Lovasz
Auteur : Adam Lovasz
Genre : Philosophy
Colorful in every sense of the word, The Nudity of Absence is, above all else, a work of speculative ontology. Drawing on scientific discoveries and metaphysical truths, the essays contained in this book attempt to delineate the contours of the current vacuity, emptiness and senseless negativity of the world we presently live in, while resisting the all too common imperative in most of philosophy that would force us to limit negation. Negativity is, by its very nature, limitless. The ambition of the author at this juncture, is to progressively debunk, so to speak, positive thinking through the exposition of an empirically-grounded negative ontology, a theory of being that contains nothing, for it limits itself to description of things as they are, of the very emptiness of all that is. The essays contained in this book, drawing on a variety of thinkers such as Jean Baudrillard, David Hume

38 Absence of Color - Habibah Carter & Jessica Hansen
Auteur : Habibah Carter & Jessica Hansen
Genre : Romance
Vanessa: I just wanted to make a few friends and have a peaceful year. Avoid drama at any cost. How hard could it be to keep a low profile at a new school?

Jordan: Senior year! Finally! Newly single means it'll be drama free. So why am I being forced to tie a "Congrats" balloon to my backpack...and why is Harper telling my ex that I'm dating the new girl?

39 The Absence of Sparrows - Kurt Kirchmeier
Auteur : Kurt Kirchmeier
Genre : Horror, Monsters & Ghosts
Stranger Things meets The Stand in this haunting coming-of-age novel about a plague that brings the world to a halt -- and the boy who believes that his town's missing sparrows can save his family.
In the small town of Griever's Mill, eleven-year-old Ben Cameron is expecting to finish off his summer of relaxing and bird-watching without a hitch. But everything goes wrong when dark clouds roll in.
Old Man Crandall is the first to change -- human one minute and a glass statue the next. Soon it's happening across the world. Dark clouds fill the sky and, at random, people are turned into frozen versions of themselves. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no one knows how to stop it.
With his mom on the verge of a breakdown, and his brother intent on following the dubious plans put forth by a nameless voice on the radio, Ben must hold out hope that

40 Pedagogies of Absence: Education Beyond an Ethos of Standardization (Issues in Education) (Essay) - Childhood Education
Auteur : Childhood Education
Genre : Education
Organizing curriculum and instruction in PK-12 public schools in relation to standardization practices presents us with the inherent paradox of limiting education to that which is already known and anticipated. Prescriptive standards, assessment-driven curricula, narrowly defined outcomes, and social efficiency-oriented scripted instruction only serve to shift teaching and learning away from the inexistent and "not yet" and toward preconceived knowledge (Dentith & Bronson, 2006; Pinar, 1998). Such strategies reveal a philosophical and intellectual (or, more accurately, anti-intellectual) worldview that imposes foundational pedagogical claims on a multiplicity of schools despite extensive social, cultural, economic, linguistic, personal and geographic differences that rupture assertions of a presumed universal norm. Paradigmatically linked to politico-economic and religious fundamenta

41 Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare
Auteur : William Shakespeare
Genre : Theater
Written at the pinnacle of Shakespeare's career and featuring his most soaring poetic idiom, Antony and Cleopatra is both an immortal love story and a political drama played out on a global scale.

42 Absence - Jean-Robert Tillier
Auteur : Jean-Robert Tillier
Genre : Poetry
Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d’un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d’origine.

43 Absence - J. Mbonisi
Auteur : J. Mbonisi
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
What does neglect bear? In free verse, J. Mbonisi describes a childhood of neglect and its far-reaching tentacles into adulthood. Absence is a thought-provoking memoir about coping and functioning in neglect's aftermath uniquely relayed through verse.

44 Absence - Chiara Panzuti
Auteur : Chiara Panzuti
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Viviamo anche attraverso i ricordi degli altri. Lo sa bene Faith, che a sedici anni deve affrontare l’ennesimo trasloco insieme alla madre, in dolce attesa della sorellina. Ecco un ricordo che la ragazza custodirà per sempre. Ma cosa accadrebbe se, da un giorno all’altro, quel ricordo non esistesse più? E cosa accadrebbe se fosse Faith a sparire dai ricordi della madre? La sua vita si trasforma in un incubo quando, all’improvviso, si rende conto di essere diventata invisibile. Nessuno riesce più a vederla, né si ricorda di lei. Non c’è spiegazione a quello che le è accaduto, solo totale smarrimento. Eppure Faith non è invisibile a tutti. Un uomo vestito di nero detta le regole di un gioco insidioso e apparentemente folle, dove l’unico indizio che conta è nascosto all’interno di un biglietto: 0°13′07″S 78°30′35″W, le coordinate per tornare a vedere. Insieme

45 Absence - Mario Ropp
Auteur : Mario Ropp
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Cet ouvrage est une réédition numérique d’un livre paru au XXe siècle, désormais indisponible dans son format d’origine.

46 absence - Personogen
Auteur : Personogen
Genre : Reference
We connect in many ways as persons, yet two ways in roots.  The first is our innate immeasurable inalienable connection to every person, every possible in the GEN.  The next is the decided connection and disconnection in the prodigal perspective.  Absence allows the decided disconnection of prodigal while in clarity remains immeasurably absent and immeasurably present with all in the convergence to immeasurable ONE.  Provide clarity and decline invitations to leverage described connections to garner resources, only to be excused once more.  Allow the immeasurable absence that brings an immeasurable clarity and gives us the deep STILL inwArd step that walks away from the connection hokey-pokey in the prodigal self.

47 Absence (2nd Edition) - Personogen
Auteur : Personogen
Genre : Reference
We connect in many ways as persons, yet two ways in roots.  The first is our innate immeasurable inalienable connection to every person, every possible in the GEN.  The next is the decided connection and disconnection in the prodigal perspective.  Absence allows the decided disconnection of prodigal while in clarity remains immeasurably absent and immeasurably present with all in the convergence to immeasurable ONE.  Provide clarity and decline invitations to leverage described connections to garner resources, only to be excused once more.  Allow the immeasurable absence that brings an immeasurable clarity and gives us the deep STILL inwArd step that walks away from the connection hokey-pokey in the prodigal self.

48 Absence - Dean Murray
Auteur : Dean Murray
Genre : Romance
Lacy has been fooling herself for years. She'd nearly convinced herself she's happy with just being Dan's friend, but as they've begun drifting apart she's realized she's losing more than just her best friend. **Author's Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a short story-a tad under 1700 words. I think it's still an enjoyable read and worth the $.99, but I wouldn't want anyone to be surprised at its brevity. As a bonus, I've also included an excerpt from my upcoming novel, Torn.

49 Absence - Joanna King
Auteur : Joanna King
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Edgy, insightful and brilliantly evoked, this compelling novel is impossible to put down. Four sisters meet for a holiday on the spectacularly beautiful Cinque Terre coast of Italy. One of the sisters goes missing. Under the stress, the hidden emotional and sexual rivalries between the others are laid bare. For the youngest, the disappearance of her sister is a profound threat. This is the person with whom she has had the truest bond since the collapse of the family twenty years ago. Only the absent sister knows about the man she loves and to whom she cannot turn during this crisis; he has a partner and child. Is the disappearance accidental or intentional? Have the sisters shockingly misunderstood one of their own? How radically will the missing sister's fate alter their lives? Husbands and lovers, future hopes and the family's past all come under intense scrutiny in the vor

50 An American Crisis - National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Auteur : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Genre : Medical
Black men are increasingly underrepresented in medical schools and in the medical profession. A diverse workforce is a key attribute of quality healthcare and research suggests that a diverse workforce may help to advance cultural competency and increase access to high-quality health care, especially for underserved populations. Conversely, lack of diversity in the health workforce threatens health care quality and access and contributes to health disparities. In this way, the growing absence of Black men in medicine is especially troubling, because their absence in medicine may have adverse consequences for health care access, quality, and outcomes among Black Americans and Americans overall.
To better understand the factors that contribute to the low participation of Black men in the medical profession, facilitate discussion of current strategies used to increase their participat
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